Ignore Race/Class Locks

Ignore Race/Class Locks

Modifies the character creation dialog to bypass the lock check for races and classes, allowing characters to be created using locked races and classes. Doesn't actually unlock anything.

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Something Else This Adds...

Checking through the class list after I installed this, I noticed that it added a new one: psion, with the only description for it being "blahblah". I tried it out, and foud that it only has one talent tree, possession, which lets me control monsters, but none of the skills have any kind of description to tell me what they do. Can anyone else who has found this tell me how it works? Or how to set it up so Adventurer can take the tree so I can stop dying less?

Player beware, with that stuff.

Psion is a (possibly never to be implemented) tree for the Possessor class(if that ever comes to exist).

As usual with not-fully-implemented DarkGod features, you're better off not trying to use them, and you basically use 'em at your own risk. I'm not sure how it works, honestly.

Awesome addon is awesome.

I've actually long since unlocked everything either normally or (usually long before that) via editing the allow_build file, but I've turned this on anyway and plan to never turn it off.

I have an absolute frothing hatred of core content locks and gained nothing but frustration and annoyance from having core gameplay locked behind arbitrary walls. While the addon comes a little too late to save me from the irritation, here's hoping it saves many other people from it, without the fiddly method of screwing around with the allow_build.

Cheers, Zizzo, and thanks.

Here is the right way to do this.


No need for an addon to do this. But this is what I call a cheat of sorts. Your choice either way.

Not really the same thing

Editing your profile would be claiming to have unlocked things you haven't unlocked, which would be cheating (and which is why the addon doesn't do that).  This is just bypassing an artificially imposed and un-fun constraint on character creation.

In all fairness, and I really

In all fairness, and I really do like that there's an easy addon for this, calling it 'artificially imposed' is pretty much just making up words, and un-fun is definitely a personal opinion.

The only reason I suggest my

The only reason I suggest my little method of manually unlocking the classes and races is that there are boatloads of potential conflicts with other addons by using an addon to bypass the locked ones. And you are really splitting hairs there by saying this is any more legitimate, are you not?

Use this if you prefer, but you can always do it the way I outlined above if you think you are having a conflict.


Conflicts?  This addon only touches the character creation dialog, and only two isolated methods therein that do lock checking.  I'd be very interested in seeing the addon that could manage to conflict with that.

    Unlocking stuff by editing the profile gets reflected in the Unlocks section of the user's online profile page on the website, where there's no way to distinguish between things you've genuinely unlocked and things you added to a file.  That's what I meant by "claiming to have unlocked things you haven't unlocked".  By contrast, the online character sheet of any character using this addon will say "Ignore Race/Class Locks" right at the top, so there's no ambiguity.  I rather like Frumple's phrasing of the principle:  "…so those of us not quite so pleased by locked core content can express our distaste in a more easily trackable method."

    Perhaps I am wrong.

    I finally bothered to read the mod itself. It does superload, and that is expected, but it does not actually do what I thought it did. It is not replacing the birther data, but literally bypassing the locks. My apologies. I presumed to understand how it works when I really did not. Well done with the mod. It is simple and does what it should.

    Good man.

    I just wanted to say that it was good of you to admit you were wrong and apologize, I really appreciate people who are mature enough to do that, since it seems so many people can't. Kudo's to you.