Psy worm (talent)

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Psy worm
Psy worm.png
Game Version 1.4.6
Category Type Steamtech
Category Dread
Requirements Lvl (18,19,20,21,22) Cun (38,40,42,44,46)
Use Mode Activated
Cost 10 Steam +15 Psi
Range Steamgun range
Cooldown 12
Travel Speed Instantaneous
Use Speed -
Description Fire a psionic-enhanced shot at a foe doing 50–110%cTWD mind weapon damage and infecting it with a psy worm for 8 turns.

Each turn the worm will do [30]350cTMD/8 mind damage and restore 1 psi to you, double if stunned or feared.

Also each turn the worm has 25%% chances to spread to a nearby foe in radius 3.

When a creature infected by Psy Worm dies it spreads to all enemies in a radius of 3.