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Did you know? Tales of Maj'Eyal is not the only game of DarkGod/Netcore Games! Here you will find a list of each of them and the benefits they can bring you (besides immense amounts of fun, obviously).

What is it?

Oafmatch is a role-playing game that combines traditional RPG turn-based combat with match-three mechanics.

Join Knuckles the Oaf and his assorted companions in an epic quest to save their stricken nation from the depredations of a powerful, mysterious foe. Go into battle with four party members from thirty playable classes, power up weapons by making colored gem matches, then unleash devastating attacks on your enemies!

Features include:

  • Sixty unique equippable weapons, each with five different ranks waiting to be discovered
  • Dozens of wildly differing monsters
  • Thirty playable classes, each with tons of levels to gain and a passive trait to improve.
  • Huge campaign
  • Endgame roguelike dungeon with unique rewards such as increased level caps for characters
  • Endgame endless-wave arena battles with rewards that include special legendary weapons
  • New Game Plus, with shuffled loot and extra playable classes available

A game for match-three lovers and RPG-lovers alike. It’s also a game for tinkerers; beneath its friendly exterior is a very deep well of party-building and party-outfitting strategic gameplay.

The game’s strategy and tactics revolve around six colors: red, yellow, green, white, blue, and purple. Each character has two colors, a major and a minor one. Neglect a color at your peril! A properly formed party will make allowances for each character’s special passive trait.

Where does it comes from?

Long time ago, Susramanian was a player/developer of Tales of Maj'Eyal and made/suggested some awesome things like the inscription system, Mindslayers, many vaults, ... While he disappeared from the community he was not gone and instead worked, with a friend, on his own game: Oafmatch. Later on I, DarkGod, had the pleasure to try an alpha build and loved it so I joined up to help them finish and now I'm publishing it under a joint banner :)

Sounds cool, I want it!

It is! Go grab it either on or Steam.

Since both games are published by you is there any reward from owning both?

There are! Oafmatch players are able to get an additional Item's Vault slot in Tales of Maj'Eyal :)
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