Spell Merchants

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Tired of having tons of gold but the merchants in game only sell lame items, well this addon adds various spell merchants around maj-eyal so you can buy your favorate spells.

So far there are 9 different spell/classes available for purchase: Archmage, Alchemist, Necromancy, Berserker, Bulwark, Archer, Arcane Blade, Summoner, Wyrmic and one stat/class trainer.
I plan on adding more soon.
I've done my best to balance this addon as the really good spells cost quite a bit, I may tweak costs in the future.

      • Please note you will need to start a new game for the new merchants to appear. Applies also to new versions that add new npcs. Also dialog to purchase spells wont appear unless you have the required amount of gold.*** No Re-Starts will be needed after version 1.3.5, all dialog and added spells will be updated seamlessly!
  • Updates:

1.0.1 - I added a notpade file in the addon folder that lists the merchants locations.
1.1.0 - There is now a new npc that can train your stat points... now to work on the class points.
1.1.1 - Mulfar can now train you, in stat or class points.
1.2.0 - I added 2 more new npcs to the map (adriel & atakesa) that will be future merchants, they have no dialog. I added them to avoid having to start a new game everytime I add a new merchant, now I can just update their dialog and it should be seamless. Merchants have been given random spawns (2 locations each) the merchant locations notepad has been updated.
1.2.1 - Updated dialog for: Asterius Gaomant, Nagareth, Mulfar & Tarelion giving them unique dialog and color coded things to make it easier on the eyes & lowered some of the prices, also added new npc "master jeweler"
1.2.2 - Balanced the prices for revealing locked talent categories, most are now only 100 gold, also lowered Mulfar's prices by half (250 gold) and increased some other prices.
1.3.0 - Pretty big update here! adriel can now teach nature summoning and wymic combat, atakesa can now teach combat and combat techniques mulfar can now give prodigy points. New npcs: corruptor & assassin added.
1.3.5 - Some npcs will now have custom tilesets, added a npc for archery training (this will be the last npc added so this will be the last time you will need to restart if playing a previous version, this is basically in beta now. No more npcs will be added) I also balanced prices (removed the ability to reveal powerful spells to avoid an exploit where you could reveal the spell cheap then unlock it with a category point, necrotic minions & golemancy price increase, tarelion's prices decreased.)
1.3.6 - Whew was this a tough one! finally got imbueing to work! The master jeweler can now imbue jewelry, armor & weapons! With NO limitations! Yep you can imbue that rare item, oh... you already imbued an item?... Well you can imbue it again... and again and... well you get the point, but It'll cost ya! *Still need to add a noob friendly version that will only imbue white items (and only once) this version kinda got out of hand from my experimenting.... balancing will come later.

  • Roadmap

Going forward I will be working on adding dialog for the archer, assassin and corrupter. There are 2 npcs already in the game I have planned for the celestial & chronomancy merchant. I will be giving certain merchants the ability to increase sub stats such as Defense, Armour, saving throws, Physical Crit, Spell Crit, these will be pretty expensive end game stuff. All of these features will update as of 1.3.5 seamlessly with NO need to start a new game.

Currently looking in to making:
- A "god mode" version where you can get everything from this addon from one npc for free (Will be created after I finish this addon)
- An Infinite Dungeon version (I will add an npc who will randomly spawn able to sell everything available in this addon)
I will start working on these after I finish this addon!

  • Todo list:

1. *DONE* Add more unique dialog when learning new spells (currently most dialog is copy and pasted)
2. *DONE* Add more spell merchants
3. *DONE* Figure out how to make new npc tiles, so merchants can be unique. (Help would be much appreciated, feel free to comment below any instructions)
4. *DONE* Give merchants randomized spawn points. (easy to do but I want to wait until I have more merchants in game)
5. *DONE*Add a merchant that can imbue all items
6. *DONE* Add a trainer for class,stat points.

Mage Spells:
Locaton - Angolwen NPC - angolwen-staves-store
Locaton - Angolwen NPC - tarelion

Alchemy spells:
Locaton - Worldmap'eyal NPC - asterius-gaomant Coords: 12x15/26x27

Necromancy spells:
Locaton - Worldmap'eyal: NPC - nagareth Coords: 54x11/64x19

Stat/class points:
Locaton - worldmap 'eyal: NPC - mulfar Coords: 56x23/46x48

Wilder Gifts:
Locaton - worldmap 'eyal NPC - adriel Coords: 37x14/36x24

Combat Techniques:
Locaton - worldmap 'eyal NPC - atakesa Coords: 73x27/22x28



Locaton - worldmap 'eyal NPC - soltar Coords: 42x40


Locaton - worldmap 'eyal NPC - genchi Coords: 38x8/24x5


Locaton - worldmap 'eyal NPC - jeweler Coords: 10x22/8x26

Worm That Talks

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Original idea by Scott Bigham ("Zizzo"), Mod link
Add a new talent call as 'Interract with the Worm' wich allow you to communicate with creature worm that walks (Demented / Friend of the Worm tree), like if u'll interract with Golem as Alchemist class.
Now u can change wear, lern talents, take control and change he's name.
-reduce Insanity cost by 0.

For Steam users: subscribe to this mod
From site: Download the '%mod_name%.teaa' file and copy them to Game Addon directory: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\TalesMajEyal\game\addons
Check (or set) Auto: Active status on this mod in 'Addons' tab on start screen

For Steam users: If you would like to remove this mod, you'll have to unsubscribe it's first from Steam and then delete the file named '%mod_name%.teaa' from C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\TalesMajEyal\game\addons
From site: Delete the file named '%mod_name%.teaa' from C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\TalesMajEyal\game\addons

or make it easy in game:
On start screen: Open 'Addons' tab and select "Manual:Disabled" in %mod_name%
That's all.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: РУС :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Оригинальная идея - Scott Bigham ("Zizzo"), дополнение по ссылке
Добавляет новый талант, называемый 'Interract with the Worm', который позволяет взаимодействовать с существом worm that walks (ветка Demented / Friend of the Worm), как если бы мы делали это за класс Alchemist с Golem.
Теперь вы можете менять снаряжение, изучать таланты, брать управление и менять имя.
- уменшено требование ресурса Insanity на каст до 0.

Для пользователей Steam: Подпишитесь на мод
С сайта: Скачайте файл '%mod_name%.teaa' и скопируйте его в директорию Аддонов игры: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\TalesMajEyal\game\addons
Проверьте, что в игре в меню 'Addons' напротив мода стоит Auto: Active

Для пользователей Steam: Если хотите удалить мод - сперва отпишитесь от него в Steam, а затем удалите файл '%mod_name%.teaa' из директории C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\TalesMajEyal\game\addons
С сайта:Удалите файл '%mod_name%.teaa' из директории C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\TalesMajEyal\game\addons

или в игре:
На стартовом экране: Откройте меню 'Addons' и выберите "Manual:Disabled" напротив %mod_name%

Skirmisher Buffs

Short Name: 

This addon adds Shield Offense & Shield Defense to the Skirmisher while changing their stat requirements to the greater of Strength or Dexterity, and Tireless Combatant has been changed to only use Dexterity.
Lastly, the Bombardment talent has been completely reworked.

This is my first ever mod, I would like to thank Nsrr & Erenion for making this all possible.

Talent Training

Short Name: 

Add an option to buy points at Last Hope's Elder

Personal Auto Use

Short Name: 

A few tweaks on Xetaxheb's plugin and hopefully improved for safer play. And auto target toggle from Stuntofthelitter. Customized for personal use.

Tsedaka Safer Auto Use

Short Name: 

A few tweaks on Xetaxheb's plugin and hopefully improved for safer play. And auto target toggle from Stuntofthelitter

Boneling Talent Tree

Short Name: 

Adds in the Boneling tree for Corrupters and Reavers. Summon forth a swarm of self-replicating(and self-destructive) Boneling minions.
Level 10 - Willpower
Defiler - Corrupter/Reaver
Bone Carver

Carve two Bonelings from target foe's body, dealing Moderate Physical damage.

Bonelings are weak melee attackers. Whenever they land an attack on a foe, they spawn another Boneling, up to a maximum which scales with TL and Willpower.
Bonelings move slowly, are prone to kiting, and can only spread to tiles adjacent to themselves.

All Bonelings despawn together after a Minor to Moderate duration.


Overload target Boneling with extra Vim, causing it to explode for High Physical damage in a small radius. The primary explosion can hurt friendlies.

Additionally, upon learning this talent, any Bonelings that die via any means explode for Minor Physical damage in a radius of 1. The secondary explosion does not hurt friendlies.

Collar Bone

Must target foe that is surrounded by at least 2 Bonelings.

All adjacent Bonelings sacrifice themselves to attach to target foe, reducing their damage dealt for 5 turns by a Moderate value.
The act causes the foe to Bleed for major damage for 5 turns.

Both values increase based on the number of sacrificed Bonelings.

Rough Ribbed

You have learnt to intwine yourself with your Bonelings.
Whenever a new Boneling is spawnt, you reduce the cooldown of Bone Carver by 1. (Or regain 1 Vim if it isn't cooling down.)
Whenever a Bonelings expires in Melee range of you, you heal for Minor Life.
At Talent Level 5, any Bonelings in melee range of yourself can absorb an incoming debuff, destroying themself in the process.

Adventurer Buff Addon

Short Name: 

Gives Adventurers 3 more Category Points at creation, from 7 to 10.
Update V1.2: Adventurers now have access to (Locked, at 1.0 Mastery):
- All Skirmisher categories (Including Technique/Tireless Combatant)
- All Stone Warden categories
- Generic category Cursed/Cursed Aura

Credit for the original code goes to SirSlush.

Alternate Talent Requirements

Short Name: 

Changes some talent categories to base their stat requirements on your highest stat from a given subset.

These talents require the greater of Strength or Dexterity:
-Technique/Battle tactics
-Technique/Combat training: Heavy & Light Armour Training
-Technique/Dual techniques
-Technique/Finishing moves
-Technique/Magical combat
-Technique/Shield defense
-Technique/Shield offense
-Technique/Two-handed assault
-Technique/Unarmed discipline

These talents require the greater of Strength or Magic:
Corruption/Reaving combat

These talents require the greater of Strength or Willpower:

No-Friendly-Fire Autocast

Short Name: 

Adds an autocast option that will not cast while friendlies are in range. Nice for twilight surge for Anorithil

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