Grasping moss (talent)

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Grasping Moss
Grasping moss.png
Game Version 1.7.4
Category Type Wild-Gift
Category Moss
Requirements Level (0,1,2,3,4) Willpower (12,14,16,18,20)
Use Mode Activated
Cost 5 Equilibrium
Range Melee/Personal
Cooldown 16
Travel Speed Instantaneous
Use Speed Instant
Description Instantly grow a moss circle of radius 2.35–4.25cTS at your feet.

Each turn the moss deals [6]40cTMD nature damage to each foe within its radius.

This moss is very thick and sticky causing all foes passing through it to have their movement speed reduced by 36–60%cTL:100% and have a 25–45%cTL:100% chance to be pinned to the ground for 4 turns.

The moss lasts for 4–10cTL:16 turns.

Moss talents are instant but place all other moss talents on cooldown for 3 turns.

The damage will increase with your Mindpower.