Frost Invoker

Frost Invoker

Adds the Frost Invoker, a mage subclass.

The Frost Invoker is a Cold-focused caster and unarmed fighter. Their primary stats are Magic and Dexterity.
Frost Invokers know Combat Training and Survival(locked) and have 11 new spell trees, 3 generic and 8 class (of which 3 start locked).


Frozen Core: Unarmed training with 40/80 Mag/Dex dam mods, and utility.
Rime Guard: Defense, with a damage shield and one-shot protection.
Ice Floes: Mobility and utility focused on an icy ground effect.


Hail: Offensive spells which can reduce the cd of Artic talents.
Arctic: Unarmed attacks with AoE, a pin, a multi-hit, and a gap closer.
Winter: Utility and defense, with a decoy and a scout.
Frost: Defense and utility focused on building and consuming a stacking effect.
Chill: Debuffs which proc on cold damage, with active conditional sustain stripping.


Blizzard: Defense and debuffs focused on a single AoE spell.
Icicles: Adds a cold-damage psuedo-weapon that procs on unarmed attacks. (high level)
Cryomania: Maical and physical synergy, and cold resist / ice-block penetration sustain. (high level)

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Icicles moddable tile attachment from Verdant Pack by HousePet (re-colored); attachment art by Rexocorum.

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The idea is interesting, but feels weakish, at least on Insane.

In what way?

What aspect in particular feels weak? Offense or defense? Lack of utility? I'm trying to get a better idea of what could use improvement.


...combination? Defence is not good enough plus lack of inherent escapes . Heals are weak (may be better with investment, but I die before that). For attacks - there are stops for melee enemies, but no against ranged (at leasst at early levels). Also, range requires heavy investment AND few closing options. Plus you can't go the normal mage path and just buy Staff Combat as a ranged option. Honsetly, just don't see how you see it all working together. Utility is probably the main problem, but...

Thanks :)

Thanks, those specifics are helpful.

The class is a melee fighter that augments their combat will spell casting, so there is really not meant to be a great "ranged option". That said, there are a few talents that would probably benefit from having a fixed range so that you have a bit more reach early on when your melee is still a little weak, especially the gap closer. I have an idea to rework Icy Blast into a bit of a rush-like mobility talent instead of a ball AoE.

As far as defense, I think the class is pretty well outfitted in that regard, but it might benefit from having some things shuffled around to make some of the stronger defense available a bit sooner. Cryochamber stops killing blows and with Ice Infusion you can escape after Cryo triggers. Plus they have a damage bubble, crit reduction, all res, a decoy that pulls aggro in a large area and pins when it dies, a debuff to reduce enemy damage, a hard single target lock, and a large AoE freeze. Some of these take a while to really come online, but I don't think classes need to be super strong right out of the gate.

Overall I think the class is in a good place, but it may need some tweaks to give it bit more survivability early on so that it's not as difficult to reach a place where you really start to feel strong. Your feedback, and that of others, has given me a few ideas on how to tweak things a bit to accomplish that.


The decoy is quite useful, but suffers due to range 1. Especially as you can't cast it behind you then switch places. As for gap closer, I see another problem in you only having one such, especially as it is unreliable (if you are dazed by, say, slime Psyshot, neither of its options qould work, e.g.). Even Sun Paladin has 2 (actually more as 2h talent is a useful short-range closer).


Just finished a fairly chunky update, including more mobility and less investment required for talent ranges, along with more versatility with regards to where you can summon the sculpture, and several other tweaks all around. Full details are on the forum.


Yes, now's bettter, thanks.

New class by the one and only

New class by the one and only nsrr? Hype. Definitely gonna give it a whirl on my next run. Always love a good unarmed build.