Reclaim (talent)

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Game Version 1.7.4
Category Type Wild-Gift
Category Eyal's Fury
Requirements Level (10,11,12,13,14) Willpower (22,24,26,28,30)
Use Mode Activated
Cost 5 Equilibrium
Range 7
Cooldown 5
Travel Speed Instantaneous
Use Speed Mind
Description You focus the inexorable pull of nature against a single creature, eroding it and allowing it to be reclaimed by the cycle of life.

This deals (0.5 * [20]320cTMD) Nature and (0.5 * [20]320cTMD) Acid damage to the target, and is particularly devastating against undead and constructs, dealing 25% more damage to them.

The damage increases with your Mindpower.

Note: this talent will only damage the target at the destination point, and will not hurt any intervening entities along its path