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Permadeath Difficulty Race Class Campaign Version Addons
UserNameLast updated
ObonnuObonnu the level 7 Dwarf Bulwark7 sec ago
aa5101251981kt the level 26 Cornac Writhing One8 sec ago
demonidze66Pronicatel' the level 1 Yeek Possessor16 sec ago
squeemk2Shankly the level 50 Halfling Rogue29 sec ago
kiblorXanirin the level 11 Orc Sawbutcher33 sec ago
PyroraptorSigrun the level 39 Dwarf Berserker39 sec ago
PhallushatesuChud the level 8 Troll Cursed42 sec ago
CaptHrothgarMyra the level 18 Shalore Archmage44 sec ago
HaleMaryVesuvius the level 1 Higher Archmage58 sec ago
WhalewhalewhaleFanti the level 15 Cornac Archmage1 min 7 sec ago
xkxdzfRizakil the level 50 Cornac Shadowblade1 min 17 sec ago
songppmGeDouJia the level 8 Dwarf Brawler1 min 24 sec ago
NidhogNidhogg the level 26 Krog Wyrmic1 min 29 sec ago
yushengEliwen the level 30 Cornac Cursed1 min 33 sec ago
tekkudRormric the level 7 Dwarf Berserker1 min 36 sec ago
ScienticianClark Grizwald the level 2 Higher Doombringer2 min 10 sec ago
69dablife69Sugaree the level 1 Shalore Temporal Warden2 min 21 sec ago
connor1111Globongulus the level 9 Dwarf Berserker2 min 23 sec ago
loadofdreamscursedtry the level 49 Thalore Cursed2 min 27 sec ago
ZaiNoea the level 18 Cornac Temporal Warden2 min 32 sec ago
M@@C the level 17 Shalore Temporal Warden
2 min 37 sec ago
bodine_wilsonSparky the level 1 Shalore Archmage2 min 44 sec ago
OogleybooCat o Nine Tails the level 6 Higher Writhing One2 min 54 sec ago
wangtuoSunWangdapi the level 1 Cornac Sun Paladin3 min 9 sec ago
drkmgicJirrma the level 13 Yeek Possessor3 min 13 sec ago