Void Scholar - Celestial Class

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Adds the Void Scholar, a twisted Celestial class themed around cosmic expansion and the emptiness of space, featuring a unique starting scenario. Void Scholars are dedicated spellcasters with poor durability, but many ways to negate damage and debilitate foes. Their spells are ineffective against nearby targets, but grow incredibly potent when cast at a distance -- strike from the depths of infinity, where no eyes or blades can reach! They use a unique resource called "Void Energy" that is built up by casting certain spells and quickly disperses when out of combat, requiring careful management to retain momentum.

Unique talent trees:
Logia (generic): Three forbidden chants to turn away slings, arrows, and everything else!
Void (generic): Render foes impotent before the majesty of the Void!
Vacuum: Draw upon the cosmic vacuum to replenish your resources!
Dilation: Pull space apart like putty to shred your foes!
Chaos: Crumble away your foes' defenses with the Void's power!
Collapse: Slowly crush enemies down to nothing under the Void's relentless weight!
Subspace: Ride and shape the Void to control the battlefield!
Dissolution: Dissolve away the material world to erode the strength of those who oppose you!
Genesis (locked): Repaint the world in your image to build overwhelming power!
Hyperspace (locked): Stretch and bend the universe to resculpt existence and unleash untold destruction!
Terminus (locked): Bring the slow, inevitable doom of the universe upon your foes!

All things come to an end, adventurer. Those who place themselves above the slow march of the cosmos should take heed not to stand upon nothing.

Actually Usable Bathe in Light

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Modifies Celestials' Bathe in Light talent to affect only the caster and actors not hostile to the caster.

Class: Fallen

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Fallen has been added to the base game as an evolution for Sun Paladins

This addon contains the original version, a base class afflicted/celestial hybrid.

Fallen are unlocked alongside Sun Paladins.
If you want to skip straight to it, I recommend using: https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/ignore-raceclass-locks

Please report any bugs on the forum thread.

This class is originally inspired by the enemies John and Aluin, Afflicted Sun Paladins.

Fallen have a mix of old and new trees.
Enemies do not generate with Fallen talents.

Celestial Combat
Gloom (locked, level 0)
Bloodstained: By making bloody attacks, increase your positive energy.
Darkside: Consume positive energy for attacks and mobility.
Shadows of Suffering (locked, level 10): Use your shadows for defense and control.
Crimson Templar (locked, level 10): Magical abilities that manipulate bleeding and the battlefield.
Black Sun (locked, level 10): Celestial attacks using gravity.

Celestial Light
Cursed Aura
Self-Hatred: Spend life for Hate and power.
Dirges: Useful songs in the style of Chants and Hymns.

Supernal class

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Class: Astromancer

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A new class, a Celestial summoner who draws on the powers of Shandral's other planets to call up elementals.
Their basic trees summon and support Fire, Ice, and Lightning Elementals, as well as providing utility effects.
Their unlockable advanced trees rain down Meteors and twist Time Elementals into being.
They start with Chants, and a new tree in the vein of chants and hymns. They can unlock Celestial Light.

Their main resource is negative energy, which they generate by summoning and some other spells, and spent by others.

This mod should be compatible with just about everything.

  • data/talents/uber/mag to support Blighted Summoning
  • mod/class/interface/combat.lua to support Glacial Path's speed boost.

Sounds remixed from samples by Mike Koenig under CC-BY 3.0

Quick Fix for Celestials

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-- Fixed as of 1.5.1 --

Celestial/Hymns and Celestial/Chants are bugged so that they require 0, 4, 5, 6 previous abilities in that tree.
This is a quick and dirty fix for it (back to 0, 1, 2, 3).
See http://forums.te4.org/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=47347

(if you're having trouble reading this, try the Steam Workshop link)

  Chant/Hymn being affected by their relevant category should now be working (with hopefully no side-effects)
  -> The chant/hymn's stats are based on whichever has the higher effective level between "Chant/Hymn Acolyte" and the hymn/chant in question.
  --> This means that if you're effective level 3.2 (4/5 talent points) in Chant Acolyte and grab a level of an individual chant from an escort, the chant's stats should be based off your effective level 4.0 chant.
  ---> In the same example, if you grab another level (so you're now 5/5) in Chant Acolyte, you should be able to get effective level 4.8 in that chant (It's not possible to choose the chant if you're already 5/5 in that chant when choosing an escort reward though)
  --> For Celestials who start with extra mastery in Chants/Hymns, this means that if you get an extra level in the chant from an escort it may not change the stats at high levels of Chant Acolyte
  ---> 6/5 chant talent becomes effective level 6 (1.00 mastery). 5/5 Chant Acolyte becomes effective level 6.5 (1.30 mastery). Therefore the extra level doesn't really matter.
  ----> In this example, the extra level is only really useful at level 3 Chant Acolyte or lower (4.0 vs 3.9)
  Small fix to Chant of Fortitude's description function

  Previous upload was broken, fixed

Thanks to Felix on the Steam Workshop page for the helpful comment
  Reverted changes to Chant/Hymn category
  Fixed display of Chant Acolyte's values

  Fixed the Armor Hardiness display in the levelup page to correctly display its true value (15%)
  Chants and Hymns should now scale with Mastery in their associated talent trees

Base patch, includes the basic fix to Celestial/Chants and Celestial/Hymns trees

astralInferno's Celestial Oddities

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A combination of all my celestial addons; Firmamancer, Primal Chosen, Trench Strider, and the Empyreal fork.

Primal Chosen Class

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Adds the Primal Chosen class, a celestial brawler that wields temporal and darkness damage, before slowly discovering a talent for chronomancy.


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Adds the Starshot class, a celestial archer using talents from Midnight and some from the unreleased Embers class, Empyreal.
Requires Midnight and Embers of Rage to function, will error without. All credit to HousePet for Midnight.

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