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The Items Vault is a special object located in the Sher'Tul Fortress, the Ruined Cave (entered from level 1 of the Sunwall Observatory), and random locations in the Infinite Dungeon. It is only available to players who have donated some amount of money to the game's development (including players who have purchased the game on Steam). Once your donation has been registered, you may use the vault to store items, and transfer items between your characters.

If a player is connected to the online server, they will access the online items vault. Each player's online items vault is also visible on their profile on, and that player can delete items from their vault by clicking the "X" buttons. If a player has not connected to the online server (or cannot connect to it), they will access the offline items vault instead, which is saved locally on the player's computer.

A couple of limitations help balancing this powerful feature:

  • Limited storage: Your online Items Vault will have one item slot for every €2 you donated in total (20 Voratun Coins); A €10 donation would allow you to store five objects at the same time. You can expand your vault with additional donations.
    • This is based on your total money, not just your remaining money, so it also includes Voratun Coins that have been spent, or purchases made on Steam.
    • You can also purchase even more slots by spending Voratun Coins, costing 10 Voratun Coins (€1) for 2 slots. (e.g. If you donated an extra €2, gaining 20 Voratun Coins, and then spent them all on item vault slots, you would gain a total of 5 slots.)
    • Players of Oafmatch (another game published by Netcore Games) are able to get an additional Items Vault slot in Tales of Maj'Eyal. It can be redeemed at the page for All Netcore Games, whether Oafmatch was bought at or on Steam.
    • All player accounts that existed at the time version 1.7.6 was released get 2 bonus vault slots for free. This was compensation for the bug in version 1.7.5 where the Items Vault could upload broken items or not upload at all, or not download at all.
    • Your offline Items Vault always has 3 slots - it cannot be expanded.
  • Delayed retrieval: Every item has to stay in the Items Vault for 60 minutes before it can be retrieved.
  • Barred items: A few items cannot be sent through the vault at all. This includes plot items, the rewards for winning the game, the reassembled Telos Spire of Power, and the Blood of Life. Alchemical ingredients cannot be sent through the vault either, since they do not exist as inventory items. Forbidden Tomes can only be sent through before they are read for the first time (per copy of the item). Any item that has been modified by the Font of Sacrifice cannot be vaulted.
  • Some properties will be lost: Some properties will be removed from items upon transfer to the vault. This is mostly done to remove class- or talent-specific modifications made to items, to prevent those effects from being available to all characters. The following properties are removed:
  • Level requirements: If an item has no requirements, then it will receive a minimum level requirement when put into the vault. The added requirements are: character level 15 for items with no tier or tier 1-3, level 25 for tier 4 items, and level 35 for tier 5 items. Note that this requirement only affects equipping the item, so it matters for weapons and armor, but not for inscriptions.

Needs verification

  • Note in item description: If an item has been sent through the vault, then this will be noted at the bottom of this item's description. This note will transfer over to items that are stacked with it in the same inventory slot.
  • Note at character sheet: As soon as your character retrieved one item from the vault, a respective note will be added to the top of his/her online character sheet.
  • Only accessible in certain locations: Obviously, characters have to reach the Fortress (or Sunwall Observatory, etc) first, before they can access the vault. This prevents fresh characters from receiving powerful items right from the start.