Beyond the flesh (talent)

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Beyond the Flesh
Beyond the flesh.png
Game Version -
Category Type Psionic
Category Other
Requirements Learn any of the Mindslayer's Psionic talents
Use Mode Sustained
Cost 0 Psi
Range Melee/Personal
Cooldown 0
Travel Speed Instantaneous
Use Speed Instant
Description Allows you to wield a physical melee or ranged weapon, a mindstar or a gem telekinetically, gaining a special effect for each.

A gem will provide +3 bonus to all primary stats per tier of the gem.

A mindstar will randomly try to telekinetically grab a far away foe (10% chance and range 3 for a tier 1 mindstar, +1 range and +5% chance for each tier above 1) and pull it into melee range.

A physical melee weapon will act as a semi independent entity, attacking foes nearby each turn while also replacing Strength and Dexterity with Willpower and Cunning for accuracy and damage calculations (for all melee weapons), while a ranged weapon will fire at your target whenever you perform a ranged attack. Note: Ranged weapons used this way must correspond to your equipped ammo type, and the extra shots from this consumes additional ammo if the original attack used ammo.

While this talent is active, all melee and ranged attacks will use 60% of your Cunning and Willpower in place of Dexterity and Strength for accuracy and damage calculations respectively. Note: This means that for example a dagger wielded in any slot which would usually use 50% Dexterity and 50% Strength will instead use 30% Will 30% Cunning

Note: This is automatically learned upon learning any of the Mindslayer's Psionic talents, except for Augmented Mobility talents (since they are available from Escorts, etc).