A Great Disturbance

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This quest is linked to an event that is sent out by the server on May 4th each year. When the event starts, text will appear on the screen saying "For a moment you feel a great disturbance in the flow of magic, as if millions of characters were suddenly silenced". When the event is active, when you enter a zone, one Stormtrooper will spawn somewhere in the zone. When you first kill a Stormtrooper, the quest will begin.

In zones with multiple floors, one Stormtrooper can spawn on each floor. Stormtroopers spawn at random coordinates, so they can spawn far away from the player, but they will target the player immediately and head towards them. Stormtroopers are rare-ranked and have one random class each. Stormtroopers can spawn in towns, but not in zones where the Rod of Recall cannot be used, or on the world map. Stormtroopers will only spawn if the player is at least level 15.

You can complete the quest by killing 6 Stormtroopers in total, at which point the Stormtroopers will stop spawning. When you complete the quest, you will rescue a Miniature R2D2 from the Stormtroopers, who were keeping it prisoner. It will stay in your inventory as an item. While carried, it gives +5 Willpower and Cunning, and it can be activated to use an attack that can inflict Dazed. You will also receive the achievement May the 4th be with you!