Dreamscape (talent)

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Game Version -
Category Type Psionic
Category Slumber
Requirements Level (12,13,14,15,16) Willpower (36,38,40,42,44)
Use Mode Activated
Cost 40 Psi
Range 7
Cooldown 24
Travel Speed Instantaneous
Use Speed -
Description Enter a sleeping target's dreams for 6–14cTL:24 turns. While in the Dreamscape, you'll encounter the target's invulnerable sleeping form as well as dream projections that it will spawn every other turn to defend its mind.

Projections inflict 50% less damage then the original, unless the target has Lucid Dreamer active.

When the Dreamscape ends, for each projection destroyed, the target's life will be reduced by 10% and it will be brainlocked for 1 turn.

In the Dreamscape, your damage will be improved by [10]100%cTMD.

The damage bonus will improve with your Mindpower.

Note: Critical hits can improve the damage bonus.