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Permadeath Difficulty Race Class Campaign Version Addons
UserNameLast updated
Filthy PirateSolen the level 18 Shalore Rogue3 min 10 sec ago
wazoo33Wazooboohoo the level 9 Skeleton Rogue3 min 25 sec ago
menschstop666666argrgrg the level 14 Skeleton Berserker3 min 25 sec ago
thelose2525LightningBlade the level 14 Shalore Arcane Blade3 min 30 sec ago
spcckaispcckai1 the level 7 Cornac Corruptor3 min 31 sec ago
mtsinotThond the level 24 Krog Oozemancer3 min 37 sec ago
RuhVritra the level 9 Shalore Rogue3 min 39 sec ago
gzdyhcsMag the level 6 Cornac Archmage3 min 54 sec ago
thephantom032Erdin the level 21 Ogre Brawler4 min 3 sec ago
tarcuzSeptus the level 20 Cornac Berserker4 min 17 sec ago
zzyzzy111828Dr.yang the level 46 Shalore Archmage4 min 32 sec ago
ayelanSenanito Fenal the level 14 Dwarf Berserker4 min 33 sec ago
chrisjowalshSkeleBlade the level 28 Skeleton Arcane Blade4 min 38 sec ago
MankeliSacrifice the level 50 Ghoul Paradox Mage4 min 41 sec ago
dark0sunBubonica the level 9 Doomelf Reaver5 min 19 sec ago
fallingpetal1Llfr the level 4 Cornac Sun Paladin5 min 22 sec ago
futonjohnannezz the level 12 Orc Archer5 min 22 sec ago
Lsb104meteorite the level 21 Cornac Archmage5 min 42 sec ago
olcaytobraw the level 7 Cornac Brawler5 min 51 sec ago
majunchaoqiangshou the level 29 Orc Gunslinger6 min 7 sec ago
iknowhowcocl the level 19 Cornac Possessor6 min 13 sec ago
13310605Atramensum the level 9 Shalore Alchemist6 min 31 sec ago
gsl7185Aisilod the level 12 Shalore Necromancer6 min 33 sec ago
SayaniNecro Boi the level 1 Higher Necromancer6 min 34 sec ago
AmorPatriaeNostraLexBlack Cat the level 6 Orc Berserker6 min 45 sec ago