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  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.5.4 "The Match" is out!   24 weeks 5 days ago

    "Modding: Support for "hated_by_everybody" property"

    Ahahahaha.. XD The possibilities, man! (If it does what I think it does.)

  • Automated Portable Extractor (APE) Tweak   25 weeks 4 days ago

    Sure, I can do that easily with another quick splice, and you gave a convenient hint that I can cheat and look at SirSlush's mod (so it doesn't take half an hour of digging through code to figure out *which* files to edit) ...okay, that took longer than expected because it required digging around in several different files and a lot of trial and error. I had forgotten, but when you unlock the ability to use tinker classes in the Maj'Eyal campaign and enable the Escort quests to get the skills, that achievement ALSO gives Adventurers an APE (spoiler: requires doing a certain thing in Embers of Rage) and is unaffected by class-unlock mods.

    So I just added the item(s) to the adventurer class itself (which may result in duplicate items) and shouldn't cause any problems and any other class mods that change the Adventurer class will just overwrite this addition... so if you use those you'll have to unlock via the achievement.

    Sorry I didn't notice your message until today. It would be kinda convenient if would email me when someone comments/replies (is that a feature?)

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.5.5 aka "Whoops" is out!   25 weeks 4 days ago

    deleting the extra dungeons addon brought back the apprentice.

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.5.5 aka "Whoops" is out!   25 weeks 5 days ago

    updated to the latest version. i'm not on steam. running linux mint.

    here's my list of addons:


    the apprentice mage is nowhere near his usual spot. can't find him anywhere? has this quest been omitted?

  • VampireLord   25 weeks 5 days ago

    Really cool class idea but OMG if you survive until level 10 you become a god that has 100K hp 1000 physical power and over 100 extra lives... Blood pool NEEDS to be limited.
    You can just take a stat and add the blood pool limit to it but even with a bloodpool of 500 that is almost 400 extra physical power right there and since every kill can potentially FULL HEAL YOU FROM DEATH FOR FREE that is a good bit of extra hp too so ya i would say an extra 10 to bloodpool PER STAT. then instead of the bite giving max bloodpool just have it restore a set amount of the blood pool and make ALL of your vamp ability add to corpse pool. that would make the class more in line with balanced compared to god mode.

    but ya great idea fun interesting, just you know nurf it some.

  • Last Hope archery training   25 weeks 6 days ago

    Those issues has been fixed in version 0.0.3.

  • Last Hope archery training   26 weeks 1 day ago

    1. Icons -- I was short in time to set things properly, hence I was left tis minor matter for next weekend (I hope I will be relatively free).
    2. Steamtech after generics -- Ops, this is really bug. AFAIU, I forget to comment-out relevant line after testing. :( Thank you for this feedback, chronosplit.

  • Talent Point Planner   26 weeks 1 day ago

    Is there any documentation on the activation codes and how to unlock stuff?

    Or how to just blanket unlock everything?

  • New game released by Susramanian and myself: Oafmatch!   26 weeks 2 days ago

    I could setup a wiki I suppose yeah :)

  • New game released by Susramanian and myself: Oafmatch!   26 weeks 2 days ago

    Does the game have plans for a wiki or other way to look up information?

  • New game released by Susramanian and myself: Oafmatch!   26 weeks 3 days ago

    Sadly the engine but Sus used (and the mistakes of the youth! :) ) can't do linux :/
    It can (IIRC) do iPhone though, so if the game sells well enough there may be reasons to port it we'll see :)

  • New game released by Susramanian and myself: Oafmatch!   26 weeks 3 days ago

    Are there any plans on releasing a Linux version? Or perhaps iOS and Android? I don't currently have a Windows computer, but I hope to be able to play this someday.

  • Nyles GOD Mode   27 weeks 23 hours ago

    What the title sais. It's.. not working? I'm simply adding it in the regular folder, booting up lé game.. and it's not working.
    Any suggestions?

  • Arena to Infinite Dungeon   27 weeks 4 days ago

    Just did a wave 60 arena last night. Finished with just my guy running around the arena no portal or anything. Is there something i need to do.

  • Golem - The Ironbreaker   27 weeks 4 days ago

    will try on next run, also don't think it's really unbalanced for insane+

  • Go to Landmark v5a   28 weeks 2 hours ago

    Pweew! I was so damn scared my file was permanently borked, I am happy to see this update seems to have fixed it (or, since exiting the Sandworm Lair, I've yet to encounter a problem again), hope it lasts :)

  • Stoneshaper   28 weeks 17 hours ago

    I'm gonna guess its because you can't use dig on the walls in the maze. You aren't able to do that even in the main game.

  • Automated Portable Extractor (APE) Tweak   28 weeks 22 hours ago

    There are one such mod(adventurers_unlocked) and it has too much unwanted modification.
    Only if it's not too hard. Thanks!

  • Stoneshaper   28 weeks 1 day ago

    For some reason it will turn trees into stone men but not all walls. Like the Maze. The stone men can't be summoned there without making walls yourself which just feels tedious and weird when its clearly made of walls and the thing works on trees.
    Also when you use the skill and it does nothing like in the maze it goes on cooldown which is doubly annoying
    I also don't get why the class has rush with knockback as an added bonus just randomly thrown in with a skill then in another tree has a mobility skill that doesn't go as far per point, needs a rock warrior to be summoned and does no damage. Why is that not reversed?

  • Last Hope archery training   28 weeks 1 day ago

    The icons for the generic masteries use the ? icon. Why not use the sling and bow mastery icons for the generic version? Also, for some reason after unlocking the Generic Bow/Sling mastery tree for a bulwark it triggered steamtech drops and I was finding schematics.

  • Updated!   28 weeks 2 days ago

    I like this updated site!
    And the online character doll will be a cool feature!
    Thank you, darkgod!

  • Characters not updating on online profile?   28 weeks 4 days ago

    Thanks for letting us know, not too worried about it not being displayed if data is still getting recorded so appreciate the information :d

  • Characters not updating on online profile?   28 weeks 5 days ago

    Ah indeed! It's being fixed :)
    Data is not lost it's just not displayed

  • DarkGod's mysterious DLC   28 weeks 5 days ago
  • Updated!   29 weeks 1 day ago

    Can we get a lower contrast option? It hurts my eyes reading nearly pure white on a background this dark.