Talent Point Planner

Talent Point Planner

The Talent Point Planner allows you to plan how to spend your character's future talent points (hence the name).  Bound to the <alt-shift-g> key by default [which can be changed in the usual manner], the planner makes a temporary copy of your character, levels it up to level 50, and opens the level-up dialog for you to set up your point plan.  When you're finished, the plan will be saved and displayed as annotations in the regular level-up dialog.

    Also available as part of the ZOmnibus Addon Pack and ZOmnibus Lite.

      Frequently Asked Questions:

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      See addon usage in the character's vault.
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      Activation codes?

      Is there any documentation on the activation codes and how to unlock stuff?

      Or how to just blanket unlock everything?

      Minor bugs

      On adventurer, selecting the option to include antimagic doesn't unlock the category.

      Looks like the addon also doesn't register you spending category points in already unlocked trees to increase mastery.

      And a fun bug http://prnt.sc/d402de
      If you unlock golemancy and put a point into the first skill, the game spawns a level 50 golem for you. If you clear your plan, the golem remains. If you then unlock golemancy and put a point into the first skill again, the old one still remains and you get a new one.
      The golem doesn't follow you, but it will attack anything that gets into its line of sight.

      class and race trees and prodigies missing

      Cursed - cursed touch
      Draconian - learns the rest of their tree when they find their special scale

      prodigies kind of don't have an undo button so I can see they'll take a bit. (Cloning the entire character build is a bit much without admin.)

      Sorry I've been gone from developing (1.0.3) since around when my cat Blue had kittens and stuff.