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The Items Vault is a special object located in the Sher'Tul Fortress. It is only available to players who have donated some amount of money to the game's development. Once your donation has been registered, you may use the vault to transfer items between your characters. A couple of limitations help balancing this powerful feature:

  • Limited storage: Your Items Vault will have one item slot for every €2 you donated; A €10 donation would allow you to store five objects at the same time. You can expand your vault with additional donations.
  • Delayed retrieval: Every item has to stay in the Items Vault for 60 minutes before it can be retrieved.
  • Barred items: A few items cannot be sent through the vault at all. This includes plot items, items modified by skills such as reshape/imbue/curses, the rewards for winning the game, the reassembled Staff of Telos, and the Blood of Life. Alchemical ingredients cannot be sent through the vault either, since they do not exist as inventory items.
  • Level requirements: If an item has no requirements, then it will receive a minimum level requirement when put into the vault. The added requirements are: character level 15 for tier 3 items, level 25 for tier 4 items, and level 35 for tier 5 items. Items of lower tiers remain unchanged, even if they are very powerful, like low-tier inscriptions found late in the game. The same is true for untiered items, like the Eldritch Pearl.
  • Note in item description: If an item has been sent through the vault, then this will be noted at the bottom of this item's description. This note will transfer over to items that are stacked with it in the same inventory slot.
  • Note at character sheet: As soon as your character retrieved one item from the vault, a respective note will be added to the top of his/her online character sheet.
  • Only accessible in fortress: Obviously, characters have to reach the fortress first, before they can access the vault. This prevents fresh characters from receiving powerful items right from the start.