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UserNameLast updated
Faleik the world breaker the level 35 Shalore Doombringer
37 sec ago
Mattimeo78Mattimeo78 the level 2 Thalore Brawler40 sec ago
DithanaorTharil the level 15 Thalore Archer43 sec ago
metagamingMilralei the level 50 Higher Archmage44 sec ago
RootL0cusMr Bones the level 4 Skeleton Archer48 sec ago
CabbageSalad1Boorg the level 30 Ghoul Demonologist51 sec ago
merle7005Draven the level 7 Cornac Solipsist53 sec ago
brettsonBrettson of the Staff the level 13 Cornac Arcane Blade54 sec ago
Marol0Dwdael the level 12 Thalore Viper56 sec ago
D4C the level 18 Cornac Archmage
56 sec ago
RoaldHoffmannThnikkaman the level 30 Thalore Alchemist57 sec ago
Snakersmourningstar the level 3 Thalore Cursed58 sec ago
zoogyGhllate the level 32 Cornac Possessor58 sec ago
LobstermanJepp the level 12 Cornac Berserker1 min 2 sec ago
Friggin NikoNiko the level 43 Skeleton Archer1 min 4 sec ago
mike_grayCkaiar the level 21 Cornac Doombringer1 min 12 sec ago
AbsoluteRoggerl the level 2 Cornac Rogue1 min 13 sec ago
noodleboyTeferi the level 26 Shalore Temporal Warden1 min 13 sec ago
Sir BadewanneDeald the level 50 Ghoul Sun Paladin1 min 15 sec ago
graspKeladi the level 15 Cornac Berserker1 min 16 sec ago
dinklefussFreakin Hell the level 7 Cornac Adventurer1 min 18 sec ago
JunsanGunorion the level 35 Orc Sawbutcher1 min 25 sec ago
AythosChryos the level 30 Cornac Temporal Warden1 min 25 sec ago
CalanorGawar Fallen Twice the level 17 Higher Corruptor1 min 28 sec ago
kinkycodeHelia the level 2 Halfling Shadowblade1 min 31 sec ago