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  • donation question   2 hours 30 min ago

    It's a good game, it's a shame I may have to ask for a refund since no one reported it

  • Died in locked room to OP NPC   2 hours 32 min ago

    That's a risk you take playing ToME4.
    As a noob player I have 1 winner and hundreds of loosers.
    Is gatekeeper in Sher'tul OP? YES! Am I angry? Yes, I ... was. For first 30-ish times.
    Wanna kill trader's wife in crypt and died as she is a OP necro? Haha. Shame on you.
    Just accept it, Neo. You can't control FATE.

  • donation question   20 hours 54 min ago

    had 30 coins and bought 50 coins. But it automatcially purchased "Donator Status" for me, even though I didnt want that and never bought it. Leaving me with 20 coins.

    so when going to buy a DLC expansion it just took my money and gave me an ingame hair color option instead

  • Died in mystery dungeon to OP npc   1 day 8 hours ago

    Never heard of it, don't think I've been there yet..

    On the other hand, 'Mystery Dungeon' isn't some place that any low-level characters should visit, anyway. Anyone below level 50, I think..

  • Died in locked room to OP NPC   3 days 9 hours ago

    Glowing chests, tentacle trees and demon statues can spawn out of depth monsters too.

  • Died in locked room to OP NPC   3 days 22 hours ago

    What do you mean by "locked room"? Are you talking about a vault? Vaults can hold some nasty buggers. If you have Track or some other means of detecting monsters, always use it outside a vault. If not, be really, really careful and always have a method of escaping quickly -- blink, teleport runes, movement infusions, or a class/generic talent. You got really unlucky here, granted. An enemy more than twice your level is rare. But it happens. Sounds like you were in Nur, since that's the only place I can think of that a 17th level player usually visits that spawns boiling horrors. It's a nasty little dungeon, and a 17th level character is going to be in a lot of danger there.

  • Lost Land Beta soon! Next dlc already in the works! What the hell DarkGod?!   5 days 6 hours ago


  • Lost Land Beta soon! Next dlc already in the works! What the hell DarkGod?!   5 days 6 hours ago


  • Odyssey of The Summoner (for ToME 1.7.4+)   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Thanks so much for updating this amazing addon. I hesitate to report this as it is tons of fun and infinitely exploitable, but there seems to be an issue with the War Hound Locomotion > Rapid Dash talent. At talent level 4 the swap places effect becomes automatic rather than checking any success roll. That works fine, but it appears to happen at instant speed (o% of a turn) or at least so fast that you can effectively swap places with any mob an insane number of times without the effect expiring. Dealing scratch damage with chomp attacks on every swap, you can cheese any enemy without enough damage mitigation + affinity to outheal the chomp attack scratch damage. If that's the way it was intended to work, then... wow, its by far the strongest talent available to any class added by this mod.

    Also, the swap places mechanic does not respect/is not prevented by pinning effects, which makes this a pretty much unstoppable killing talent, although it can take a really annoyingly long time to kill a boss this way while dazed.

  • Lost Land Beta soon! Next dlc already in the works! What the hell DarkGod?!   2 weeks 6 days ago

    i'm interested too. still no sign of the new beta...

  • Lost Land Beta soon! Next dlc already in the works! What the hell DarkGod?!   2 weeks 6 days ago

    .....Is this still a thing?

  • Item Description filter   3 weeks 6 days ago

    there is no option to filter 'maximum psi'

  • Spell Merchants   3 weeks 6 days ago


  • Resourceful Wanderers   4 weeks 1 day ago

    New version is out!

    Didn't really have much time in the past few years, too much happening in life. This being sort of broken was kinda bugging me.

    I took a completely different approach to tackling the issue this time around, so let me know what you guys think!

  • Spell Merchants   6 weeks 1 day ago

    Hello, do you sell Buckler Mastery, and by whom? can't seem to find it sorry.

  • The Santascape has come!   6 weeks 1 day ago

    Thanks. ;)

  • The Santascape has come!   6 weeks 3 days ago

    Yep, DG's aware of it.

  • The Santascape has come!   6 weeks 3 days ago

    Apologies for hijacking this post to report this, but I'm not sure where else to report it, since… well, since the forum is down. Specifically, has been returning 502 Bad Gateway or 504 Gateway Timed Out for the last ~24hrs or so.

  • Mr Frog VFX Pack   8 weeks 4 days ago

    If anyone else is having this issue:
    -open "tome-mrfrog_vfx.teaa" with winrar
    -go to data/talents.lua
    -open talents.lua with notepad, delete everything inside it(don't delete the file itself, just leave it empty)

    This only removes the broken effects and works if you don't want to restart a character with Pusheen's version

  • Mr Frog VFX Pack   9 weeks 3 days ago

    Really nice addon pleasing my eyes, but something really panic is all of the five talents in /data/talents.lua (thunderstorm, gloom, etc.) looks weird just like pasting a huge piece of static cloud on the map. Tried to disable all other addons but it doesn't help at all (no addon conflict). I think it's probably a hadware compatibility issue. Maybe I have to manually delete some bugging but really cool stuff while other is still cool.

  • Auto Fight   9 weeks 6 days ago

    Solved! For future readers, please do not install the zip file from GitHub. Either use the .teaa file from this website or install it using Steam Workshop. I can't upload the mod to GitHub as a release because it's not supported, so it is for issues and PRs only

  • The Santascape has come!   9 weeks 6 days ago

    Merry Christmas and Happy Santascape to darkgod and everyone playing TOME :)

  • Hoardling Ascendant race   10 weeks 9 hours ago

    I commissioned this mod to have a balanced for normal campaign/gameplay, but with the potential in the veeeeeeery late game to achieve godhood.
    I tried it out and not only is it balanced, but everything just works as it should, not to mention the flavour of each description!
    Definitely reccommended for Infinite Dungeon to work towards true invulnerability, in the main campaign it's still good enough but the EXP penalty is definitely something you feel.

    Still, for everyone wanting to roleplay as Smaug, thank Inferno!

  • Auto Fight   10 weeks 16 hours ago

    I unzipped the file, enabled the addon, i load in, press x and.....nothing.

    What do I do?

  • Savage Evolution for Cursed   10 weeks 3 days ago

    I've been busy lately but finally had a bit of time to test this and the unlock worked as expected for me. If you're still having any trouble or if you have any more info about the circumstance (such as which dlcs or other addons may have been in use, which race or which boss, etc) let me know.