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Each class guide page has a link to a thread on the ToME spoilers forum. Please read through the thread before editing the guide, and please consider discussing any substantial changes in the thread before editing a guide.

That said, please do edit guides if they need updates or corrections! These guides are on the wiki specifically to make it easier for you to contribute.

Creating New Guides

The usual procedure is:

  • Create a thread in the appropriate sub-forum of the ToME spoilers forum.
  • Gather feedback, and use the feedback to finalize your guide.
  • Post the final version here.

Thank you for writing a guide!

Thanking the Guide Authors

Click on the discussion thread at the top of the guide.

The Guides

Note that some classes may not be visible in your game, if you have not yet unlocked that class.

Metaclass: Warriors

Metaclass: Rogues

Metaclass: Mages

Metaclass: Wilders

Metaclass: Celestials

Metaclass: Defilers

Metaclass: Afflicted

Metaclass: Chronomancers

Metaclass: Psionics

Metaclass: Adventurers