Odyssey of The Summoner (for ToME 1.7.4+)

Odyssey of The Summoner (for ToME 1.7.4+)

Howdy, this is Kamani.
Nekarcos made this incredible addon, but was inactive for quite a bit, only having recently returned (recently as of 5/29/2023). I just wanted to play on the most recent version of ToME when I played it, so this is just a port of OotS to ToME 1.7.4. I will NOT be adding new content, and all credit goes to Nekarcos, who actually made this. If you find any bugs, please report them to me.

The current page for OotS content is: https://forums.te4.org/viewtopic.php?p=247326#p247326
And the original TE4 page for older OotS is here: https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/neka_therianthropy_summoner

I mostly tested OotS with EoR, Cults, and Ashes enabled, but it should work fine without them.
Anyways, here is the original description:
This is a highly extensive "unofficial DLC" that takes the summonable creatures from the Summoner class and turns them into fully-talented, highly-comprehensive classes with their story and unique events.
This pack features the ranged summons: Hydra, Fire Drake, and Flamespitter Ritch.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a full release. There WILL be errors and unpredictable behavior. I am patching things out actively, so play with discretion and send as much feedback as possible to the forum thread to accelerate the completion process!
This modifies the "Age of Ascendency" story, as you are no longer human, but rather, a natural, spiritual being. This means several conversations and services may become unavailable or even change to behave in new ways.
The plot's progression is mostly unchanged, but now you are operating under the command of an ominous individual known only as "The Summoner". He sends you off to do tasks-- But in the end, it is up to you to decide whether you will work cooperatively with him or not.
This was a labour of love, and I would want nothing more than for you to enjoy a new flavor of experience-- And a new type of challenge and difficulty in Tales of Maj'Eyal.
Please, enjoy!

Expanded Details:
"Hydra is a nigh-indestructible damage sponge that doles out as much as it takes, capable of attacking several times and several targets per turn. It possesses Feral, Glare, and Drool heads, each respectively associated with its Physical, Mental, and Magical wellbeing. You can choose whether you want to bite, stare, or spew your enemies to death-- Or maybe even some combination of such!"
"Fire Drake is a dedicated pet general, leading a batch of child fire dragons called 'Drakelings'. They are capable of growing and learning many of your talents-- But you must choose whether you will dedicate yourself to nurturing them, or making yourself powerful enough to protect them from the dangers of Eyal. Cooperation and good education is the key to success!"
"Ritch is a fullblown assassin, possessing a variety of techniques that want nothing more than for its victims to bleed, burn, and die to death-- And not necessarily in that order. Most significantly, they can craft and engraft bladed weapons to replace their claws, making them the most efficient Avatar class that can utilize human weaponry. Killing is a skill, and you're good at it!"
"War Hound is an agile skirmisher that sacrifices little to attain maximum damage. Performing a large number of attacks per turn, as well as having a variety of mobility talents, there is no distance that can keep this fighter out of combat. Alternatively, use your powerful tracking skills to always be aware of your enemies. Run circles around them, hunt them down-- Either way, your bite hurts!"
"Minotaur is a powerhouse with many humanoid qualities, invoking both nature and craftsmanship to annihilate anything in its way. Using its rugged strength to crush enemies, utilizing its cunning of the civilized world, or even tapping into its mystical gifts, this fighter can always find a way to put its hoof into your behind. Brute force is ALWAYS the answer!"

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Thanks for Your Work

Thanks so much for updating this amazing addon. I hesitate to report this as it is tons of fun and infinitely exploitable, but there seems to be an issue with the War Hound Locomotion > Rapid Dash talent. At talent level 4 the swap places effect becomes automatic rather than checking any success roll. That works fine, but it appears to happen at instant speed (o% of a turn) when your character is immobilized, rather than being cancelled. That allows for infinite free attacks disregarding retaliation damage etc on whatever you are swapping places with.

I've also seen a bugs across several characters, although I can't seem to pin down what triggers them. Temporary effects like the healing/equilibrium from friendly dragonfire effects on the fire drake, and the effects of clasped gems on the hydra, are somehow applied to the character's base stats. I've found myself running around as a firedrake with permanent +300 health regen and equilbrium drain, and clasped turquoise on my hydra had the resist pen zeroed out, such that removing them brought the character to negative all-resist penetration. I had to add the turquoise back on to get back to 0% all-resist pen.

A bug

It seems the game doesn't like decontaminate. https://i.imgur.com/1HLpCRX.png
The buff goes into negative duration once the regular duration end too.

A minor idea

I read you arent going to add new things but maybe you could add some explanations for obscure things to descriptions? Like, first discipline (I think it doubles the active effect?)

Unlock Issue

Howdy, first off - huge thanks for resuscitating this great mod.

As for the issue:
After unlocking the Blighted Hydra start option I've noticed that it does not actually appear in the customization section, unlike other avatar classes.

Digging through the code I noticed the following:

   unlock="neka_blighted_hydra = true"

While every other class has it as:


Not entirely sure if that is the cause of the issue as manually changing the code myself removed the addon from my games list.
Sadly, being not mod savvy enough to troubleshoot this further, that is all I can provide.

Hope this helps. Cheers!

Unlock Fix

Whoops, sorry about the slow response. That was the problem with that, I just uploaded a new version that fixes it. Thanks for letting me know.
Additionally, you can reach me faster on the forum page if you find any other bugs.


Playing as a minotaur.

I got an error when ungrasping my weapon, deactivating the graps weapon sustain.

Also got an error when an escort tried to enter the portal. The escort was not able to enter, only gave error.

This was with both errors: "..ks/neka_therianthropy_summoner_for_current_tome.teaa/load.lua:1114: Attempt to index field 'steamtech' (a nil value)"

Error Response

Whoops, newest version should have fixed that (it happened if you don't run ToME with Embers of Rage when you were running OotS). OotS will probably work better if you're running Embers of Rage though, so you still might want to do that, but it shouldn't crash if you don't now.

Error response response

Oh so you basically need Embers of Rage? I somehow missed that. I don't own it so that does explain things. Thank you.

Error Response x3

I forgot to mention that it needed it before. It should work fine without Embers now, but I haven’t done much testing yet, so it could still have some problem I don’t know about.