Odyssey of The Summoner

Odyssey of The Summoner

This is a highly extensive "unofficial DLC" that takes the summonable creatures from the Summoner class and turns them into fully-talented, highly-comprehensive classes with their story and unique events.
This pack features the ranged summons: Hydra, Fire Drake, and Flamespitter Ritch.

      • Disclaimer: This is NOT a full release. There WILL be errors and unpredictable behavior. I am patching things out actively, so play with discretion and send as much feedback as possible to the forum thread to accelerate the completion process!

This modifies the "Age of Ascendency" story, as you are no longer human, but rather, a natural, spiritual being. This means several conversations and services may become unavailable or even change to behave in new ways.
The plot's progression is mostly unchanged, but now you are operating under the command of an ominous individual known only as "The Summoner". He sends you off to do tasks-- But in the end, it is up to you to decide whether you will work cooperatively with him or not.
This was a labour of love, and I would want nothing more than for you to enjoy a new flavor of experience-- And a new type of challenge and difficulty in Tales of Maj'Eyal.
Please, enjoy!

Expanded Details:
"Hydra is a nigh-indestructible damage sponge that doles out as much as it takes, capable of attacking several times and several targets per turn. It possesses Feral, Glare, and Drool heads, each respectively associated with its Physical, Mental, and Magical wellbeing. You can choose whether you want to bite, stare, or spew your enemies to death-- Or maybe even some combination of such!"
"Fire Drake is a dedicated pet general, leading a batch of child fire dragons called 'Drakelings'. They are capable of growing and learning many of your talents-- But you must choose whether you will dedicate yourself to nurturing them, or making yourself powerful enough to protect them from the dangers of Eyal. Cooperation and good education is the key to success!"
"Ritch is a fullblown assassin, possessing a variety of techniques that want nothing more than for its victims to bleed, burn, and die to death-- And not necessarily in that order. Most significantly, they can craft and engraft bladed weapons to replace their claws, making them the only Avatar class capable of utilizing human weaponry. Killing is a skill, and you're good at it!"

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I must say this is a very creative and fun concept. I'm looking forward to future development. Well done!


...for the link

So far...

...it seems very ambitious, and I can tell it's a labor of love. I really want to get to enjoy it but it keeps either giving me an error message -- that I sent, but doesn't seem to refer to any other add-ons -- when I reach the "Expendable?" dialogue (and does so each time I dismiss the error message) or, if I reach the main map, it places me in the far upper left corner, right in the middle of the ocean, where I can't move or do anything. I do have other add-ons (you can see them on my "Oddy Test" character in the vault) but none of them seem to be of the sort that would cause this.

Just so we're clear, I really do admire what I've seen (though maybe you could cut out a couple of the steps when the character is insisting on staying, heh) and want to be able to play it further. If it's just an add-on, I don't mind turning it off. But some add-ons I'm used to and would rather not turn them *all* off.

(Maybe you could start a forum thread so players can discuss the add-on more easily? It seems like you put a lot of effort into it, so if any add-on deserves a thread, this one does.)

Re: Forum Thread

It's been there the whole time, just not linked on the addon page.


Beat me to it!

Thanks Micbran-- I've been meaning to link it, but always forgot lol

Re: Beat me to it!

Don't worry about it. Just pretend I'm your new PR guy.