Artificer Class

Artificer Class

Adds an Artificer class to the game.
Artificer is a versatile class that specialize in items.
They are able to craft items and use them in ways that other classes cannot.

Beware: Although powerful later on, artificers have a weak early game, and require a good deal of item management to succeed. This class may not be for everyone.

Requires Embers of Rage DLC

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Name Module Version Required Released File
Artificer Class - 1.0.4 1.7.4 2023-05-14 18:24
Artificer Class - 1.0.3 1.7.4 2023-04-23 20:30
Artificer Class - 1.0.2 1.7.4 2023-04-21 05:24
Artificer Class - 1.0.1 1.7.4 2023-04-19 01:54
Artificer Class - 1.0.0 1.7.4 2023-04-15 20:56

not working

Not working at the moment of creating an item

RE: not working

Thanks for the report! I tested creating items, and it seems to be working for me. Could you give me some more information on what kind of item you were trying to make and what components you were using to make the item?

I'm enjoying this class very

I'm enjoying this class very much. While I have a few questions, I don't remember the specifics right now, so I'll get back to you on them, but I do have something to add to this comment thread, which is that Prio's Prismatic Eye caused an error when I tried to use it to craft a voratun ring. It was the first item I added, so there wasn't any conflict with any other elements. I soldiered on and tried to create the item even after that error, and the item simply didn't come into existence. Not a huge issue, considering how many other things I could create without a problem, but I figure I should give you a heads-up.

Prismatic Eye

Whoops, I'll fix that. Thanks for the report!