Is it common practice to not use add-ons? Just curious about the general 'feel' in the community about add-ons. New player here btw


Let's ponpon!!

Playing it Blind

I do not own a lot of games. However, those that I do own almost all have hundreds of hours in them. When I get a game I make sure it is something I really want to have. While part of the process of me getting a game is obviously looking at reviews and paying for it, another major aspect is researching the game myself. This means, for me, spending hours watching Youtubers or streamers play the game to make sure it is something I like. This includes story games. While it does let me find out if I like a game or not, it is not so helpful for keeping the mystery of the game intact. Sure, I might know that I like the game, but I already know exactly what's around each and every corner and what I might have to do to avoid it.

For this game though I'm trying something different. The only thing I knew going into it was that it was highly recommended by one of my friends. That's basically it. From there, I am trying to learn everything on my own including mechanics. The three only exceptions to this are that I can use and look at chat for clarification and minor help, I can look around my own page here on the website, and I can talk to my friend about the game as well. Besides that, everything is a secret. That means no videos, no forums, no subreddits, etc. At least not until I beat the game on Normal/Rougelike. Let's see how it goes.

Got burned

Booted up the game for the first time in a while.
Sucked in for a couple of hours.
Burned to death.
Such a good game.
Not being sarcastic.
At one point i used my recall and ended up in a throwback area. Unexpected and fun.

Btw the mouse gestures are amazing, muscle memory stayed after all this time too.
What do you guys use?
For now I have these gestures.
Up - Level up
Down - Next/Previous level
Left - Missions or whatever
Right - Inventory
Left,Down - Character Sheet
Left,Down,Right - Menu screen

I'll probably start up another guy. Possibly Bulwark.
Although I think Bulwark is boring, I need to build a bit defensive. I always go for firepower and end up a glass cannon. Any suggestions are welcome.

Great game.

This is insane

who would've taught we could blog here

Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.5.10 aka "It That Patches" is out!

My minions, I am happy and proud to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.5.10 ! See

Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.
If your launcher didn't self-update correctly, just redownload it from the homepage.

Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !

  • Zigur is now always present on the map but forbids entry to any magic user.
  • Fix addons & DLCs auto updater
  • Updated registration process for new players

Have fun in Eyal!

Clock add-on?

Hey guys.
I don't know who will see this, but I'd like to know if there is a setting or add-on that adds an in-game clock. Normal clock that tells the time. Ideally it's super minimal, just numbers.

I could ask the forums, but I didn't think it would be worth the time to register and everything just to ask this.

Also, this game is fun.

Roguelike Rage

Does anyone else find this genre of games absolutely infuriating? I don't think I've ever gotten more mad at a game than when I lose a good character in TOME or DCSS, etc. In fact multiple times I've deleted TOME and DCSS right after losing a character loaded with good uniques/randarts, lol. Fuck these games man, even the worst League of Legends game I ever have makes me less mad.

I have just bought full bundle!

I am now a kind of subscriber!

Forbidden Cults 1.0.1 is out!

My minions,

I am happy to give you Forbidden Cults 1.0.1!
This is a simple little update to fix a few release bugs.

  • Change Demented starting zone to the middle of a corn field to avoid Angolwen despawning
  • Clarify insanity description
  • Drem Stone Wardens can now have benefit from Stone Fortress while the summon from From Below It Devours talent is alive.
  • Fixed a bug where the Wyrmic Scourge Drake tree wouldn't properly unlock
  • Fixed books shader on AMD GPUs
  • Fixed Dissolved Face tooltip
  • Fixed Drem confusion resistance
  • Fixed Horrific Display target clearing
  • Fixed Malyu dialog to gracefully handle classes that know talent trees that do not actually exist
  • Fixed Shared Insanity tooltip
  • Fixed tentacle tree event to not always spawn a bunch of them at once
  • Fixed tentacle zones having leftover Fearscape Portal code
  • Fixes characters with the Robe of the Worm permanently stuck (retroactive)
  • Improve Light of Revelation
  • Increased the level range of a certain Forbidden Tome a bit
  • Reduced the damage of most npcs in The Maggot a little, and reduced the endboss infravision

Have fun with your tentacles!

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