The Pikataclysm is upon us! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

What could be terrifying about little cute bunnies and eggs?
Nothing you say? Well, think again for the Pikataclysm has arrived to Eyal and will stay active until May 1st!
Beware of what lurks in this strange place, for sometimes, bunnies have big teeth.

The Pikataclysm is a yearly special server event, triggered every 10 minutes by the server to all players currently logged in. There are others such events, come find them all during the year!

I did it - finally got off the main continent

After years of effort trying to figure out the right way to get a character built which would survive the efforts to get off Maj'Eyal, I have finally gone East. No hacks, no looking at blog posts. Just playing an absurd amount of ToME until it finally happened. Getting the extra 50 strength was the breakthrough I needed.

My first character: a halfling rogue

I am starting as a rogue because I don't want to be killed by traps and also want to have the ability to swiftly dispatch enemies that pose a real threat. I am in Trollmire(?) forest running around in stealth and throwing daggers, feeling over powered.

I like the game a lot, so I donated and purchased all 3 DLC's. The contents only seem to apply for new characters, so I will make another rogue with more customized looks this time. I am only level 2 now, so it doesn't feel like a waste to start new to enjoy all the added contents.

Edit: I did not expect this blog post to show up on the main page. I thought it was going to be something like my personal journal which no one will read. For any visitors new to the game, I want to clarify that rogue class is not over powered. My first halfling rogue ended up dying in the same area while fighting a skeleton magus.

Notes about Writhing Ones in Russian

Хтоническое чудище слонялось по дороге,
Никто не замечал его в космической пыли -
Но мимо по дороге
Промчались злые боги,
Коварные, кошмарные, протопали-прошли.

Remi Malek - lv50 Cornac Rogue

Remi Malek is a lv50 Cornac Rogue(always with maxed Cunning/Trapping).

 The seer loves Remi Malek, he steals the show, he did.
 Remi is a loner who wear full BLACK clothes and apparel to avoid people.
 Remi is also close to mastering the full activation of his facial musculature, which is how you see light.
 Remi has learned and practiced, he steals the audience.
 BLACK is heavy and dense, it contains all of the spectrums in it.
 Wear BLACK(full), get unwanted attention; the opposite of what Remi is: avoids people.

 We've also(some of us, seers) learned that in Maj'Eyal there are TIME TRAVELERS and TEMPORAL FIENDS.

         The seers are issuing a challenge:
 The seer must share, through virtual screen, an image;
 The image is of: "Remi Malek, lv50 Cornac Rogue has sacrificed himself at lv 1X of High Peak.".
 The seer MUST make this happen, in order to learn who Remi Malek is.
         Please, elevate.

Who is Remi Malek?
E, opa, pera aí! Deixa eu chegar junto.
E, cara, quem é você mesmo? Seers são capazed de observar a sua própria observação.
Então... quem é você?
 Por favor, me conte detalhadamente o que aconteceu com REMI MALEK LV50 CORNAC ROGUE(ALWAYS WITH MAXED CUNNING/TRAPPING) no nível 6 de Dreadfell, por favor, precisa saber.

E, cara, por que tu ta fingindo que é um ser humano?
Esse jogo é legal, mas não acredita muito não.


The Gunsnake hisses
Gunfire disturbs the forest
My last breath escapes

Player Profile never updates

My player profile hasn't updated since 2017. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Haha.

The Santascape has come!

Rejoice in all the cold corners of Eyal for the Santascape has come!
Log on, jump on your characters and enjoy the cold feeling of and merry presents!
Will you find your presents or your doom? You have until the 1st of january to find out!

Meet the friendly local elementals!

Have a hug with the cuddly snowmen!

And finally meet Nikolas to see if you deserve your presents!

The Santascape is a yearly special server event, triggered every 10 minutes by the server to all players currently logged in. There are others such events, come find them all during the year!

want DL t-engine 1.2.5

hello, i want to DL t-engine 1.2.5 for see older personnage. Where i can have a link plz ? thanx

My First Quest as a new adventurer: Killing the Lone Wolf

Killed bunch of slimes at the forest`s entrance, then found a huge nest of snakes - fortunately I was prepared for that battle. The shielding skills were very helpful. I was tasked by the vilagers to kill the Lone Wolf. He seemed strong but not against someone like me...a folk who`s always prepared.

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