Restart as Random

Short Name: 

Based on a request from YokuPlays.

Adds an option to the death menu to allow for instantaneous restarts as a random character, as though you had gone through the birth screen and mashed the Random button.

Twitch Menu Tweaks

Short Name: 

Based on a request from YokuPlays.

Removes several CRITICAL menu items from both the ingame escape menu, including options of various sorts, and the ability to gracefully quit the game. I repeat, loading this addon will substantially impact your ability to interact with the game's settings. Alt-F4 will still take you back to the main menu.

Also modifies the death dialogue to prevent some other avenues of possible shenanigans.


Short Name: 

Its still a test. It just removes some Windows (like main Menu) to suit the game for "Twitch Plays" streams.

Infinite Dungeon Challenges Every Level

Short Name: 

After the initial infinite dungeon challenge, you will recieve a challenge every level. Randart rewards are also significantly less likely

Personal Auto Use

Short Name: 

A few tweaks on Xetaxheb's plugin and hopefully improved for safer play. And auto target toggle from Stuntofthelitter. Customized for personal use.

Tsedaka Safer Auto Use

Short Name: 

A few tweaks on Xetaxheb's plugin and hopefully improved for safer play. And auto target toggle from Stuntofthelitter

Ogres Look Like Shalore

Short Name: 

Changes the Ogre graphics to the Shalore graphics. Created by request for appolyon.

Stunt's Tweaks

Short Name: 

Small tweaks and changes. Current changes:
- Cinderfeet: Fire trail does not hurt friendlies.
- Tirakai's Maul: Damage conversion with unique gems now equally splits between 4 elements as it seemed intended to.
- Dark Empathy now protects your minions from each other.

No-Friendly-Fire Autocast

Short Name: 

Adds an autocast option that will not cast while friendlies are in range. Nice for twilight surge for Anorithil

Edge Tweaks

Short Name: 

Allows traps to trigger on forced movement (knockbacks, rush, etc.)

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