Infinite Dungeon: The Neverending Descent

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Infinite Dungeon: The Neverending Descent is a campaign included in the base game of Tales of Maj'Eyal. It must be unlocked by opening the sealed door in the Ruined Dungeon and reading the last note.

In-Game Locked Description

Ever deeper, never ending, no reprieve, keep descending. In ruins old, through barred gate, once riddle solved, find thy fate.

In-Game Description

Play as your favorite race and class and venture into the infinite dungeon.
The only limit to how far you can go is your own skill!
Inside the infinite dungeon you will yourself be limitless. You can level up beyond level 50 and continue to gain stat and talent points (at a reduced rate).
Every level after level 50 the maximum of stats will increase by one.
Every 10 levels after level 50 the maximum points of each talent will increase by one.

Playable Characters

All races and classes are playable in this campaign.


This campaign starts the player in the Infinite Dungeon at level 1, and it is the only zone available in this campaign, apart from Online Event zones and the Ancient Cave (accessed via a Teleporter to the Tinker's Cave, given via a Tinker escort). Needs verification

As described in the in-game description, this is the only campaign in which the player can level up beyond level 50. When leveling up beyond level 50, the player gains 1 stat point every level, 1 class talent point every second level, and 1 generic talent point every third level (starting at level 51). Additionally, the maximum of the player's base stats will increase by 1 for every level above 50, allowing base stats to be increased beyond 60, and the max number of talent points that can be put into a talent will increase by 1 for every 10 levels above 50 (apart from talents that can only take 1 point), allowing raw talent levels to be increased beyond 5.

Unmentioned in the in-game description, in this campaign the player receives 1 category point at level 46, in addition to the ones normally received at levels 10, 20, and 34.

In previous versions there were escort quests in this campaign, but that does not seem to be the case any more. Needs verification Now floors have a chance at containing Infinite Dungeon Challenges which can provide rewards including random artifacts, class/generic points, and more rarely category or prodigy points.

For more information about the floor layouts of the dungeons, see the page for Infinite Dungeon.

The player character starts with an Iron Pickaxe equipped.