Artificer Tweaks

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Assorted quality-of-life tweaks for Artificers from VanceVasser's Artificer Class addon (required). Included so far:

  • If used in conjunction with Inventory Sort Order (release 2.3.0 or later) or ZOmnibus Addon Pack or ZOmnibus Lite (release 17.6.1 or later), the ordering of components in inventory will be improved:
    • Components with the same affinity are grouped together.
    • Biological components that confer a talent sort by increasing talent level.
  • (new in v2) When dismantling an item via the use-item dialog from inventory, the popup list of components that can be extracted now includes a corner tooltip describing the components, and a count of the number of each component you already have (if any).
  • (new in v2) New game option "UI | Show dialog for single ego when dismantling", to show a popup list when dismantling an item via the use-item dialog from inventory even if only one component can be extracted from the item.
  • (new in v2) Components that add a talent to an object can optionally include the talent's description in the component's description, controlled by the game option "UI | Component talent description in tooltips".
  • (new in v2) Augments can be flagged as "interesting" by right-clicking on their name in the Add Augment dialog; components that can be used to build an augment flagged as "interesting" will have a note to that effect added to their description.
  • (new in v2b) Charms in the charm bandolier inventory slots provided by the Charm Bandolier talent will be listed in the "Equipment" section of the online character sheet.

Artificer Class

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Adds an Artificer class to the game.
Artificer is a versatile class that specialize in items.
They are able to craft items and use them in ways that other classes cannot.

Beware: Although powerful later on, artificers have a weak early game, and require a good deal of item management to succeed. This class may not be for everyone.

Requires Embers of Rage DLC

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