Final Boss Bug

I was playing tales and i finally got to the final boss after beating all the orc prides and i was fighting them for about 2-4 turns when they vanished along with the sun paladin. I got a portal back to the world map and i went and closed all of the spawners but i cant beat the game with this character anymore because the bosses are gone. please help. thank you.

I'm back! (sort of)

So, what was intended to be a ~2 week break turned into a two month one. Unfortunately a lot of things happened and are going on in my personal life and that's kept me away from the community and save fixing. There has been some pretty serious financial strain due to all this and at least for a little while this will keep me from being able to give 100% to the community.

The help desk is not forgotten, although it will still be a bit longer before I can start getting to the backlog of tickets. If you're waiting for a save to be fixed I apologize and thank you for your patience; it might be a bit but I'll still fix everything that I can!

First time playing ToME, interesting, confusing, fun.

I've started to play ToME and I've got no idea what I'm doing. I'm using experience from other RPG's to build characters. I notice I need to run away more often. I don't understand everything that is going on. Or how to build a character for the long run.

I am playing on normal difficulty. Have died plenty of times.
Some areas (despite being lvl 1 ' friendly') are hard for me to finish (especially final boss). Sometimes feels I'm missing part of my build to do it.
And what if I run, where can I go level instead... That's a question I'd like the answer to.

Help Desk Intermission

Hey everyone!

I'll be out of town for a couple of weeks and won't be as able to fix saves. I'll attempt to get to existing tickets but new ones will likely have to wait until I return.

New game by Purequestion: Monolith!

My minions,

Less than a month ago I have told you have an old ToME dev creating his own game,; well it happened again!

I am very happy to say that Purequestion (the creator of a good many artifacts for ToME) and his graphical friend have made their own game: Monolith. It is a retro-looking roguelite shmup and it is FUN!

While I'm not involved in the dev I've had the pleasure of playtesting it and it is very neat (as should be expected from ToME-taught people ! :> ).

If you like roguelites, shoot'em'ups and bullet hells with a retro vibe you'll feel right at home there. In Pure's own words "Smooth, gracious, fast action gameplay, tailored to feel good to play." and I'll gladly agree with him. But words don't matter, just go check it out on Steam for yourself: or watch the trailer below:


Have fun!

Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.5.5 aka "Whoops" is out!

My minions, I am happy and proud to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.5.5 ! See

Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.
If your launcher didn't self-update correctly, just redownload it from the homepage.

Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !

  • Fixed shops

Have fun in Eyal!

Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.5.4 "The Match" is out!

My minions, I am happy and proud to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.5.4 ! See

Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.
If your launcher didn't self-update correctly, just redownload it from the homepage.

Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !

  • Fixed damage bonus, resistance penetration and resistances to correctly appear in online charsheets
  • Buffed Athamaton, also it can now speak! Enjoy your deaths
  • Added support for visible talents, items and playerdoll images on online character sheets on
  • Fixed joining chat channels on star in some rare cases, one of the reason for "server doesnt work: it did work you just didnt saw it
  • Talents that generate resources state "FOO gain: X" instead of "FOO cost: -X"
  • Improved data synchronization with the server to lighten load
  • Fixed trying to capture a fearscaping npc while in the fearscape with a possessor
  • Modding: Support for "hated_by_everybody" property
  • Modding: DLCs/Addons defined resources should now correctly appear in the charsheets
  • Modding: New resources parameter "switch_direction" to indicate the resource prefers to be lower
  • Modding: New Actor:alterTalentCost method
  • Modding: New static method Object:descCombat() to let addons pass a custom combat table and get a correct description

Have fun in Eyal!

New game released by Susramanian and myself: Oafmatch!

A new game from an old Tales of Maj'Eyal developer!

My dear minions,

A few years back when when Tales of Maj'Eyal was still very young, there was a player named Susramanian who made/suggested cool things like the Mindslayers, many vaults, the inscriptions system, the shield block system, the elemental staves system, many many egos, some quests, and so on.

Tales of Maj'Eyal owes him some nice stuff indeed!

So today I'm pleased to announce that for the past years he's been working with a friend on his own game Oafmatch and when I tried an alpha long ago I really liked it and decided to join up and help them. So here I am today, the game is now released on Steam, and on

But DarkGod, what is Oafmatch?!

I'm glad you've asked! To put it simply in a few words: Oafmatch is an hybrid RPG/Match3 game with some roguelike elements that combines traditional RPG turn-based combat with match-three mechanics. It even involves an actual story!

You build up a party of four .. let's call them heroes to be kind .. from a roster of 30, each with their own unique skills and you equip them with two of the many weapons the game offers.

The game's strategy and tactics revolve around six colors: red, yellow, green, white, blue, and purple. Each character is assigned two colors, a major and a minor one. A properly formed party will have all six colors represented; at least in minor form. Neglect a color at your own peril!

And then? You battle, matching gems to power weapons' special attacks to help turn the tide of battle! Or as our hero, Knuckles, says it rather eloquently you fix problems with violence! :)

Enough small talk, what are the actual features?

  • RPG / Match-three hybrid combat system: match gems, earn mana, trigger terrifying skills to crush your foes.
  • Sixty unique, equippable weapons, each with five different ability ranks.
  • Dozens of wildly different monsters to wreak havok upon your poor party.
  • Thirty playable classes, each with their own unique traits to master and levels to attain.
  • Huge campaign worth over 30 hours of pain, death, and light-hearted dialog.
  • Roguelike dungeon mode for an ever-changing (and ever-punishing) experience.
  • New Game Plus option, with shuffled loot and extra playable classes.
  • And full controller support.

DarkGod, this sounds dapper! Where do I throw my money?

That's rather easy to answer, simply click one of the two buttons below to snag it!

Oh and because I'm a nice god of darkness (yeah...) if you buy Oafmatch I will throw in a little bonus for your Tales of Maj'Eyal pleasure and give you one more Item's Vault slot (for how to get it look at the Netcore Games menu) !

Oh and please if you like the game do remember to review it on Steam, every bit helps :)

And now go minions, go have fun!

Characters not updating on online profile?

Seems for the last 2 days any new characters I make don't show up on my characters list, and if I played on previous characters their stats don't get updated, anyone else with this issue?


My minions,

As your probably noticed, I have updated and reskinned to look (hopefully) much better!

This update, combined with version 1.5.4 when it'll be out will also improve the online character sheets, including your actual character doll (so you can show off your fashion sense with the shimmering feature) and clearer talents & items tooltips with included icons :)

Have fun!

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