My first online character.

I finally read that I needed to created an online profile at the site instead of in the game module. Unfortunately, it didn't upload Snik 4, my best still-living offline character so far, so I'm starting a new one.

Meet Snik 5, halfling rogue. She, like the previous four Sniks was inspired by Burb Lulls' Eden, but not going for the no-stores challenge just yet.

Finished the trollmire

Located Bill while still level 3. An extended pillar-dance ensued with much regen and a few phase doors while Snik wore poor old Bill down with her daggers. Bill dropped the Mighty Girdle as well as the Rod of Recall, plus some other enchanted heavy armor. Along the way, Snik picked up a shocking dagger and a duelists healing infusion (heal 111, cooldown 10). And of course Elisa gave her the Orb of Scrying.

Meta-note - check the cooldown rate as well as the power on runes and infusions.

We know

We know that runes/infusions are still rather unbalanced with each other along with spells, activations and wands.


Went into Kor'Pul. Opened a sealed door vault with four skeleton mages, cost (only) one life. One of them dropped the Feathersteel Amulet.

Helped a Lost Warrior and took Strength +2.

Had to detour around a bloated horror to find the down stairs.

The Shade went down to a one Flurry, one Dual Strike (which stunned it) and a couple of regular hits. Snik had more trouble from those skelly mages.

Old Forest

A Lost Warrior on Old Forest (1) died when an Umber Hulk came up behind us while a whole line of snakes and other pests were in front. Oh well. I suppose the Detection wand might have helped a bit with figuring out the route before proceeding.
An Anorithil on Old Forest (3) died because Snik couldn't tell her to back up two whole lousy steps into a hallway. They were facing a whole s***load of canines without cover. Oh well.
An Anaconda on Old Forest (4) had Snik in a death grip but she used Phase Door to get out before she suffocated.
Finally, a lone alchemist on Old Forest (7) died because, well, because it was Old Forest (7) and the level was practically nothing but canines and Wrathroot. Phase Door and instant healing saved the day again. Wrathroot dropped a bunch of enchanted swords and one flaming steel dagger (yum!), plus the

Into the Storm

Back in Derth the Gwelgoroth were trouble. The linen robe of lightning resist wasn't enough by itself. Cost another life, but the Ultimate Gwelgoroth went in return. The rest of the pack fell to Flurries.

The Maze

Practically everything in the Maze fell to stealthy attacks of Flurries. An orc master assassin gave Snik a bit of trouble, but he fell as well, and the stingy bugger didn't drop anything either.

Trap detect and disarm helped a lot, but wasn't perfect. Lots of high level traps in the Maze.

Bad tactics cost Snik another life. The Boss Minotaur used Sunder Armor and Snik should have phased away right then, but instead she tried to get in another Flurry.

Scumming for Staves

Gathered up some magical staves to complete the apprentice mage quest since I didn't get an artifact staff from any of the bosses. The first couple of levels of Old Forest and Kor'Pul yielded enough staves to do the job. He'll also take rings or amulets but not wands.

Checked out Angolwen's shops.

the Shade at the bottom of

the Shade at the bottom of Kor'Pul usually drops an artifact stave.

The hole in the beach, first attempt

That did not go well. Found that following the neutral burrowers around would eventually get Snik to a down stair. She made it to lvl 5 but then a gravity worm and three corrosive burrowers did her in. Twice. Bad tactics again, after she resurrected and decided to recall out she should have taken the up stairs to wait for the recall to kick in.

A fun read Freddybear.

A fun read Freddybear. Thanks for posting :)