Nightmare (talent)

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Game Version -
Category Type Psionic
Category Nightmare
Requirements Level (10,11,12,13,14) Willpower (22,24,26,28,30)
Use Mode Activated
Cost 10 Psi
Range 7
Cooldown 8
Travel Speed Instantaneous
Use Speed -
Description Puts targets in a radius 7 cone into a nightmarish sleep for 2.5–4.5cTS turns, rendering them unable to act. Every [5]25cTMD points of damage the target suffers will reduce the effect duration by one turn.

Each turn, they'll suffer [10]50cTMD darkness damage. This damage will not reduce the duration of the effect.

When Nightmare ends, the target will suffer from Insomnia for a number of turns equal to the amount of time it was asleep (up to 10 turns max), granting it 20% sleep immunity for each turn of the Insomnia effect.

The damage threshold and mind damage will scale with your Mindpower.