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  • Passive Cooldowns   9 weeks 5 days ago

    All the curses have effects that are based on # of items equipped... right now one has to read the tooltip for each, and it would be usefull to have this info visible at a glance. (pretty please)

  • Obtaining Voratun Coins   10 weeks 2 days ago

    GOG should give you a key for every purchase, I give them keys for that very purpose ! :) Try to contact them first to see where your key is :)

  • Obtaining Voratun Coins   10 weeks 2 days ago

    So I went ahead and bought another copy of the Forbidden Cults DLC from GOG, but I guess I do not receive a serial key for it, just the code for a giveaway.

    Could I send you a picture of my purchase order?

  • Overworld Tile Bug?   10 weeks 3 days ago

    Just passing through, so I won't see any reply.

    Try this addon with your shaders fully enabled:
    It disables the water shader manually, so all the others aren't disabled too.

  • OldRPG - Core - 1 of 4   10 weeks 4 days ago

    Thank you for keeping this maintained. Would be great if there was some way to have default missing textures load for things like Forbidden Cults. Invisible player sprite isn't a big deal, just use a custom player sprite.

  • OldRPG - Core   11 weeks 5 hours ago

    Everything else seems to work fine as of 11/4/2019 or 4/11/2019, based on some limited testing, but your character will not be there. That is, you will be a floating pair of armor and weapons. Would be great for this to be fully updated again, and I appreciate and love anyone who does the work, but once again, an update from DarkGod has broken this fantastic tile set. I really wish he would just settle on one damn way to handle stuff like this and leave it be (he once claimed he would, but we see that is not the case).

    Thank you krazycure for working on this - I just wanted to let him/her know about the only bug I found.

  • OldRPG - Core - 1 of 4   11 weeks 5 hours ago

    It has the same problem as the "Revival Reborn" version of this mod - your character, but not their armor or weapons or anything else, do not show up. You are just a floating suit of armor and weapons.

  • Cosmetic Shimmer Packs are now available from the website too!   11 weeks 3 days ago

    It would be nice if the pack were available to bouy trough steam

  • Select your Escorts   11 weeks 4 days ago

    having tinker as next escort in ID completely locks the game up, only using this + official addons
    actually tinker might not even be able to spawn, 30+ tries without one

  • Pumpkin Cat Points   11 weeks 4 days ago

    It seems like the world is obsessed with cats. Meow!

  • Cosmetic Shimmer Packs are now available from the website too!   11 weeks 6 days ago

    Either the price shown on the page is missing a 0, or the transaction adds another 0 to the price.
    In any case, 600 coin was taken out of my balance for what (according to the price shown) should've been 60 coin.

    edit; Seems like I've been refunded the extra 180 coins per each purchase. Problems solved here!

  • Aegis Reward   11 weeks 6 days ago

    This is a great addon (maybe a little powerful), but I think that in 1.6 it makes it impossible to turn in the quest to L-whateverhernameis. She just offers to send you back up to Tempest Peak. The storm isn't cleared over Derth, either. I'm not totally sure if there were changes in 1.6 to that quest, but it did work just fine back in 1.5.

    Anyhow, in fairness, I haven't tested to see if this addon's the cause, but I don't think I have others running that change this quest.

  • Pumpkin Cat Points   11 weeks 6 days ago

    Although I don't really approve of misprision of cat murders, there's a pretty strong tradition of cats doing, well, various stuff in roguelikes. ADOM's got a whole game-spanning (almost) quest about not killing cats. Stone Soup (and I thought at least one other) lets you play as a cat. Like, a quadruped housecat. They're apparently pretty strong magicians.

    Then there's elona. Catsisters, Mia and her silver cat quest, Ehekatl, Frisia the cat queen, nekomata, the direct reference to Guin, the Cacy quest, cats as starter pets, cats as debug player races, catgods as debug player races... I forget what else.

    So, if nothing else, it would at least be in the best roguelike tradition, if a little bloodthirsty.

  • Obtaining Voratun Coins   11 weeks 6 days ago

    Oh this is most certainly not a use case I had thought about :)
    It MAY work but I cant really guarantee (if you try and it fails, contact me and we'll sort it out).

    As for other ways, there is Patreon too (see the donate page)

  • Obtaining Voratun Coins   11 weeks 6 days ago

    Hm I also bought everything on GOG, but when I check my balance it only shows 60 coins received/used.
    I probably have to redeem the DLCs, even though I've been playing them this whole time.

    Ok, so it looks like I had not redeemed keys. Now it shows 240 received/used. I wonder if I'll even get a new key for additional copies of DLC though.

  • Cosmetic Shimmer Packs are now available from the website too!   12 weeks 16 min ago

    Same as @Quidix.

    I bought all 3 packs. I had 140 coins (I believe) and now I have -460.

  • Obtaining Voratun Coins   12 weeks 2 hours ago

    Initially I purchased TOME from GOG and played in offline mode. Then I registered my TE4 account and used the Key Redeem option to enable the DLC on my TE4 profile. From the TE4 Balance view I can see that the redeem key first added the coins then deducted the coins again to enable the DLC. My guess would be by redeeming additional GOG keys would increase the coins balance with no deduction as DLC's are already enabled. In total I received 240 coins for the base game plus the three DLC modules purchased from GOG.

    Perhaps the TE4 website could be updated to sell fixed coin packs rather than to receive coins for certain amounts of donations.

  • Obtaining Voratun Coins   12 weeks 7 hours ago

    Steam works, if you have the game there.

  • Cosmetic Shimmer Packs are now available from the website too!   12 weeks 12 hours ago

    I just bought the shimmer pack, but was charged 200 coins out of my wallet? (rather than the 20 that was listed)

  • Infinite Dungeon Merchants   12 weeks 15 hours ago

    Infinite Dungeon = No Cloak of Deception = This addon is completely inaccessible to undead characters. Guess I wasn't clear enough before.

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.6 "A Late Delivery from Avalon" is released!   12 weeks 16 hours ago

    But I suspect your opinion is very much in the minority, even amongst others who share your feelings about microtransactions.

    Here's the thing -- the cosmetic options are also available to players who pay to do the regular unlocks of much larger modules. So doesn't have to be a microtransaction. More to the point, however, the cosmetic options are extremely unobtrusive because this isn't an action game. It's a turn-based overhead rogue-like. So the cosmetic options are really only relevant to a single aspect of the game...examining your character sheet. The rest of the time, during gameplay, they're almost indistinguishable. You can see your character's various equipment and the like from the overhead gameplay screen, and you can take some bit of satisfaction, but you have to peer really hard to get a lot of smaller details, if they can be seen at all. So I think the DG's decision was quite apt -- serious players who care a lot about the appearance of their character on the inventory screen have already paid out for cosmetic options anyway. So the DG is merely making an ala carte payment option. He's not restricting anything that had always been available. He's just making something that had always been available a bit easier to get. It's easily the most innocuous microtransaction I've ever seen. It's not like the basic range of cosmetic offerings available to non-paying players is tiny or something. We can customize our characters just by picking races, sexes, and types of equipment we drape them with. I mean, I -- and probably most experienced players -- can often tell just by looking at the image of the character exactly what types of armor, weapons, and artifacts he or she has equipped without needing to read the names. Seems fair enough to me.

  • Cosmetic Shimmer Packs are now available from the website too!   12 weeks 17 hours ago

    Thanks Darkgod!

  • Cornac talent points   12 weeks 1 day ago

    Upon playing some more tome, I suspect that I may be full of shit.

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.6 "A Late Delivery from Avalon" is released!   12 weeks 1 day ago

    ...if you're going to ditch it now because you can't unlock all cosmetics-achievements for free.
    Try Princess Maker instead.

    Edit: Dude, you have barely 1,5h play time on record! Not a single winning character (obviously, given your play time), and only a tiny handful of achievements - less than half of a percent of the achievements you could clear without paying a penny. You don't care about the game at all and never did, and thus you don't have ANY basis to write an informed review - positive or negative.
    I hate microtransactions more than most people, but this is purely about cosmetics FFS, it doesn't impact any of the actual gameplay that makes this game unique and amazing in any way, shape or form. Giving the game a bad review for this is just a dick thing to do.

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.6 "A Late Delivery from Avalon" is released!   12 weeks 1 day ago

    This is coming :)
    I wanted 1.6 out first as it was already far too delayed :/