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  • Player AIoo :idle TOME   27 weeks 4 days ago

    OK, it seems that this addon crush with the Improved Auto-explore and Rest addon by dracos12.

  • Player AIoo :idle TOME   27 weeks 4 days ago

    When I set some skills to auto-use when available, the ai will use the skill infinitely many times but not start to explore. Is it possible to fix that problem?

  • Sonist Class Evo   27 weeks 5 days ago

    Tired of having to run into your enemies every time you want to smack them? Frustrated by archmages dealing massive dmg with their disruption shield and powerful melee enemies jumping on your face? Meet sonist, brand new class evolution for bulwark that uses power of sound to strike from afar!

    Technical information:
    This addon adds new class evolution along with a new timed effect "Resonated" that makes enemies affected by knockback vulnerable to distant melee attacks. Addon changes the code of basic attack and all class attacks available for bulwark except rush. It also changes code of repulsion, shattering shout, battle call and battle cry. Onslaught, altho while active will make attacks resonate enemies while being sonist, is left untouched. Precise strikes and spell shield were also affected by changes.

    Sonist is basically a bulwark that has an opportunity to use their attacks as if they were ranged. With shattering shout or battle cry sonist can apply "resonated" from a large distance and smash enemies without having to go to them, this is a good engage option. Then, using onslaught you can refresh "resonated" mark with every attack and knockback enemies even further, suppressing helpless enemies. But what if your enemies are knockback resistant or are dangerous even when they are not standing close? Well, I suppose they need line of sight to attack you but as a sonist you don't! Your attack pass through terrain, also remember that bulwark has track, so after resonating enemies you can hide behind a wall, use track and strike your enemies from the safe position! Good luck on your way to use sound as a weapon, which does not make any sense but sure is fun!

    First version had some problems with bulwark vocal abilities resonating enemies even when user were not sonist, it is fixed in latest version.

  • My love-lazyness relationship with ToME and the 5th reset (probably)   28 weeks 8 hours ago

    I'm your complete opposite it seems..

    Instead of keeping 50 or so active, live characters, I tend to.. kill off.. characters I'm bored with, stuck with, or simply deemed not viable for continued playing.. simply so that I could re-use the names.. ;)

    I still have about a dozen or so alive-and-active characters though..

  • Restart Sustains v3b.3   28 weeks 3 days ago

    I've got a bug recently while playing shadowblade. Not quite remember what exactly happened, but seems like I got applied 'BURNING_SHOCK' effect, and then when I press R\Z, the burning shock effect didn't disappear, instead it went to negative countdown, and never disappear.

    And after that everything fallen apart, I can't right click to my talent\can't view my talent in the character sheet\can't open the talent hotkey sheet. Everything related to viewing talent will throw error.

    The error seems happened on /mod/class/interface/actorinscription.lua unknown inscription if I checked my talent. Forgot the first error...

  • Proper Possession   28 weeks 4 days ago

    Would it be possible to remove the possession talent hard cap? Currently possessors can only gain up to 8 talents, even if there were more effective levels in full control (cat point+adept gives 9.8).

  • No Bunnies Were Harmed   28 weeks 5 days ago

    I killed every single bunny a couple days ago and it felt right. Stop oppressing me.

    Seriously, I wish I'd had this one. It's a nice main campaign version of the EoR orc prisoner camp achievement, which I've managed all of one time. One time out of dozens of attempts.

  • Elkan's Infinite Dungeon Tweaks   29 weeks 10 min ago

    In the future nameinf the file names so it is easy to distinguish what this mod is would be great =] I cn see Elkan id (infinitedungeon) tweaks however if i left and got on 6 months from now i wouldnt fkn know =p

  • My love-lazyness relationship with ToME and the 5th reset (probably)   29 weeks 3 days ago

    Been playing for years and I still suck, keep coming back. Very good game

  • Adjustable Levelup (Vexamen's modification)   29 weeks 4 days ago

    My testing shows that some of the options on this addon also affect NPCs.

    I'm not sure if all options are affected, as I didn't notice if enemies are getting more talent levels and such, but when I got suspicious of it I decided to greatly increase some stats to test and noticed that enemies were being affected (life being the more noticeable one).

    It may well be just life and resources that affect enemies though, I'm not sure, and as I don't actually play with those two values altered it doesn't really affect my own game so I'll leave this as a note for other players and/or the creator.

    As a side note - it'd be good if the options saved between characters, currently most of them reset when you start a new game.

  • Arcane Archer   30 weeks 1 day ago

    Casted Spell missile. It created a 2nd "me" giving me control. I didn't have any elemental spells, so I casted Phase Door.

    For my mischief, I got the following LUA error (Included what may be pertinent info above it from log)

    [LOG] Cactus Joe uses #{bold}##ORCHID#Spell Missile.#{normal}##LAST#
    [ARCHERY ACQUIRE TARGETS WITH] elm longbow quiver of elm arrows
    [SHOOT] speed 1 => 1000
    [ARCHERY SHOOT] Cactus Joe 3367 using weapon: elm longbow ammo: quiver of elm arrows offweapon: nil pf_weapon:
    [ARCHERY SHOOT dofire] Shooting weapon: elm longbow to: 59 22
    Adding entity 17312 after 3367
    [LOG] Talent used by Cactus Joe
    [ARCHERY SHOOT] Cactus Joe 3367 using weapon: elm longbow ammo: quiver of elm arrows offweapon: nil pf_weapon:
    [ARCHERY SHOOT dofire] Shooting weapon: elm longbow to: 59 22
    Adding entity 17313 after 3367
    [Actor:move] 17328 Cactus Joe's spell missle (forced) move from nil nil to 58 23
    [PARTY] New member, add after Cactus Joe's spell missle Cactus Joe
    Adding entity 17328 after 3367
    [ATTACK ARCHERY] 17313 to Cactus Joe's spell missle :: 10.28624369243 5 4 :: 1.4079215610874
    checkHit 23 vs 3 => chance to hit 100
    [LOG] Cactus Joe's Spell Missile misses something.
    [ATTACK ARCHERY] 17312 to Cactus Joe's spell missle :: 10.28624369243 5 4 :: 1.4079215610874
    checkHit 23 vs 3 => chance to hit 100
    [LOG] Cactus Joe's Spell Missile misses something.
    [Actor:move] 3367 Cactus Joe (forced) move from 57 23 to 57 23
    [Actor:move] 17328 Cactus Joe's spell missle (forced) move from 58 23 to 58 23
    [LOG] #MOCCASIN#Character control switched to Cactus Joe's spell missle.
    [Actor:move] 16794 forest troll move from 59 22 to 58 22
    [LOG] --------------------------------
    [LOG] Cactus Joe's spell missle casts #{bold}##PURPLE#Phase Door.#{normal}##LAST#
    [Actor:move] 17328 Cactus Joe's spell missle (forced) move from 58 23 to 56 25
    [phase door] final location of Cactus Joe's spell missle 56 25 vs 58 23
    [SOUND] loading from /data/sound/talents/teleport.ogg :=: sound "/data/sound/talents/teleport.ogg" :
    [LOG] Talent used by Cactus Joe's spell missle
    [LOG] spellmissile used a talent
    ##Use Talent Lua Error## T_PHASE_DOOR Actor: 17328 Cactus Joe's spell missle
    FROM /mod/addons/cults/superload/engine/dialogs/ShowErrorStack.lua loading previous!

    Game version: tome-1.7.4
    Addons: convenient-digging-1.5.5[X!], items-vault-1.7.0[O], arcane-archer-1.7.4[X], PlenumTooltipCustom-1.7.4[X], cleaner-descriptions-1.7.0[X], turn_separators_v2-1.6.0[X!], easy_map_v2-1.6.0[X!], clean_doll-1.7.2[X], ashes-urhrok-1.7.4[O], inv_tiers-1.7.2[X], invorder-1.7.0[X], cults-1.6.0[O!], orcs-1.7.4[O], possessors-1.7.4[O], compare-1.7.0[X]

    Game version (character creation): tome-1.7.4
    Lua Error: /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:351: /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:324: /hooks/arcane-archer/load.lua:23: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'mana' (a function value)
    At [C]:-1
    At [C]:-1 error
    At /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:351 useTalent
    At /engine/interface/PlayerHotkeys.lua:179
    At /engine/interface/PlayerHotkeys.lua:162 activateHotkey
    At /mod/class/Game.lua:2565 fct
    At /engine/interface/PlayerHotkeys.lua:326
    At /engine/KeyBind.lua:231

  • Stats uncapper for Infinite Dungeon   30 weeks 2 days ago

    I found that when enabling this mod increasing dexterity doesn't increase accuracy. In particular, the character starts with negative accuracy (like -5) which should be positive (like 8). I checked this with all other addons turned off (with only original mods from game turned on).

  • OldRPG Again Part 1   30 weeks 2 days ago

    I installed Addon but it didn't work. How do I enable it

  • OldRPG Again Part 2   30 weeks 3 days ago

    Should this be installed along with OldRPG, or do the two packages fulfill all functionalities of the former 6?

  • OldRPG - Overdrive - 1 of 6   31 weeks 4 days ago

    I've tried to get into TOME4 several times but the default tileset is (1) really hard to see what's what, and what's going on; and (2) hideous, godawful hideous, just so hideous, oh save us, it's so darn ugly.

  • ASCII Tactical Borders   31 weeks 5 days ago

    v2.0.1 is live and the addon should work properly immediately now.

  • ASCII Tactical Borders   31 weeks 5 days ago

    The current v2.0.0 version is slightly broken. If you find that your target cursor is replaced, but the regular borders (except bosses) are not, try selecting a style option and restarting.

    I will try to fix this issue soon.

  • So I just won!   31 weeks 6 days ago

    Congrats on your first win!

    Been playing on an off for nearly 10 years now. Some years ago I got to the end on exploration mode with arcane blade, but that doesn't count :-) I'm yet to finish the original campaign properly, but it's always fun.

    Furthest I ever got on Normal mode and no cheating was level 40 with a Higher Doombringer - could have gotten a bit further if I hadn't been dumb enough to walk into the dragon vault! That's what hubris will do to you!

    Still a fairly good run, though.
    Overall, Doombringer and Arcane Blade are my favourite classes. Never played with a bulwark, I'll probably try it next time.

  • So I just won!   32 weeks 19 hours ago

    Well done, first win best win.

    As far as prodigies go, if you wanted an offensive prodigy, something like Flexible Combat or Arcane Might would be the way to go. Subcutaneous Metallization is kind of a lackluster one and there are many better defensive ones but it's not like you can't win with any of em as shown here.

    If I had to guess, I'd say majority of your damage output issues steams from having 0% physical penetration (and very small amount of physical dmg%). Penetration is something you basically always want at least 50% of for your primary damage type to make sure you're not noodling against high res enemies.

  • This game hard boi   33 weeks 7 hours ago

    Yup! Dying is fun <3

  • Auto Loot Transmo Copy   33 weeks 2 days ago

    What’s the bug that you fixed ?

  • Now You See Me...   33 weeks 2 days ago

    You're very kind! I hope you enjoy the updated classes.

  • Now You See Me...   33 weeks 2 days ago

    Issue repaired. Thanks for letting me know!

  • Dance of the Edge   33 weeks 2 days ago

    I couldn't get the error to replicate; which respec addon are you using? Thanks!

  • This game hard boi   33 weeks 3 days ago

    Remember, losing is fun!