Spell Merchants

Spell Merchants

This addon adds 12 Merchants that will sell your favorite Talents, Class, Stat & Prodigy points. A master jeweler can Imbue (Jewelry, Armor & Weapons!)... Unique Dungeons and Bosses added for more options to obtain gold!

There are 13 talent trees (266 talents) available for purchase:
Celestial, Chronomancy, Corruptions, Cunning, Cursed, Gifts, Psionic, Spells, Techniques, Demented, Steamtech, Annihilator & Technomancer!

3 character point types:
Stat, Class & Prodigy points for sale!

Master jeweler:
imbue (ANY) jewelry, armor & weapons that are in the game including rares/epics/uniques! And imbue them as many times with as many different gems as you want can afford!

New Dungeons:
3 new dungeons have been added to the world map (blood soaked ruins, infested ruins & wolfmire) these dungeons will have unique boss and lore spawns.

New Bosses:
8 new bosses have been added that will spawn in the new dungeons (they will also spawn in Infinite Dungeon)

I will tweak costs in the future, my ears are open to any feedback/suggestions for prices that are too high/low or even future content requests! (Pls note I can't respond to comments so keep an eye on the updates to see if I fulfilled your request)

      • Please note you will need to start a new game for the new merchants & dungeons to appear.
    • Dialog to purchase spells wont appear unless you have the required amount of gold.
      • DLC is NOT required to play this addon, talents that require a dlc will be clearly noted next to the talent, if you don't own a dlc and try to purchase a dlc talent the gold will be removed but the talent wont be acquired.

IMPORTANT: I am unable to respond to comments on this site as my comments keep getting blocked as spam! If you have issues/bugs/requests you will need to post your comment on the STEAM Workshop addon page here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1715322131 So I can see/respond to you there.

  • Updates:

1.0.1 - I added a notpade file in the addon folder that lists the merchants locations. OUTDATED please check here for current merchant/dungeon locations: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/1715322131/1737760931657802109/
1.1.0 - There is now a new npc that can train your stat points... now to work on the class points.
1.1.1 - Mulfar can now train you, in stat or class points.
1.2.0 - I added 2 more new npcs to the map (adriel & atakesa) that will be future merchants, they have no dialog. I added them to avoid having to start a new game everytime I add a new merchant, now I can just update their dialog and it should be seamless. Merchants have been given random spawns (2 locations each) the merchant locations notepad has been updated.
1.2.1 - Updated dialog for: Asterius Gaomant, Nagareth, Mulfar & Tarelion giving them unique dialog and color coded things to make it easier on the eyes & lowered some of the prices, also added new npc "master jeweler"
1.2.2 - Balanced the prices for revealing locked talent categories, most are now only 100 gold, also lowered Mulfar's prices by half (250 gold) and increased some other prices.
1.3.0 - Pretty big update here! adriel can now teach nature summoning and wymic combat, atakesa can now teach combat and combat techniques mulfar can now give prodigy points. New npcs: corruptor & assassin added.
1.3.5 - Some npcs will now have custom tilesets, added a npc for archery training (this will be the last npc added so this will be the last time you will need to restart if playing a previous version, this is basically in beta now. No more npcs will be added) I also balanced prices (removed the ability to reveal powerful spells to avoid an exploit where you could reveal the spell cheap then unlock it with a category point, necrotic minions & golemancy price increase, tarelion's prices decreased.)
1.3.6 - Whew was this a tough one! finally got imbueing to work! The master jeweler can now imbue jewelry, armor & weapons! With NO limitations! Yep you can imbue that rare item, oh... you already imbued an item?... Well you can imbue it again... and again and... well you get the point, but It'll cost ya! *Still need to add a noob friendly version that will only imbue white items (and only once) this version kinda got out of hand from my experimenting.... balancing will come later.
1.4.0 - Lowered master jeweler prices, moved archery tree form Atakesa to Azari, Genchi can now teach rouge spells. Atakesa can now teach Physresist, Defense, Ranged Defense, Physical Crit, & Armour. Tarelion can now teach spellresist, mentalresist & spellcrit.
1.4.2 - Soltar can now teach corruption and curses, added spell descriptions to dialog for Adriel, staves-store, Tarelion, Nagareth & Soltar to clarify what you're about to purchase.
1.4.5 - (Restart recommended for 1.4.2 and lower) I added 2 npcs - Zemek - can teach chronomancy & psionic (spawns in angolwen) - Sun Paladin - can teach celestial (has a 'chance' to spawn in Derth, Elvala & Last Hope) everyones dialog has had major quality of life changes done (spell descriptions added & option to return to previous page) You wont need to start a new game if you're not interested in chronomancy & psionic spells for your current playthrough. Currently chronomancy is the only spell available this update, I will add dialog options for psionic & celestial within the next few days (the next update will be seamless and wont require a restart)
1.4.7 - Zemek can now teach psionic spells, Sun Paladin can now teach celestial chants, Adriel can now teach stone warden & oozemancer spells...
Aaaaand here we have it! This addon is now complete! It has all the spells and npcs I originally visioned (plus some!) No worries though! I still plan on adding more stuff in the future!
1.5.0 - Adds 64 talents - 50 talents added from DLCs Orcs & Cults (2 talent trees Demented & Steamtech) & 14 overlooked talents. Soltar will now teach Demented talents, new npc Gurock added to sell Steamtech talents (he spawns at 26x41 & 63x45) and sun paladin's health has been increased. DLC is NOT required to play this addon!
1.5.1 - 3 new dungeons & 8 new bosses have been added. Over time I will be adding more dungeons to explore and bosses to defeat! I also have plans to create new mobs and mob variations, create unique artifacts and eventually implement a quest system to reward you for defeating the new bosses (since quests are not yet implemented bosses will drop gold upon death. Big thanks to user Enemyz for his help writing the lore for wolfmire *note you will need to start a new game if on a previous version.
1.5.5 - Updated for TOME 1.6 (fixed a sprite bug) *note a new game will need to be started for the bug fix to be applied.
1.5.6 - Sun Paladin has been updated to include dlc celestial talents, his health has been further increased and he now has lightning immunity (to hopefully help him survive)
1.6.0 Gurock will now sell the Automated Portable Extractor... I also made Zemek immune to lightning, so he can survive a certain event :)

Next on my list:
- A "god mode" version. ***Complete*** https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/godmode-merchant
- An Infinite Dungeon version ***Complete*** https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/infinite-dungeon-merchants
- A quest system for those who want to farm gold and explore new caves, fight new creatures experience new lore and more!

If you like this addon please consider rating it :)

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some bugs

- Gurock teach you Arcane Dynamo the moment you touch him, which cause your character to incur -20 spellpower penalty unintentionally.
- Zemek spawn rate is extremely low. He's just nowhere to be found in most of my run. Please give him a fixed location like the sun paladin.
- Atakesa sometimes spawn on top of scourged pit, making it unreachable.

thx for this addon, its

thx for this addon, its awesome!
plz make Zemek lightning immune so he will be not killed at Derth during storms invasion. or let him fixed spawn at Last Hope

Merchants in the World blocking dungeons

Twice now I have had a merchant appear on top of a generated dungeon entrance blocking access. Both times it was the Easternmost, just south of Reknor near the coast. There might be certain locations that need to be locked out of teir spawn locations.

Looks cool but i don't think i will use it yet.

Looks cool but i feel like this is a mod i should use after i unlock all of the classes it would be cool if the mod could tell what classes i have unlocked and lock out the ones i don't have but it does not matter since i know most people have most of the classes unlocked I'm just new to the game.


I've been meaning to ask, and probably should have before this update so you could consider it -- you keep the merchants safe from psychopathic players, but is there a way to make them safe from the gwel...gwleg...spinney lightning monsters during the invasion of Derth? They're pretty much useless there because the invasion starts at character level 14 and very few characters, other than maybe alchemists, gather enough gold to make much use of them before that. Perhaps make them lightning immune? I don't know whether the spinney lightning monsters do physical or lightning bump attacks (I'll have to check next time I run into one), so making them immune to physical might also be necessary. Luckily, their deaths don't interfere with the saved everyone achievement. at least. I use planning and trickery to get that achievement every time, but it's harder to do with the merchants. If I could do it with the merchants (i can, but it requires a specific mod and class), I could save them too.

One other question: do we have to start a new game to get the latest content additions -- dungeons and bosses -- or will they pop up with characters who had previously been running earlier versions of the mod?

Edit: the second question is now moot. I was going to finish up a character I was currently playing when the newest update came, but have decided to just trash it and start a new character with the current version of ToME.

What was I warned about? Also Combat Veteran?

You are currently cock blocking me from the Shertul Fortress. As a super powered version of the weirdling beast. with 4.4k hp essence of speed and rampage. and you kill sustains while you have a million of them. Also the combat merchant doesn't have combat veteran? for increasing hp/stamina regen?

ID merchant incompatibility

Sounds like you have 'Infinite Dungeon Merchants' activated while trying to play Age of Ascendancy with 'Spell Merchants' (as stated on my 'ID merchants' addon these two are incompatible) I had to disable multiple things in the code to make 'ID Merchants' work. This causes multiple factions in Age of Ascendancy campaign to become hostile to you... So I made the weirdling beast unbeatable to prevent players who ignore my warning from getting too far/ wasting too much time (in an unbeatable) main campaign. Disable 'Infinite Dungeon Merchants" to avoid this outcome. I apologize if I didn't make this clear enough in my ID Merchants post :(
Looks like I overlooked combat veteran, I'll be adding it in the next update.

New update 1.5.3 adds talents thuggery (sold by Genchi) and combat veteran (sold by Ateketsa)


Is he really unbeatable? i've gotten pretty damn close to killing it. unless he has infinite negative HP. I'm a abomination/ possessor, i got rolled back just after I was ready for my rematch against him. I was going to possess him. he doesn't seem unbeatable at least as this class/race combo. Just a few tiers stronger than what I was expecting. Also the only faction i've noticed is ever hostile to me are the mages of angolwen other than that everything has been normal in my game. I planned to possess them anyway. I have the mod that lets me go into the infinite dungeon after I beat the game. where I'll still need those merchants Lol. THough in some dungeons like the vampires lair your merchants do spawn hostile towards me, but thats one of the only places so far. Anyway. I'll let you know if I manage to kill him, won't have time to try again until a few days from now prolly. Oh and the mages are only hostile to me when I'm undead. I think the fact that I have the mod that lets me choose my starting location..that I'm somehow not effected by the adverse effects you are mentioning.
But if I wasn't playing as a ridiculously over powered combination, i'd prolly have to level up to max level to beat him. i can prolly manage him at level 32 on this character. after going there at like level 24.

Thank you for adding combat veteran.

I won't be defeated by the likes of you! + this isn't even my final form!

Gah! why won't you die? I'll come back even stronger

I came back at level 42 and killed him but he insta gained full hp I've done every level in the game besides killing the master and really need the shertul fortress so I can use the crucible to fuse weapons and so I can store my loot. before I go into theinfinite dungeon I wonder if a hp % based insta kill move can delete him might have to cheat and copy zone/map saves from another save that doesn't have him

Yeah, go ahead and perfect

Yeah, go ahead and perfect the add-on for the main campaign, especially since that's the most commonly played (ID is an acquired taste, really.) Oddly, though I'm not sure how helpful this information might be, certain monsters can be spawned as neutral to you for no reason I can discern -- lesser demons and lesser horrors, generally. It's quite the conundrum to run into a group of wretchlings or luminous horrors where two are neutral and won't attack unless you attack and one is hostile and your best attack is an area spell. The neutral ones won't attack the hostile ones but they will get hostile to you if you damage them. So non-hostiles are theoretically possible in the ID. But, as I said, don't tear your hair out over the ID. I'm glad you tried. I'm not sure why you couldn't find shops, though. Not every level has them, but after three or four levels, you should have seen at least one. They're in the walls, and if you have Zomnibus, you can clear the level and Find Landmark to see if you passed by a shop without noticing.

One suggestion -- either remove stone alchemy or make it much more expensive than the others, because for an initial investment of 600 gold and three or four generic points, a player can quickly afford pretty much everything else. Granted, you can get that with an alchemist escort, but that at least isn't guaranteed and even if you get one, you aren't guaranteed to keep the sucker alive.

Edit: Just realized a certain bit of information could be helpful -- you literally get almost *everything* popping up as enemies in ID, out-of-zone, out-of-depth, Bosses that normally only appear at the end of certain zones in the main campaign (the Master, the Rhaloren Inquisitor, etc) and so on. That includes creatures that normally appear only in town, like town guards and other miscellaneous sorts. I've killed quite a few Sunwall types in the ID, so those are generated as hostile.

Okay, I met Zemek on a

Okay, I met Zemek on a Temporal Rift level in ID (same basic layout and topographical features as the first level of the temporal rift in Daikara. ) He seemed inexplicably angry with me -- he shouted "You there!" and attacked. Luckily, he was a one-hit kill. AFAIK, I didn't do anything to him. I just walked around a corner and he was already pissed off at me. He did happen to be right next to a dreaming horror, though I couldn't see how that would be relevant. He was Faction: Enemies (hostile, -100) and Personal Reaction: hostile, -100. I had killed other monsters on the level but hadn't killed any of the dream seeds and didn't kill anything in his LOS. Maybe the nature of the ID automatically generates him as a monster/enemy? The quest for that level was killing a dreaming horror Boss (a different dreaming horror, actually -- there were *three* dreaming horrors on that level, which is a pretty rare sight, thankfully.) I mention this because some quests are "Extermination," which means killing every single enemy on the level; had that been the quest, I wouldn't have been surprised that Zemek would be generated as hostile. But it wasn't, so there's probably some other reason involved here.

(Re my last comment, I forgot to tell you that the Lost Arcane Vendor sells staves and wands, just so you know what kind of goods are associated with the merchant that sells the spells and trees in the ID.)

Can't remember my Steam

Can't remember my Steam name/password, so I'm posting here with the understanding that you can't reply (at least not until DG fixes your commenting problem) ID levels generally have between 0-3 shops. They're just like shops in town -- none of them involve free-standing characters, just shop icons you move into and get a series of options (or just a list of their wares if they don't offer any services except selling their stuff.) They have fairly generic names like Lost Destructive Devices, Arcane Vendor, Lost Sniper, Lost Alchemist (I'm looking at that last one right now) etc. I'm pretty sure the name of the seller of all the trees was just Lost Arcane Vendor. I haven't seen such services in any other shop except Destructive Devices, and, I think, the Lost Sniper shop, and they offered the generic Combat tree, just like you can get in Last Hope or basic use of bows and slings at the Sniper, both of which were at the same prices as Last Hope. The basic spell trees were offered at 100 apiece, with 500 to unlock, so I assume the combat stuff comes from the main game rather than your add-on, if that information helps you narrow down the mechanism.

(I don't know how much you've played the ID, so if you already know this stuff about the mechanics of the ID, I apologize. )

EDIT: Finally found another Lost Arcane Vendor. As a frame of reference: the character is a mindslayer, with no magical ability whatsoever. The options are: stone alchemy, arcane, aether, aegis, element air, element fire, element earth, element water, teleportation, advanced elemental spells, alchemy, necromancy. Everything up until advanced elemental spells is 100 to get category, 500 to unlock, 750 to refine. Advanced elemental just tells me he can't teach me that. Alchemy directs me to the hermit. Necromancy directs me to pale-skinned lady (Celia, I'm guessing?)

Sounds like a good

Sounds like a good alternative when someone (me) wants to play around with magic while playing a non-mage class. I can do adventurer, but the leveling up process and the endless lists of category trees really wears me out. I sometimes play with the dual class add-on, but that gets fairly suicidal from mid-game on (every. single. enemy. is. rare/unique/boss, which is harder than Madness.) Though, regarding your question at the top, I don't think anyone who isn't an alchemist has ever said they had too much gold. The DG clearly made a conscious effort to minimize the importance of gold in this iteration of roguelikes.

Questions: does this work in ID? I'm about to go on an ID kick, once I settle on a class/race combo I like (and can survive the rares that show up almost immediately in any difficulty above normal.) And do you have plans to keep it from getting unbalanced, since, as you say, gold doesn't really buy much in this game, so spending it doesn't really burden the player overmuch? Perhaps a penalty to primary class-related numbers or something?

Edit: Also, you have my sincere condolences on all your hard work being made pointless by a single update. I've been frustrated like that in my profession. Usually things get kicked really hard for the next hour after discovering the situation.

Unfortunately no, the npc's

Unfortunately no, the npc's spawn in the world map... Not sure if its possible for ID, I mean I should be, but what I mean to say is I don't know if its with in my skill set to do so. I actually haven't looked at the zone files or anything for ID, I'll poke around and see what I can do! As for balance I'm currently doing a playthrough to test things out, if anyone feels a certail price is too high/ low my ears are open.

Edit: Regarding an Infinite Dungeon version, it looks like it might be possible, I'm going to start putting it together now... hopefully I can get it to work...

Edit: I'm confident its possible but it will be very time consuming testing it, I'll try messing around having the npc spawn randomly in a zone.

Edit: Putting this one on the backburner for now, definitely interested in adding it though!

Since you don't list it as

Since you don't list it as completed, I think you may have inadvertently actually created a mechanism that works in the ID. I stopped by an arcane vendor and he (or she) had the basic elemental spells (air, fire, earth, and water) available for learning/upgrading. There was also an option for advanced elemental spells that he wasn't willing to teach me even though I had well in excess of 1500 gp. The alchemy and necromancy offers just told me to go to (place, I don't recall) to learn those.

I'm pretty sure I've covered what happened accurately. Unfortunately, the character died and I restarted it as a new character before I remember to write down what happened. I'm still doing ID, so I'll keep an eye out for another arcane vendor. Honestly, I would double the prices. Lots of character classes end up with plenty of spare points without a necessary tree to use them on, especially generic points. Melee classes tend to do that more than magic/mental ones, too, and they're the ones that would get the most use out of spells, so it's sort of doubling up in the advantage they have. (And you can get extra points by doing level-specific quests in ID, which also factors in.) Raising the prices a bit seems to be the best way to get the balance right.

Not that I minded being able to add four categories of spells in one fell swoop.

Thanks for looking the idea

Thanks for looking the idea over. I should have started a normal campaign to see the mechanics involved before asking -- had I done so, I imagine I would have seen the very problem you bring up due to where the spawning happens. My bad. When I get a chance, I check into the issue of price points and give feedback on that. Right now I can say that some of my characters will break 8000 gold somewhere close to the end, assuming I don't buy anything (frequently a safe assumption until the merchant in Last Hope starts offering special artifacts) but it usually takes an alchemist for me to do so easily. But I like the idea of getting a choice for special artifacts vs spell trees. It actually sounds like a legitimate choice if your kit isn't quite up to snuff before taking on the hardest part of the endgame -- you can finally go for a top-notch lite or cloak, or spend points (that you may or may not be able to spare) on spells after buying a tree.

Edit: Where are they, exactly? Can't seem to track them down and don't see the notepad file giving me directions that you mention. Also realize I'd have to play the character a while just to get enough gold to get a dialogue. Would you be willing to go ahead and give the information here in a comment so I can consider the balance issue without spending too much time on a character I'm not interested in continuing at the moment? You mention 100 gp, which sounds really low for something as important as getting access to new powers.

Time to relax!

Whew well that was a lot of work (4 updates in 2 days!) and I learned a ton! But now its time to relax and actually play the game now that I don't have to worry about having to restart when I add a new npc since they're already there ready to be edited. Next update with some of the roadmap stuff will probably be next week 4/24 ish?


Would you add the same option for Orks campaign?

I'll look into it, I actually

I'll look into it, I actually haven't played the Orks campaign yet but I can't imagine it being very difficult to implement.

Edit: I have the code all ready, but I dont think its possible to make this kind of an addon for DLC, as far as I can tell. I haven't been able to figure out how to direct the addon to overload the orcs.teaac file, I dont even know if its possible to overload to a .teaac file (As far as I know... and have seen, you can only overload the main tome.team file). If anyone knows please share.

Next spell merchant?

Feel free to leave a comment (reply) letting me know what type of spell merchant you would like to see added.