Shivgoroth form (talent)

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Shivgoroth Form
Shivgoroth form.png
Game Version -
Category Type Spell
Category Water
Requirements Lvl (12,13,14,15,16) Mag (36,38,40,42,44)
Use Mode Activated
Cost 25 Mana
Range 10
Cooldown 20
Travel Speed Instantaneous
Use Speed Instant
Description You absorb latent cold around you, turning into an ice elemental - a shivgoroth - for (4 + Talent Level) turns.

While transformed, you do not need to breathe, gain access to the Ice Storm talent at level (Raw Talent Level), gain (10 + 0.2 * [50]450cTSpD)% resistance to cuts and stuns, gain (5 + 0.1 * [50]450cTSpD)% cold resistance, and all cold damage heals you for (60 + 0.2 * [50]450cTSpD)% of the damage done.

The power will increase with your Spellpower.