The Hammer of Urh'Rok: Part I

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The Hammer of Urh'Rok, Part I
Spearhead the demonic invasion of Maj'Eyal in this high-speed mini-campaign.

((This Addon requires the Ashes of Urh'rok DLC))

In this timeline, the Scourge from the West died after using the Demonic Orb of Many Ways, giving the demons everything they needed to get through the planetary shield. As a Bringer of Doom in service to the demonic invasion, you will fight your way across a dozen new zones, uncover mysteries, pillage cities, join evil cults, and bring ruin to the land of Maj'Eyal.
The Hammer campaign is shorter than Age of Ascendancy, shorter than Embers of Rage. To provide the whole ToM'E experience in a quicker time-frame, the player levels up much faster, and enemies drop noticeably more treasure. Unlike the Arena, the classic features of multi-level dungeon zones, rare enemies, and so on are still present.

Future updates will bring better art, more variety, and all sorts of content.

Now with 4 pieces of art by rexorcorum!

Class: Evoker

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This adds a new Evoker class which is both corrupted and cursed (though it shows up under Defilers). They are a magic class that does blight damage and evokes a demon to serve you.

It is possible for you and your demons to help or hurt each other with some spells and skills. Learning how to work with and around your minions will be key.

NOTE: This addon requires that you have the Ashes DLC active.

---Generic talents
cunning/survival - locked (because everyone gets it)
cursed/cursed-aura - optional


Demonic Pulse:
You sacrifice 10%% of your current health to send out a pulse of demonic energy in radius 10.
All minions in the pulse gain 25%% global action speed for %d turns and the pulse will attempt to daze all foes for %d turns.
You also use your knowledge of the demonic arts to passively obtain unlife, making it so that you only die when your life reaches -%d.
The amount of unlife and the chance to daze increases with your Mindpower.

Demon Portal:
You instantly swap places with your demon. This heals both of you for %d life and you gain 5 hate.
Afterwards, your demon and yourself will be out of phase for 3 turns. In this state all new negative status effects duration is reduced by %d%%, your defense is increased by %d and all your resistances by %d%%.
The amount healed and out of phase bonuses will increase with your Mindpower.

Speed Demon:
You sacrifice 10%% of your max health in return for speed and power.
While sustained you gain %d%% movement speed and increase your Mindpower by %d.
The speed bonus will increase with your Willpower.

Abyssal Shield:
Surround yourself with a defensive aura, increasing armor by %d, and inflicting %0.2f fire and %0.2f blight damage to all attacking foes.
Additionally, your vim will enhance your defences, reducing all damage by %d%% of your current vim (currently %d), but never reducing by more than half of the original damage. This will cost vim equal to 5%% of the damage blocked.
The damage will scale with your Mindpower.

---Class talents
corruption/blood - locked
corruption/doom-covenant - locked
corruption/fearfire - locked

-Corruption/Demon Summons:

Summon Demon:
Summon a demon by sacrificing 50%% of your current health. Your demon's primary stat will be improved by %d, its two secondary stats by %d.
At talent level one, you may summon an fiery imp; at level three a shadowy dúathedlen; and at level five a grotesque uruivellas.
Summoned demons can only be maintained up to a range of %d, and will rematerialize next to you if this range is exceeded.
Only one summoned demon may be active at a time, and the stat bonuses will improve with your Spellpower.

Demon Unity:
You now gain %d%% spell speed while Summoned Demon: Imp is active, %d%% resist all while Summoned Demon: Dúathedlen is active, and %d Mindpower while Summoned Demon: Uruivellas is active.
(Takes effect upon summoning.)
These bonuses scale with your Spellpower.

Flame Fury:
You sacrifice 10%% of your current health channel the power of Fearscape that resides in your demons and a wave of fire emanates from you knocking back foes within radius %d and setting them ablaze doing %0.2f fire damage over 3 turns.
The damage will increase with your Spellpower.

Improved Summoning:
Your summoned demons are more powerful and know new talents at talent level %d.
Imp: Flame Shock, Firestorm, and Burning Hex.
Dúathedlen: Shadow Combat, Shadow Grasp, and Shadow Veil.
Uruivellas: Rush, Draining Assault, and Blindside.
As your Improved Summoning talent increases, so do the chances of your demons being summoned with improved gear (ego chance).

Initial release

Took out Demonic Possession and added Demonic Pulse. Moved Improved Summoning to the 4th talent to be the capstone. Cut total hate pool down to 25. Added a hate cost to Demonic Pulse and to the Summon Demon sustains. Reduced max_life from 110 to 90. Improved class description.

New cursed/diabolical generic tree that replaces cursed/dark-sustenance. Moved Demonic Pulse to Diabolical tree and replaced it with Flame Fury. Made demon kills grant the player 1/4 of the hate for the kill. Changed Duathedlen skills to take out stealth. Added more sacrifice health costs to skills.

Fixed typos. Reduced sustain hate cost on demons and added a hate gain to Demon Portal to address resource starvation on tough single target fights. Changed the range on Demon Portal to scale with talent points. Tweaked the talent icon for Speed Demon.

Fixed some talent descriptions.

Gave Imp and Wretch movement talents. Fixed demon equipment so they don't spawn with antimagic items. Toned down demon chance to get egos on equipment, made level in Improved Summoning increase the chance.

Reduced pre-req for Blighted Summoning to apply to demons. Fixed imp sometimes missing equipment. Fixed ego chances for demon equipment. Increased imp defense. Gave dúathedlen a regen talent. Added out-of-phase to Demon Portal. Set demon speed equal to yours. Took out some preset talent points to let you spend them as you want. Made Evoker life rating equal to the highest mage (alchemist). Balanced imp phase door. Some hate balancing.

This is an overhaul of the class because it didn't feel as good to play and balanced as I wanted it to.
- Increased max hate a little. It's still a small pool, but doesn't feel as punishing.
- Increased the level and stat requirements across the board for the Diabolical and Demon Summons trees. Now new demons and levels in Improved Summoming feel special.
- Took out both shadows trees and Black Magic. Added Darkness, Vim, and Doom Covenant (locked) trees. Locked Fearfire. Took out Torment so that you have to wait to use higher vim cost skill until you have more vim in your pool, or use your life with Bloodcasting.
- Made demon summons immune to fear and tweaked their life, armor, and defense to give them a bit more survivability.
- Changed demon summons to start off tiny and grow as you level which is fun with Nekarcos's Visible Size Categories. Without Nekarcos's addon the dúathedlen and uruivellas will be graphically very large even if their size=tiny.
- Changed the Imp's Improved Summoning skills.
- Toned down Improved Summoning so that demons only get one skill with the 1st point, improve that skill with the 2nd, get a second skill and improve the first skill with the 3rd point, improve them both with the 4th point, and get a third skill and improve the previous two skills with the 5th point.
- Changed the wretch to an uruivellas (minotaur-like demon) and gave it a 2Her to help differentiate it from the dúathedlen (shadow demon).
- Fixed the dúathedlen image.

Race: Doomling

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This addon requires the Ashes of Urh'Rok DLC to function.

Adds the race of Doomlings, demon-corrupted halflings, wielding destructive corrupted versions of the original halfling talents.

Doomlings begin in the Searing Halls, and thus can get kidnapped by demons at high level.
Doomlings are unlocked along with Doomelves.

Racial Abilities

  • Curse of the Little Folk - Lower an enemy's saves, defenses, and damage dealt for 5 turns.
  • Unflinching - Taking a lot of damage at once removes movement-impairing effects or briefly makes you immune to them.
  • Predatory Mindset - Deal more damage when you can see exactly one enemy.
  • Doom Hunt - Focus on an enemy so you can see no one else, also negating its stealth and lowering its effect immunities.

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