Privacy Policy

Private Data Used

The game and associated website collect some information about you which are listed below:

  • Username: The username you provide when you register, which will be used to uniquely identify you to other players. This does not need to be, and should not be, your real name.
  • Password: Each time you log in either the game or the website we need to check your password to ensure your account is not used by anybody but you.
  • Email address: Your email address is stored as a third identifier for your account.
  • IP address: Your computer is identified by an IP address on Internet. Any time you access any website they know your IP address (they couldn't send you back the page otherwise).
  • Any purchase and donation is logged by the payment processor, Paypal (they have their own privacy policy), and registered in the server to grant you access to the content you purchased. Purchased content is linked exclusively to your account and you need to login on it ingame to access it.


Sounds delicious yes? But those are not the cookies we’re talking about today. Cookies are a standard feature of any Internet browser that allows a website to store (very little) data in your computer to later retrieve it. A cookie can be used to identify and track you, but they are not all born evil. Any time you log into any website you use cookies as it is the only way the server can know you are the person that logged in on the previous page and so on. uses cookies for the following purposes:

  • Session tracking: As mentioned those are the cookies that allow the site, and wiki, to know you are you and without which the site simply can not provide the functionality you need.
  • Website functionality configuration: Used by the webchat to store your preferences as to how to display it (displaying achievements, displaying timestamps, etc.).
  • Traffic Analytics: As most other websites in the world uses a third party analytics company (Google Analytics in this instance) to create site usage statistics to facilitate the ever ongoing improvement of the website for your pleasure. All data sent to Google Analytics is anonymized.

Online Character Sheets, Stats, Ingame Chat and other fun online features

While not technically privacy data, as they can not be used to identify you, it is also fair to mention:

  • Whenever you talk on the ingame chat (or webchat; it's the same) it is public speech, visible by all other players. Chat is logged and kept for moderation purposes.
  • Whenever you send a private message on the ingame chat it is considered private speech and visible only to the person you are sending it to. It is not logged on the servers.
  • When you play logged on to your profile the game will upload a copy of your character sheet (if you let it) to the online Characters Vault for all to see and envy your heroic deeds or pat you on the back and share in the loss of your latest characters. You may elect to delete any of your character sheets at any time.
  • When you use the online Items Vault to store an object for later use, it is stored on the server and when retrieved it is removed from it.
  • All your unlocked content, known lore, etc. are stored both locally and on the server. In case of a re-installation of the game you simply hop back on your profile and the server will update the relevant game files. If you wish to reset those datasets please follow the instructions found on your profile on on the tab "Reset Data".
  • The game computes some statistics about your gameplay; number of escorts saved, total playtime, most played class/race combos, etc. This data is visible in your profile.

How is your data used

Only to serve your fun!

  • Your username/password/email are used to allow you to login and enjoy the many online features Tales of Maj'Eyal offers. They are kept for as long as your account exists (obviously).
  • Your IP address is logged by the server when you access it to help prevent system abuse and attacks. Server logs are destroyed after 10 days.
  • Your email can be used to send you news about the game (usually new expansions or big updates) or possibly new games by the same team. That is, if you allowed us to.

With whom is your private data shared

This one is easy: it is not.

To be somewhat more precise:

  • Your email will never be sold or shared with third parties.
  • You password is obviously never going to be shared.
  • Your username is your "public face" to the community, as thus it is visible. You have the right to request all your data to be deleted, see the section below.
  • Any data you generate (character sheets, ingame talk, ...) that are public are visible to all, all others are kept private and never shared with any third parties.

Where is your data stored

All servers are physically located within the EU.

Deleting data

You may at any time request to close and destroy your account on Doing so will destroy:

  • Your stored email, username and password, they will be permanently gone from the database.
  • All your online character sheets.
  • All your purchase and donation history. Actual paypal transaction logs are kept for accounting purposes but the associated account will be gone. This means if you had purchased the game, an expansion or any products they will permanently be forgotten.
  • Any potential blog posts you had made will be destroyed.
  • Any addons you may have uploaded will be destroyed.
  • All your chat history.

To do so please use the Privacy Protection category of the contact form to send your request, clearly stating both your profile name and email.

Can I see what data you have on me

Sure thing:

  • All private data pertaining to your account (username and email) are visible in your profile.
  • Since IP addresses are logged only for 10 days and not linked to your account it is impossible to provide a list as no such list exists.
  • All your character sheets are plainly visible in your profile.
  • All your purchase & donation history is clearly visible in your profile.
  • All your blog posts are clearly visible on the website.
  • All your uploaded addons are clearly visible in your profile.


If you have any more questions please feel free to use the Privacy Protection category of the contact form.