Derth (Southeast)

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Derth (Southeast)
Guardian halfling slinger, gladiator, arcane blade
Floors 1
Level Range 5 to 12
Item Level Range 1 to 2
Size 17x16
Zone Effect none

Derth (Southeast) is an arena in the south-east of Derth. It is reached by accepting the quest The agent of the arena, and the body of the quest occurs here.

Here the player must battle a halfling slinger, a gladiator, and a human Arcane Blade in succession in order to complete the quest. The slinger appears first, and each other enemy appears as the previous enemy is defeated. When the Arcane Blade is defeated, the player receives their reward, and an exit portal back to Derth appears.

This zone represents the same location as The Arena, the zone in which Arena Mode takes place.