T-Engine4: Flexible roguelike game engine

T-Engine4 (TE4 for short) is a roguelike game engine operating in Lua and available for all major platforms (known to work on Windows, OSX, Linux and various BSD).

What does it do?

T-Engine4 provides many building blocks for your own roguelike game:

  • Cross-platform support. A T-Engine4 game is completely made in Lua, as such your game will run automatically on all platforms supported by the engine.
  • Fast rendering through the use of OpenGL (but you do not have to worry about it, it is well integrated)
  • Support for both "old school" ASCII display or graphical tiles
  • Generic save/load code, your objects are automatically saveable without anything to do at all in most cases
  • Object Oriented design with lots of flexibility, thanks to Lua
  • Map handling
  • Generic "Entities" concept that can become terrain features, objects, player(s), NPCs, ...
  • Keyboard and Mouse easy support
  • Various basic entities class interfaces to make your actors have life, stats, talents, ... with the possibility to define your own
  • Generic "Zone" design, that can contain and define levels. A zone can be made into a dungeon, a forest, a wilderness map, a town, ...
  • Handle either (or both!) persistent and non-persistent levels
  • Malleable data structure design
  • Extendable "dialog windows" system
  • Many utility classes (chats, stores, default interfaces, character generator, ...)
  • Keybind system that allows to user to assign keys to abstract actions and then lets a game bind to those actions
  • Integrated download center: If you reference your game on te4.org then existing T-Engine4 users will be able to see the game in their list inside T-Engine
  • Particles engine for some neat graphical effects
  • Sound and music support
  • Many other things, just check it out!