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Permadeath Difficulty Race Class Campaign Version Addons
UserNameLast updated
Shara22Yes, my Diamond! the level 5 Ghoul Necromancer1 min 4 sec ago
WhichammerBartog the level 11 Dwarf Bulwark1 min 4 sec ago
grobnarZokaruic the level 8 Skeleton Archer1 min 5 sec ago
KyrachCain the level 28 Dwarf Berserker1 min 7 sec ago
l3yaerEadieret the level 9 Higher Archmage1 min 19 sec ago
elliottkahnBlackheart the level 8 Dwarf Bulwark1 min 26 sec ago
MAYANGtu bu a long the level 23 Cornac Necromancer1 min 26 sec ago
kushLord Farquad II: Revengea the level 38 Shalore Archmage1 min 26 sec ago
Juggerrun200Xhul gild the level 1 Cornac Cursed1 min 36 sec ago
Esmer the level 16 Cornac Blood Mage
1 min 37 sec ago
LindlAlundra the level 1 Higher Arcane Blade1 min 41 sec ago
tangatamanusopain the level 5 Shalore Temporal Warden1 min 41 sec ago
malrangMelee_Summoner4 the level 20 Cornac Summoner1 min 45 sec ago
momodabatatsudoshi the level 44 Cornac Wyrmic1 min 45 sec ago
DemonoxusEnri the level 50 Cornac Doomed1 min 59 sec ago
【天道】子正 the level 49 Higher Archmage
2 min 6 sec ago
obadneilChen the level 7 Ogre Doombringer2 min 7 sec ago
TalPunchydad the level 25 Cornac Brawler2 min 17 sec ago
Captain GunfireRyu the level 18 Cornac Brawler2 min 21 sec ago
iuzpete*** Reaver *** the level 18 Halfling Reaver2 min 24 sec ago
failedlifeHUGU the level 33 Cornac Gunslinger2 min 25 sec ago
zansagTestM@n the level 11 Cornac Archmage2 min 26 sec ago
seginGraven the level 15 Ogre Reaver2 min 28 sec ago
zinklole the level 18 Cornac Doomed2 min 35 sec ago
ElfDruidFumes the level 12 Doomelf Psyshot2 min 35 sec ago