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  • Sholtar   4 hours 20 min ago

    Thanks! :-D

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.5.5 aka "Whoops" is out!   20 hours 22 min ago

    Any Idea when the Next Update is coming, ToME Hasn't been updated since May... I'm curious...probably too curious.

  • Sholtar   2 days 12 hours ago

    Fun racial "talents" concept :)

  • Fatigue Fix   2 days 23 hours ago
  • Crystalist   1 week 1 day ago

    Will there be a place for feedback on the forums ? I just gave it a try and would like to comment on the horribly messy death of my poor character. :p

  • RNG   1 week 4 days ago

    Don't worry, if i'm feeling suicidal and want to die i just quit reallife and start tome.

  • Is Corruptor/Reaver's Bone Shield Cooldown bugged?   1 week 6 days ago

    Perphaps you'd want to post this in the bug tracker instead?
    Also, there is already a topic that might help you.

  • Mage Knight   3 weeks 1 day ago

    it's seem like your mods cause all my character [ not mage knight class ] to have Magic requirement / magic check for both weapons and talents... my brawler somehow require magic to learn a talent and it's unplayable. please fix

  • Dark Priest   3 weeks 1 day ago

    Sinister Power lvl 5 + Unstoppable Force Salve= Unhealing Strike, Smite, Dark Wrath over 20000 damage.
    With this i can win Madness!)
    Fun class that feels comfortable on any difficulty.

  • Mex's Start in Last Hope   4 weeks 1 day ago

    One thing I've noticed about this is that if you skip the Abashed Expanse, there is no way to get the Aether Permeation prodigy? There's only one other "void of space" environment in the game and it isn't guaranteed which is a bit saddening. Is there any way to maybe make it so the first time you set foot in Angwolen it triggers the quest for the Abashed Expanse?

  • Final Boss Bug   4 weeks 3 days ago

    i only play vanilla. and nether have i this is the third time i've been to the final boss. and ive never had anything like this.

  • Stop Hitting Yourself!   4 weeks 4 days ago

    Y'know, feels silly to admit, but yes there's still a tome-archery_dodge-.teaa near the top of addons folder.
    Perhaps I was lazy or not dilligent enough in checking things out, but I was "sure" I had deleted the addon...
    So, either I did end up with 2 versions of the DL, or I totally derped - well, 67 addon files now. ~Thanks4AllYaDo!

  • Final Boss Bug   4 weeks 4 days ago

    ive been playing for a looooong time and never heard of that bug before
    perhaps you were using some sort(s) of addon(s) that would cause that?

  • Mage Knight   4 weeks 4 days ago

    Apparently mods ate my comment for no reason so in short, with sea knight, just 5/5'ing the first 3 erosion skills then spamming the first one is massively more damaging than using the actual mage knight gimmicks. Taking the chance of not getting stacks is just not worth the time.

  • Stop Hitting Yourself!   4 weeks 4 days ago

    Not sure what you mean by "still listed @ in-game addon list".  Do you mean it's still listed in the Addons dialog after you removed it from the addons/ directory?  One thought:  there's a minor glitch in the addon download pages which will sometimes download the addon as f.i. tome-archery_dodge-.teaa instead of tome-archery_dodge.teaa (note the extra "-" near the end), depending on which page you download it from; if you had downloaded both and only removed one of them, the other would presumably still be showing up.  It sounds like you're not getting getting the game via Steam, so I suppose it's not Steam aggressively re-downloading the addon when it sees that it's missing.  Other than that, I have no idea.

  • I'm back! (sort of)   4 weeks 6 days ago

    And keep up keeping up, stunteroo. :)

  • I'm back! (sort of)   4 weeks 6 days ago


  • Faerie Race   4 weeks 6 days ago

    Addon is completely broken, and makes game impossible after eternal loop of cloning, and cloning, and cloning... (Dark Fae Cloning Bug)

  • Stop Hitting Yourself!   5 weeks 1 day ago

    If this spot's inappropriate for (miniscule) bug reports, I apologize - no forum app. yet Not sure if this happens from time to time with other addons, however 1st time I see:
    After having removed this from my addons folder, it's still listed @ in-game addon list.
    There are no characters that rely on it. I also disabled it as a sorta irrelevant artifact...
    Any ideas how to debug this, if it's addon-specific, or would I have to "just" re-dl Te4?

  • Easy Map (Improved Map Display)   5 weeks 1 day ago

    Oh, how I wish this still worked :/

  • Tinker Stores in Last Hope - Tinker   5 weeks 6 days ago

    The stores have all spawned correctly, but have no inventory. I learned Tinker skills through an escort.

  • Additional Randart Properties   5 weeks 6 days ago

    The addon bugs the Temporal Warden so it can't switch to it's melee weapons automatically, neither through bump nor skills. It can still switch to the bow with out a problem though.

  • I'm back! (sort of)   6 weeks 2 days ago

    Real life matters most; hope you and your family are healthy and well =o . Thanks for coming back to help the community!

  • Abomination Race   8 weeks 4 days ago

    I don't think the author of Abomination is around any more... but I've just updated my Embers With All Races addon ( ) to include Abomination (and several other addon races, to add to the already lengthy list).

  • Brawler Weapon Tinkers on Gloves   8 weeks 5 days ago

    Brawlers can finally play around with tinkers other than utility.
    Would be nice if it also made weapon tinkers work with shields tho.. (single tinker for shields.. really? :<)