Fortune Talent Tree

Short Name: 

Small mod that adds a talent tree for the gunslinger class inspired by Miss Fortune

No Talent Stat Requirements

Short Name: 

Removes talent stat requirements

Doombringer/Demonologist Revert

Short Name: 

Buffs Surge of Power back to what it used to be. Additionally, prevents enemies from using Surge of Power.
Also puts Hardened Core back to where it used to be.

All the Poison!

Short Name: 

Removes the limit on the types of poisons you can have active. This is a joke addon.

Spell Merchants quickfix-fix

Short Name: 

Pushes two merchants little aside so that they wont spawn on top of extra dungeons when unlocked and fixes Lost Merchant dungeon spawn level https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/dungeon_map https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/master-spell-merchants

Highest Thaumaturgist

Short Name: 

Removes the once per turn restriction on multicaster and rolls chances for each spell separately, just so I can see what happens.

Beamerizing Beam!

Short Name: 

Flags magical beams appropriately and causes all such beams to benefit from wide beam targeting. Notably eye beam, dust to dust, moonlight ray, bone spear, and invoke darkness, because these are on vanilla spell-proc items, but also things that are technically beams such as sunburst and rift cutter. Visuals may be off because most of these talents do not expect themselves to be tampered in this way, but they'll damage things just fine.

Spell Merchants quickfix

Short Name: 

Pushes two merchants little aside so that they wont spawn on top of extra dungeons when unlocked https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/dungeon_map https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/master-spell-merchants

Effective Talent Scaling

Short Name: 

Changes some talents that use raw levels for no apparent reason to use effective levels instead. Affected talents include:
Wildfire/Cleansing Flames (effect removal chance)
Water/Shivgoroth Form (winter storm level)
Ice/Uttercold (iceblock pierce)
Meta/Spellcraft (damage avoidance chance)
Explosive Admixtures/Explosion Expert (damage multiplier)
Doomed's Shadows (shadow mage spell levels, shadow warrior talent levels)
Hateful Whisper (spread limit)
Oozemancer and Summoner summons (talent levels)
Battle Tactics/Step Up (speed gain chance)
Feedback/Amplification (max feedback)

Old CombatTalentLimit

Short Name: 

Superloads CombatTalentLimit to how it was before. I cannot guarantee what this will do.

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