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Permadeath Difficulty Race Class Campaign Version Addons
UserNameLast updated
NihiluJeanne the Maiden the level 32 Cornac Bulwark0 sec ago
TerrabrandShot Through The Mind the level 34 Cornac Psyshot1 sec ago
salty_1oof the level 1 Skeleton Sawbutcher4 sec ago
snjCwo the level 45 Cornac Writhing One7 sec ago
OwlyteOwlyte the level 28 Shalore Archmage13 sec ago
manyliestellthepoetsBilbo the level 46 Halfling Adventurer19 sec ago
taylorbroPraise the sun! the level 21 Shalore Sun Paladin27 sec ago
salty_1oof the level 4 Skeleton Sawbutcher34 sec ago
Z09Archimonde the level 21 Shalore Archer36 sec ago
ParadoxRin the level 48 Cornac Paradox Mage
1 min 26 sec ago
manyliestellthepoetsOvid the level 50 Dwarf Adventurer1 min 39 sec ago
sir ConcretusDiethyl Aether Avatar the level 11 Higher Archmage1 min 55 sec ago
dricktockedVelurianor the level 9 Orc Sawbutcher1 min 56 sec ago
arcasorOdob the level 1 Ogre Doombringer2 min 16 sec ago
RevEihortLorana the level 11 Thalore Temporal Warden2 min 22 sec ago
ruaxArchie the level 1 Shalore Archmage2 min 33 sec ago
tonywizDing Sprinkleton the level 23 Ogre Wyrmic2 min 35 sec ago
manyliestellthepoetsSnake the level 50 Shalore Adventurer2 min 41 sec ago
kaitobiGenemital the level 17 Ghoul Doombringer2 min 47 sec ago
MiraduleWimba the level 1 Dwarf Berserker3 min 3 sec ago
storyjkasasa the level 12 Cornac Doombringer3 min 8 sec ago
Caka the level 15 Krog Oozemancer
3 min 8 sec ago
ArinasAynala the level 16 Cornac Wyrmic3 min 55 sec ago
MiraduleWimba the level 1 Dwarf Berserker4 min 9 sec ago
manyliestellthepoetsBlack Plate the level 17 Shalore Adventurer4 min 9 sec ago