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Permadeath Difficulty Race Class Campaign Version Addons
UserNameLast updated
grm88Peppers4 the level 21 Cornac Temporal Warden4 sec ago
MinaroSamudunarek the level 46 Wight Cursed4 sec ago
pobezDeathwish the level 31 Skeleton Spellsword7 sec ago
cobra1451Grui the level 5 Dwarf Bulwark10 sec ago
Abombom...AND MY SHIELD! the level 22 Dwarf Bulwark12 sec ago
handorfDestrezudo the level 7 Cornac Rogue13 sec ago
Arkhas FalSylune the level 33 Doomelf Archmage21 sec ago
treerex5Alistarian the level 13 Cornac Berserker35 sec ago
GodricElenamnir the level 7 Orc Gunslinger41 sec ago
ribosIsroave the level 9 Yeek Solipsist52 sec ago
youri_araiKaldu the level 50 Cornac Temporal Warden58 sec ago
jh360PARA the level 21 Higher Paradox Mage58 sec ago
senonIthis the Shady the level 23 Ogre Shadowblade1 min ago
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAASimple Blacksmith the level 6 Cornac Sawbutcher1 min 1 sec ago
sophronSath the level 6 Thalore Berserker1 min 7 sec ago
izmecoreyDying_To_BS_4_Real the level 16 Shalore Sun Paladin1 min 8 sec ago
magistercrowMaia the level 5 Shalore Mindslayer1 min 9 sec ago
Hanudunarach the level 18 Halfling Shadowblade
1 min 24 sec ago
BookishWyrmOtari the level 1 Shalore Archmage1 min 42 sec ago
fralonraZeruhek the level 6 Skeleton Sawbutcher1 min 43 sec ago
profetasLeon Hector the level 14 Cornac Bulwark1 min 55 sec ago
tenetMindTeneT the level 2 Yeek Mindslayer1 min 57 sec ago
dillesilmaVauel the level 19 Thalore Mindslayer1 min 58 sec ago
krsqkBrylvlen the level 10 Cornac Marauder1 min 59 sec ago
kingbuddyboyTwo Big Too Hands the level 7 Ogre Arcane Blade2 min 3 sec ago