Spell Merchants

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Tired of having tons of gold but the merchants in game only sell lame items, well this addon adds various spell merchants around maj-eyal so you can buy your favorate spells.

So far there are three different spell/classes available for purchase: Archmage, Alchemist and Necromancy, and one stat/class trainer.
I plan on adding more soon.
I've done my best to balance this addon as the really good spells cost quite a bit, I may tweak costs in the future.

      • Please note you will need to start a new game for the new merchants to appear. Applies also to new versions that add new npcs. Also dialog to purchase spells wont appear unless you have the required amount of gold.
  • Updates:

1.0.1 - I added a notpade file in the addon folder that lists the merchants locations.
1.1.0 - Oops looks like I jumped straight to #6 on my todo list and boy was that a challenge but there is now a new npc that can train your stat points... now to work on the class points.
1.1.1 - Mulfar can now train you, in stat or class points. Aaaand thats todo #6 done... Guess I'm going through the list bottom up :p
1.2.0 - I added 2 more new npcs to the map (adriel & atakesa) that will be future merchants, they have no dialog. I added them to avoid having to start a new game everytime I add a new merchant, now I can just update their dialog and it should be seemless. Merchants have been given random spawns (2 locations each) the merchant locations notepad has been updated.
1.2.1 - Updated dialog for: Asterius Gaomant, Nagareth, Mulfar & Tarelion giving them unique dialog and color coded things to make it easier on the eyes & lowered some of the prices, also added new npc "master jeweler" If you started a new game on 1.2.0 theres no need to restart, the jeweler has no dialog and wont have any for quite some time.
1.2.2 - Balanced the prices for revealing locked talent categories, most are now only 100 gold, also lowered Mulfar's prices by half (250 gold) and increased some other prices.

  • Roadmap

Going forward I will be working on talents: gifts & techniques adding imbuing equipment option (hopefully for all items) to the alchemist merchant (was going to be a unique jewelry merchant but I forgot to add him this update...) then eventually add a celetial merchant (I will give dialog options to an existing npc so it should be seemless) I will be giving certain merchants the ability to increase sub stats such as Defense, Armour, saving throws, Physical Crit, Spell Crit and maybe luck, these will be pretty expensive end game stuff. Eventually I will add a couple more merchants further down the line and hopefully figure out how to add custom npc tiles.
Currently looking in to making a "god mode" version where you can unlock and get points from one npc for free. My focus is on finishing this version first!

  • Todo list:

1. *DONE* Add more unique dialog when learning new spells (currently most dialog is copy and pasted)
2. Add more spell merchants
3. Figure out how to make or edit npc tiles, so merchants can be unique. (Help would be much appreciated, feel free to comment below any instructions)
4. *DONE* Give merchants randomized spawn points. (easy to do but I want to wait until I have more merchants in game)
5. Add a merchant that can imbue all items
6. *DONE* Add a trainer for class,stat points.

Background info, If this addon seems familiar, its because it was an addon I made back in march of 2016 (originally named "spell-merchants") but days after I uploaded it Darkgod released an update that completely broke my addon... And having put upwards of 90 hrs writing code (and even more hrs testing) I was not only burnt out but also devastated so I abandoned it. Recently I've had the TOME itch but wanted to play with my addon, so... 60hrs later I've finally finished updating and improving it. Due to my frustration back in 2016 I deleted my steam version which made it impossible to update the steam version alongside this version, so I deleted it from here and renamed it "master-spell-merchants"

And I have to say my heart was absolutely warmed when I came on here ready to delete my old version by the people asking why it was deleted from steam, if they could help me with the issues, or if I wouldn't mind them reupoading and giving me credit :') This community is awesome!

Now with that said I did run into an issue I couldn't figure out and that is how to overwrite (or preferably add new) npc tiles, any help would be much appreciated! Please comment below if you have any experience with this.

Spell Blade Class

Short Name: 

Adds a new class into the game, a mage warrior hybrid. There can never be enough hybrid classes, right?

The Spell Blade is a warrior that uses magic in order to enforce their attacks with destructive spells.
They use their magic to cripple their foes and overwhelm them with swift strikes.
Their use of magic is innate and not really studied; as such they do not naturally regenerate mana and must use external means of recharging.
Therefore they also rely on channeling their spells through weapons or tools rather than casting large bolts of fire or beams of arcane energy as Archmages do. Nevertheless the result can be just as devastating.

v2.0 is a revamped version and is incompatible with old save files (too many talents were changed to work in a different way).

Contains 6 new categories.
I made the icons from scratch by myself.

Now You See Me...

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Adds the Illusionist and Arcane Trickster subclasses to Tales of Maj'Eyal. Both of these classes rely on subterfuge and deception to survive.
The Illusionist is a master of light and shadow who confuses foes to keep them at bay.
The Arcane Trickster is a rogue who specializes in disabling foes from a distance before closing in for the kill.
Both classes are a ton of fun to play!


1.2 - Renamed Talent "Polarization" to avoid naming conflict

1.1 - Renamed Talent "Abduction" to avoid naming conflict


Short Name: 

Adds the Nekomancer class. Nekomancers are summon-based mages that focus on debilitating their enemies while reinforcing their allies. They primarily deal physical and light damage. Uniquely, they do not use mana like other mage subclasses, relying souly on the soul resource. They use the soul resource in a much different way then Necromancer does, since they naturally regain one soul a turn. Combined with a relatively low soul maximum, they run completely counter to the standard ToME resources with tiny regeneration rates and huge maximums. Aside from the usual unlocked Combat Training and Survival, Nekomancer uses completely unique trees. It has 4 unlocked class trees, one locked class tree and two generic trees.


1.0.1: Updated description somewhat
1.0.0: Initial Nekomancer release

Galvanic Alchemancer

Short Name: 

Adds a new subclass for tinkers. Galvanic Alchemancers bridge the gap between the roles of Alchemist and Tinker. Due to the nature of their art, Galvanic Alchemancers learn alchemy and magic that is associated with lightning, though they can study other fields as well.

High Guard

Short Name: 

Adds the High Guard, a mage subclass. The High Guard is a melee fighter with mid-range spells who can wield any staff in one hand and favors shields in the offhand.
Primary stats are Magic and Strength. All talents are spells and use only mana. Attacks with both staff and shield, with nearly all attacks (save for bumps) dealing the damage type your staff is currently alinged to.

Unique Talents:

Talents for fighting and defending with your staff and shield.

Spell/Magical Assualt
Talents for assualting your foes.

Talents for battle mobility and defense.

Spell/Battle Channeling
Talents for combat utility.

Spell/Sorcerous Might (high level)
Store power in your shield to empower yourself.

Spell/Mage Adept (high level)
Gain greater control of magic and learn damaging spells.

Spell/Medic (generic)
Defense and utility.

Base Talents:

Technique/Combat Training (1.3)
Spell/Staff Combat (1.3)
Cunning/Survival (1.0)

See the forum thread full talent details.

Talent icons from
Class icon from

Air Archer

Short Name: 

Adds the Air Archer class, an archer that channels air magic through their attacks. Includes 4 new talent categories and does not appear on enemies.
Also reduces the mana costs of Chain Lightning and Thunderstorm strikes, and fixes sustainbug for Feather Wind, Blur Sight, and Tempest.

As in vanilla, all talent icons are from .

Sound credits: CC 0


Messes with Feather Wind and Blur Sight. Otherwise unlikely to cause any problems.

Weight: 161258


Short Name: 

Adds the Zephyr class, an archer that channels air magic through their attacks. Includes 4 new talent categories and does not appear on enemies.
Also reduces the mana costs of Chain Lightning and Thunderstorm strikes, and fixes sustainbug for Feather Wind, Blur Sight, and Tempest.

As in vanilla, all talent icons are from .

Sound credits: CC 0


Messes with Feather Wind and Blur Sight. Otherwise unlikely to cause any problems.

Weight: 161258


- Initial release

Highblade Class

Short Name: 

Adds the Highblade class, a very focused arcane blade-style class, using primarily cold and lightning magic, alongside wind. Contains several blatant references.

Archmage Options Addon

Short Name: 

Mod to set most archmage talents/talent categories to unlearnt and give them talent/talent category points to make up for it.

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