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Just a small reminder to read the logs when fighting foes that won't die. Took me a while to realise that I healed the radiant horror when attacking him with my fire-gauntlets :D

Chicken Dinner? Kinda

First time writing on here, only just discovered this option.

I've been playing ToME on and off for about 6 years now and Exploration Mode is the only thing that keeps it fun for me. I don't really care too much about the roguelike experience, and while trying my best not to die, its not fun for me to repeatedly bang my head against a wall in order to make it budge. I'm a super casual player and it is immensely fun for me that this game got past roguelike elitism and offers something for all kinds of players.

There is so much variety in builds and what you can do and while the tactical angle is great, what kills most roguelikes for me is that you need a razor sharp attention span over hours and hours of play. There just are lapses of concentration for me, this game is hard enough to kill you at any point where you stop paying close attention, so my ADD brain is very thankful that this kind of misstep doesn't spell the end for my run anymore. I play this game similar to any normal RPG and after finishing my first run, I'm already itching to try it with a new character (or maybe do some postgame stuff first).

So yeah, my character was Rall, the Dwarf Berserker, first winner on this account. I know she wouldn't have made it in Adventure Mode (let alone roguelike), but I'm still very happy I managed to pull through with her. What killed me most of the time was just curiosity and some very brutal situations (I learned that having high resistances doesn't mean you can't take over 1000 damage in one turn). Aside from these lapses, I am very proud I managed to kill the 7 Multicolor Wyrms without a death on this character, which I attribute mostly to how you can kite them out of the room 1 by 1 (most of the time).

My goals are now to unlock all the classes and races and get a few more wins in with more advanced/weird/fun classes.


A newbie first memorable death.

This is the first in what I hope are many posts from me, to this amazing game and community. I have only been playing for a week or two, and this the first character who died that I feel regret for. Even if, from what I have gleaned, I was not even a fourth into the campaign, this is still pretty cool so far

Today Ilegon, Cornac Shadowblade, falls on some god-forsaken blighted ruins on the middle of nowhere. I guess the game saying something along the lines of "you heard horrible, scary things and feel terrified just standing on the entrance" should've tipped me off. In my defense, that character had already survived things he had no business ever living through by sheer grit, obstinacy, dirty tricks, and luck (I guess halfling foot do bring luck, eh). If I had been on some of those fights on the other side, I would've been like "Die already you cheating bastard!" But alas, his luck had to run out someday.

I'll miss that guy. It was only these last few days that I was marveled with the synergy the Stealth and Ambush trees had. Before that it was mostly Stealth tree and Shadowstep. There is really nothing quite like using a shadow clone, charging into the fray worryless and combining shadow dance with a shadow veil. That was cathartic. Or, if it was an ass with 100 dark resist, just debuffing and petrifying him to soft him up.

But man, he seriously had quite some luck.

Now, after talking a bit on the chat this morning (and realizing that I'm, in fact, very far away from unlocking Necromancer) I have started a Higher Summoner to satisfy my craving for unleashing a horde of monsters on my enemies. So far, it kind of feels like I'm playing roguelike Pokemon. A very cool roguelike pokemon. I died already at level six, but since that was just me being stupid against the Assassin Lord on the ambush I started it anew.

It's a bit strange suddenly being "the leader" instead of "the lone knife that stabs things on the back". Kind of refreshing. A mind beam of sort I've acquired has helped me feel less useless towards my summons, though it doesn't help that I'm killing them too sometimes. Poor turtle, holding the line only so I can blast my foes together with him. He deserves a raise or something. It's probably because I'm such a terrible boss that my Treant likes to freeze me. But don't worry, I'll get better.

Gotta catch em all!

RNG vol 4 Two for one

My Rogue is out at level 12. I focused on getting my crit percentage as high as possible and two weapon fighting. I outright ignored stealth, as I don't know how this game's stealth mechanics work, but know that in many turn based games stealth is kind of useless. It is either too random to be relied on until it is almost maxed out or just allows you to avoid fighting and thus exp gains.

I really underestimated bleed effects and died almost exclusively to bleeds. I never really had to deal with it much before as I usually had high con on my characters before this or they just broke in two hits so bleeding didn't matter.

The Rogue died three times to The Shade and once to a vault boss. The last death was to a randboss spawned from a chest. A thief with a nasty bleed and brain locked me so I couldn't heal until after I bled out. Here is my rouge's character sheet:

On the positive sieve I unlocked Reavers this time.

I then rolled a Yeek Possessor. I found the class fun but made the mistake of not giving myself a default attack skill, instead focusing on making my self able to steal any body and make them a good as I could. I even felt like I was getting the hang of it by the time I needed to head to the mainland but Subject Z stopped me flat. I quickly cleaned out my vault and have nothing to fight him with, and lack the health to go toe to toe. With both starter dungeons cleared out, my Possessor is done despite having lives left.

Here is her character sheet:

As for what is next I don't know. Maybe a Higher or Shalore Spellblade or a Thalore Archer. I'll figure it out.

RNG vol 3: Alchemist goes splat!

Well I'm back and it didn't take to long for my Halfling Alchemist to bite it. A fair amount of it comes down to the fact that compared to the other Classes I have played so far the Alchemist has the most unique gimmicks. Namely controlling to characters at once, each with their own specialized role, equipment, and AI management. The other part is I had a one month gap between play sessions so I had to relearn and remember the class all over again.

I had read the guides on the forums to get a basic handle on things, but dispite them telling me to dump every point I can into Magic for both characters, I found halfway though Trollmire that I REALLY needed that golum to be a better tank for me so I had to split my stat points so I could put heavy and massive armor on it. This in turn slowed down it growth, but seemed to be working... Mostly.

I had my first three deaths in Vol's tower, two from the golum charging into large groups and pulling them onto the Alchemist himself, and the third was to the Zone boss as I was stupid and had the Alchemist take the lead when they stepped into the boss room. He was then quickly frozen in a narrow hall, blocking the golum from helping, and stood helpless as the boss bolted him to death.

The last few deaths were to the Horror guarding the tower after the lake dungeon. I may have been under level or the golum under equiped as the golum died in only a few turns, no matter what i did, then I couldn't seem to damage him fast enough before he'd pop an infusion and heal most of the damage I did to him.

Here is the link to his Character page:

I was able unlock the Poison skill tree for Rogues and Archers, so at least it wasn't a complete waste of a run.

My next character will be a Halfling Rogue. I want to see how a crit monkey plays like.

Site "Track"

What a mysterious feature. It seems like some users have it displaying all posts they comment in as well as their addon/module uploads, but it's not doing that for me. Might as well see if a blog post at least displays in it.

Update: So it does. That's a relief... or is it?

Update 2: Upon further investigation... Well, for starters, something weird is going on with the tagging system. The website is capable of adding doppleganger tags that group items separately from the originals, and there's no way to remove them or automatically added tags. Moving on, I believe that the tracker is leaving my addons out because they're uploaded through the game, which may not have been the procedure for veteran ToME modders. Jury's still out on how comments work.

Is this thing on?

Day three... ish... of Tales on Steam, and I've somehow managed to hit 21 on a Shalore archmage (Brother Badass!) on normal adventure. He died somewhere in the middle of Dreadfell to a certain acid-scarred dwarf who bore the same initials as my character. I have now resolved to play on exploration mode to learn a bit more about the game; the first thing I learned was that it's important to ensure you actually select exploration mode as opposed to adventure when you start out with the intention of playing an exploration mode character. Rest well, Explorio Cheatymage. Apparently, this is an easy mistake to make off the back of losing a beloved level 21 Archmage to a dwarf who spent an entire turn spewing up on the tower floor before striking the fatal blow. Easy for me, at least.

But hey, live and learn!

Uncle Whippy, Shalore archmage explorer extraordinaire, has now arrived to fill up the gaping holes in my knowledge of Eyal. At the time of writing, he has died more times than any other character so far (infinite lives, see) and not entirely because I was curious about how he'd fare against certain newly-encountered bosses. No, this time I seem to have gone about the early game in a way that's just different enough to throw off my expectations of what I was just becoming used to; Uncle Whippy was last seen tearing across the countryside trying to find a *nice* dungeon after having various pieces of himself handed back to him by a large red dragon somewhere in the Daikara. I could have sworn that volcano wasn't there last time I looked.


Best way to Play

I find that while guides are kinda cool and a proven way to WIN the game, the best way to ENJOY the game is just to make a chaaracter and run with them, play them with your own instintcs and build them the way that appeals to you. Winning isn't the point of this game I think. Having fun is.

Record of a Noobie's Growth vol 2

So close yet so far away is the feeling after my latest final death. The character this time around wad my Level 43 Dwarf Bulwark who met final death trying to topple his first arc pride. From what I gather that means I made it 4/5 though the base campaign! With only my second character no less!

His first death was due to drowning in the lake as no bubbles spawned close to the stairway you use to enter the ruins. So in short RNG screwed but that happens in rougelike.

The next one happened in Reknor to a rare troll who some how caused my encumbrance to spike, locking me in place, while several AOEs stacked doling over 600 damage in turn. When I died it happened so suddenly I wasn't sure how it happened a first. Not sure how I could have prevented it to be honest.

The next two happened when I tried taking on the dragon vault in Vor Armory. I was an idiot for opening it in the first place seeing as I just barely survived clearing out the armory in the first place despite having 60+ cold and fire resistance. That said, even at level 35 at the time, I still felt I could take those dragons if could fight them one at a time. I withdrew and planned to try again after a few orc prides fell.

Next was in Ruins of Tennin where I was crit spiked by six Undead. Again not much could have been done to stop it.

And the last two were the Necromancer pride. After looking over I figure they were due to me having relatively low blight resistance and as soon as I entered I got swarmed by 5 necromancer and a corrupter in a large room. Should have backed out and tried a different pride. Maybe grind farportal dungeons for a few levels.

Here is his character log if youwant to take a look:

In the end I feel I did far better than I should have given my world lack of experience but I am quite happy with how things went. I will say dwarf bulwarks or borderline overpowered in normal difficulty, especially if you have high HP regen.

During the course this play through I unlocked almost all the races in the default campaign with the exception of the ghoul and the Doom elf as well as majority of the classes. I still need to unlock psychic classes but that can come later.

My next class I'm thinking about is Alchemist and probably halfling when given how much they feature in the lore

Record of a Noobie's Growth

Well I'm new to the game, and I figured the best way to keep track of my development as a player is to record and dissect my play sessions when my characters invariably die permanently. After about 10 hours of play it finally happened and my Cornac Berserker ran out of lives. I ended up dying

two or three times in the Maze, as I didn't expect the difficulty spike when I started to enter IV 5 dungeons and got swarmed. I chalk this one up to suboptimal play, and not knowing what infusions I had equipped or not. As it seemed that every time I tried using it it said please replace an old one and I couldn't tell what the old one was.

I also died twice to a random raiding party on the world map. Not much to say about this really other than to say I wasn't high enough level up or or well-equipped enough to deal with them. I'll try better to avoid them in the future.

And the last death came from multiple randbosses spawning from a chest and being caught in a cave in as I was running Sand Worm Nest. I think I didn't use my infusions well enough and my teleport room didn't work as well as I'd like.

Despite all this I feel I did fairly good for a new player and unlocked the transmogrification chest my first playthough as well as the Arena. So I'm happy with my progress so far.

I think my next character will be a dwarf bulwark

Here's a link to that characters data if anyone wants to look over my build and give me critiques on it:

Thank you for taking the time to read an idiot new players Blog

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