T of M'E is the best dungeon-rogue (or 'Dungeons of Moria' {1986 sharerware U of Kansas project} - like that anyone could hope to play. Game play basics are easy to comprehend. The many races and their sub-classes will keep you enthralled for a long joy-ride of mayhem. btw I have put in over four hundred hours into a certain Pathfinder game, everyytime it gets upgraded you had to start again, can you say buggy? I think you can. Very frustrating. P.S. - been gaming for decades from QIX and Moria and BB games to GOG And Steam ( 180 + games between those sites ). Sorry, but I must get back to ToM'E . Later.

Finish game before updating

Why not just finish off your game before updating?

Game woes

I would , however I can't enter into the game to do that now. I've tried uninstalling the game then restarting/rebooting my pc. Nothing has worked as yet. The game seems locked in a loading loop that does't complete.

That sounds like you need a

That sounds like you need a totally clean install. You say you have gog so you should be able to grab an up to date 1.66 version off there. If not you can always sign up to steam and try it that way or try again off the site. If you do uninstall/reinstall be sure and find and move/copy your save to some place "safe". As an old roguelike vet you should be familiar how this is done.