Spinning backhand (talent)

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Spinning Backhand
Spinning backhand.png
Game Version -
Category Type Technique
Category Pugilism
Requirements Lvl (4,5,6,7,8) Dex (20,22,24,26,28)
Use Mode Activated
Cost 12 Stamina
Range 2 + 2.2–4.3cTS
Cooldown 8
Travel Speed Instantaneous
Use Speed -
Description Attack your foes in a frontal arc with a spinning backhand, doing 100–170%cTWD damage. If you're not adjacent to the target, you'll step forward as you spin, gaining a damage bonus equal to 15–50%cS as charge distance varies from 1–5.

This attack will remove any grapples you're maintaining, and earn one combo point (or one combo point per attack that connects, if the talent level is 4 or greater).