Race: Doomling

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This addon requires the Ashes of Urh'Rok DLC to function.

Adds the race of Doomlings, demon-corrupted halflings, wielding destructive corrupted versions of the original halfling talents.

Doomlings begin in the Searing Halls, and thus can get kidnapped by demons at high level.
Doomlings are unlocked along with Doomelves.

Racial Abilities

  • Curse of the Little Folk - Lower an enemy's saves, defenses, and damage dealt for 5 turns.
  • Unflinching - Taking a lot of damage at once removes movement-impairing effects or briefly makes you immune to them.
  • Predatory Mindset - Deal more damage when you can see exactly one enemy.
  • Doom Hunt - Focus on an enemy so you can see no one else, also negating its stealth and lowering its effect immunities.

Feling Race

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Adds the Feling subrace to halflings. Born of magical bloodlines, they take on the shape and nature of cats.

Hurried Halfling

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This adds the Hurried Halfling race, as discussed here and here.

  • Tier 1 - Duck and Dodge: Quickly duck and dodge past enemies, travelling to target space up to 3 spaces away. This can let you pass through enemies, and will not break Wild Speed.
  • Tier 2 - Indomitable: Halflings have one of the most powerful military forces in the known world and they have been at war with most other races for thousand of years.
    Removes 2-6 stun, daze, or pin effects, and makes you immune to stuns, dazes and pins for 2-6 turns.
    This talent takes no time to use.
  • Tier 3- Evasive Maneuvers: Halflings have always been a very organised and methodical race; the more foes they face, the more organised they are.
    Whenever a melee attack is made against you, you gain a 10% evasion rate for 2-6 turns. This can stack up to 2-6 times, but each creature may only give you this bonus once. (This will reset when you leave the level.)
  • Tier 4 - Fleet of Foot: Halflings have long known that sometimes, the best response to danger is to run away.
    Whenever you take more than 14%-10% of your max life in a single hit (currently X), you will gain a Wild Speed effect for 1 turn, increasing your movement speed by 200%-500%. (This will deactivate if you take any action other than movement.)

My first online character.

I finally read that I needed to created an online profile at the te4.org site instead of in the game module. Unfortunately, it didn't upload Snik 4, my best still-living offline character so far, so I'm starting a new one.

Meet Snik 5, halfling rogue. She, like the previous four Sniks was inspired by Burb Lulls' Eden, but not going for the no-stores challenge just yet.

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