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Most effects fall under one of three types: physical, mental or magical. The effect type is not related to method in which the effect was caused, but instead determines what type of saves and inscriptions are needed to resist or remove the effect.

Physical effects are generally the most common and debilitating type of effect. Mental effects can be situationally dangerous. Magical effects are rare, but can be very deadly at times.

Effects of the type "Other" are notable in that they cannot be removed by status effect cleanses and are also unaffected by various duration reducing or increasing talents, such as Timeless.

For the math behind whether a detrimental effect affects the target in the first place, see Saves and To-Hit.


Beneficial Effects


Arcane Storm

The target is the epicenter of a terrible arcane storm. Gives arcane resistance.

Earthen Barrier

Reduces physical damage received.

Elemental Surge: Lightning

When hit for the first time in the turn, you will not take damage but instead teleport to a random adjacent square. Using a lightning rune grants this effect for a short time, also doing over 300 points of critical lightning damage when possessing the Elemental Surge prodigy.


Increases global action speed and casting speed by a certain percentage, depending on the effect's power.


Improves/gives invisibility with a certain power, depending on the effect's power.

Mana Overflow

Increased maximum mana.


Regenerating mana per turn.

Molten Skin

Reduces fire damage received.

Out of Phase

The target is out of phase with reality, increasing defense by X, resist all by X%, and the duration of all detrimental timed effects by X%.

Reflective Skin

Magically returns a percentage of any damage done to the attacker.

Sanguine Infusion

Temporarily increases maximum life. Given by the Blood Grasp talent.


Deadly Strikes

The target's armour penetration is increased.


Increases global action speed and physical crit. Additionally the target will continue to fight until its Life reaches a negative offset.


Increases global speed.

Perfect Accuracy

The target's accuracy is improved.

Perfect Control

The target's combat attack and crit chance are improved.



For some set of damage types, reduces all damage taken by a certain amount, which can differ per damage type.
This effect can be acquired in multiple ways, such as by the Block talent (from shields) or the Dagger Block talent. Block value, duration, damage types blocked, and any additional effects depend on the source of the Blocking effect.
If this completely negates damage, the attacker is set up for a Counterstrike (see under Detrimental Effects).

Dwarven Resilience

Increases armour, physical and spell saves. Usually granted by the Dwarven talent Resilience of the Dwarves.

Essence of Bearness

The bear in you is awaken, you take 25% less damage. Given by the item Essence of Bearness


Grants a flat chance (depending on power) to completely negate melee attacks, independent of accuracy and defense.

Free Action

Immunity from Stun, Daze and Pinning (this includes variants such as being frozen or immobilized). It does not, however, help with removing existing effects.


While under the Heroism effect, your Life can go into the negatives, but you will not die. How far below zero you can go depends on the effect's power. Instead of your current negative Life rating, three question marks (???) are displayed. Being at negative Life when Heroism runs out or is dispelled is fatal. Heroism also boosts your three highest Stats.


Regain a small amount of Life, dependent on your maximum health each turn. Usually gained from being at low Life and having the talent Vitality from the Conditioning tree.


Regain some Life each round.

Pain Suppression

Increases your resistance to all damage by the specified amount. Note that the increase in resistance is multiplicative, not additive, so it may show up as less on the character sheet if you already have resistances. Also note that no resistance can be increased past its resistance cap, usually 70%. Typically this effect is granted by using a Wild Infusion.


Allows detection of all Actors even through walls, darkness and similar, within the specified range. Usually gained via the talents Track, Vimsense or Foresight. It is also granted by several items.


Increases global action speed by a certain percentage, depending on the effect's power. This effect is usually granted by the Shalore talent Grace of the Eternals.

Wild Speed

Your movement speed is greatly increased (typically by a factor of five to ten). Any action other than moving (or opening doors and moving levers) will cancel the effect. Typically this is gained by Movement Infusions (which additionally grant Free Action when Wild Speed ends).

Wrath of the Eternals

Increases all damage dealt while at the same time increasing resistance to all damage. Thaloren racial talent.


Continuum Destabilization

Despite the dangerous sounding name this is actually a good thing, protecting you from Paradox magic to a small extent. Conversely, if your enemies get this, it is slightly annoying.

Fade From Time

Grants some resistance to all damage types and reduces the duration of negative effects at the price of lowered damage output. Usually provided by the talent Fade From Time of the Paradox Mage tree Paradox


Granted by the talent Unstoppable, this does not let your health drop below 0.

Draconic Will

Granted by the prodigy, Draconic Will. The target is immune to all detrimental effects.

Detrimental Effects

Cross-tier Effects

Powers and saves are separated into 20 points tiers. When an attacker passes the power vs. save check and successfully inflicts a detrimental status effect, it will be able to inflict an additional cross-tier effect if its power was in a higher tier than the defender's save. The type of cross-tier effect inflicted in this manner depends on the type of status effect that was applied.

  • Off-balance can occur when a physical status effect is applied
  • Spellshocked can occur with a magical status effect is applied
  • Brainlocked can occur with a mental status effect is applied

Cross-tier effects are removed on a "buy one get one free" basis by Wild Infusions of the appropriate type, when another effect is being removed. For example, if a physical Wild Infusion is used to remove Stunned, and the target is also Off-balance, Off-balance will also be removed. Shatter Inflictions runes will also remove all cross-tier effects when they are used.


Decrepitude Disease

The target is infected by a disease, reducing its Dexterity and doing blight damage each turn.

Rotting Disease

The target is infected by a disease, reducing its Constitution and doing blight damage each turn. Reduced constitution also lowers maximum and effective life.


All damage resistance is reduced by a certain percentage, usually 20%.

Weakness Disease

The target is infected by a disease, reducing its Strength and doing blight damage each turn. If you were carrying close to your maximum encumberance, the weight of your possesions may now prevent you from moving.


The target has been turned to stone, making it subject to shattering but improving physical(+20%), fire(+80%) and acid(+50%) resistances.


Target is drenched with magical power, halving its stun resistance.



Take an increasing amount of mental damage per turn.


Renders a random talent unavailable. Talent cooldown is halved until the effect has worn off.


The target is confused, acting randomly (with a certain percentage chance) and unable to perform complex actions. Talents with "instant" activation as well as items can still be used reliably.


The target is silenced, preventing it from casting spells and using some vocal talents.


Acid Splash

Does a constant amount of acid damage per turn. Accuracy and damage are lowered for the effect's duration.


Reduces Willpower and Cunning. If the target is not the player, it uses a simpler form of AI for the duration ("The target is in extreme anguish, preventing them from making tactical decisions").


Take a constant amount of physical damage per turn.


The target is blinded, unable to see anything (while blind your map screen is completely black). Blinded monsters move about at random and have 2/3rds of a chance to miss a weapon attack, and blinded spellcasters will fire spells in all directions. Note: This effect is often inflicted by Sun Infusions together with Luminescence (reduces stealth), and a Wild Infusion will randomly clear one, but not both.


Take a constant amount of fire damage each turn.


The target is constricted, preventing movement and making it suffocate (target loses 'air level' each turn).


Reduced Accuracy, Armour and Defense for the duration.


The next incoming melee attack will do double damage. Usually caused by being blocked (see Beneficial Effects: Blocking) by a shield-user.


Reduces the speed of combat actions, spells and mind powers. Basically everything except movement. In previous versions of the game, it reduced accuracy and physical power.

Crushing Hold

Take physical damage each turn. Usually applied together with Grapple and possibly Strangle Hold.

Cursed Wound

Reduced healing modifier. Multiple applications stack.


Unable to move, and halves all damage done, defense, saves, accuracy, spell, mind and physical power. Any damage taken will remove the daze.

Deep Wound

Take a constant amount of physical damage each turn and suffer reduced healing efficiency.


Movement speed and physical power are reduced.


The target is maimed, unable to correctly wield a weapon.


The target is encased in ice. All damage done to you will be split, 40% absorbed by the ice and 60% by yourself. Your defense is nullified while in the ice and you may only attack the ice but you are also immune to any new detrimental status effects. The target can not teleport or heal while frozen. The iceblock has a number of hitpoints before it is destroyed.

Frozen Feet

A weaker form of Frozen that only prevents movement, same as being Pinned.


Unable to move (but teleportation is still possible) and suffer from reduced defense and accuracy.


Like Pinned, you are unable to move, this time the reason is telekinetics. Still a physical effect though.

Insidious Poison

Take some nature damage each turn and suffer reduced healing efficiency.


Pushes you a number of squares in a particular direction.

Lowered Resistance

Resistance against a particular damage type is lowered by the specified amount. Negative resistances increase damage taken.


Reduces stealth.


All damage dealt is reduced, in addition to a 30% penalty to global speed.


Global damage is reduced by 15%.


Attacker gains 10% critical chance and power.


The target is unable to act.


The target is pinned to the ground, unable to move. Teleportation is still an option, however.


Take some nature damage each turn.


Lose one beneficial physical effect per turn, and also take a constant amount of physical damage per turn. Usually this was caused by talents from the Solipsist Distortion tree.

Set Up

More likely to be critically hit, and all saves are reduced.


Reduces global action speed by a certain percentage.

Slow movement

Movement speed is reduced by the specified amount, but other actions (melee attack, spells, etc.) are unaffected.

Spell Disruption

A chance to fail any spell it cast and a chance each turn to lose spell sustains.

Strangle Hold

Cannot cast any spells and also suffer physical damage each turn. Usually applied together with Grapple and Crushing Hold.


While stunned:

  • all damage done is reduced by 60%
  • movement speed is reduced by 50%
  • up to three random talents are put on cooldown (instant use talents like shield runes or wild infusions are exempt from this)
  • talent cooldown is halved for the duration

Sunder Armour

Armour value and saves are reduced for the duration.

Sunder Arms

Accuracy is reduced for the duration.


All damage reduced by the specified amount.


Fire resistance decreased by x% and mind save by x.


Infusion Saturation

This effect increases the cooldown of your Infusions. It is caused by using Infusions and gets stronger if you use infusions while it is active. Ultimately it serves to limit how much you can use Infusions without taking a rest. This can be affected by Writ Large and One with Nature.

Runic Saturation

This effect increases the cooldown of your Runes. It is caused by using Runes and gets stronger if you use Runes while it is active. Ultimately it serves to limit how much you can use Runes without taking a rest. This can be affected by Writ Large.


This effect increases the cooldown of your Taints, similarly to the saturation effects for Infusions and Runes.

Summoning Destabilization

Increases the cooldown for summoning talents.

Temporal Restoration Field

The bonus from having used a Time Shield. Restores 10% of the damage taken during the shield's duration as healing each turn.

Time Prison

The target is removed from the normal time stream, unable to act but unable to take any damage. Time does not pass for this creature.

Blazing Rebirth

Caused by the Doombringer talent, Blazing Rebirth.


Caused by the prodigy, Cauterize activating.