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Permadeath Difficulty Race Class Campaign Version Addons
UserNameLast updated
Stonks the level 4 Dwarf Bulwark
3 sec ago
sir ConcretusDoon the level 16 Cornac Paradox Mage4 sec ago
thehypetrain42Xanor the level 19 Ogre Reaver8 sec ago
szymekcMicrowave the level 46 Cornac Mindslayer15 sec ago
SakisunGalbo the level 11 Krog Cursed41 sec ago
Stants the level 5 Cornac Brawler
49 sec ago
BattousaiTyfon the level 42 Cornac Gunslinger56 sec ago
zw204820190820 the level 13 Dwarf Solipsist1 min 1 sec ago
tootikkiArdon the level 13 Cornac Reaver1 min 5 sec ago
kuresutiCurry the level 13 Halfling Skirmisher1 min 13 sec ago
oheleWIssurin the level 46 Ghoul Sawbutcher1 min 27 sec ago
GaisericFilavandarel the level 44 Shalore Archer1 min 30 sec ago
shaluponDorf the level 9 Dwarf Bulwark1 min 32 sec ago
schwalbe1728ArcanumBlade the level 14 Shalore Arcane Blade1 min 41 sec ago
kholdyArcher2 the level 17 Shalore Archer1 min 49 sec ago
dimannisArcMad the level 6 Skeleton Archer1 min 51 sec ago
fhqwgadsfgsdf the level 50 Cornac Skirmisher2 min 8 sec ago
kommander_kraneThe Fortress the level 2 Shalore Bulwark2 min 20 sec ago
kurtmagnuskurtII the level 14 Thalore Shadowblade2 min 33 sec ago
ShkkPipino the level 1 Halfling Skirmisher2 min 48 sec ago
GaisericAssas the level 50 Shalore Sawbutcher3 min 16 sec ago
nightphury13fgh the level 1 Yeek Mindslayer3 min 17 sec ago
Mort the level 25 Cornac Writhing One
3 min 18 sec ago
flere210liur the level 12 Bloodruned Sun Paladin3 min 33 sec ago
TetragenTetra the level 5 Thalore Temporal Warden3 min 42 sec ago