Ignore Race/Class Locks v1d

Game Addon: 

Release 1.4.0:

  • Bypass lock on 1.7's new High Thaumaturgist and Fallen class evolutions.
  • Add preliminary integration with the v1.7 game engine's localization support.

lua error

trying out this mod for 1.7.0 and I get an error saying "attempt to index field 'T_HIGH_THAUMATURGIST' (nil value)", what is this error and can it be fixed?


That… shouldn't be possible; I've confirmed in debug mode that that talent definition is present. Can you provide a more complete stack trace?


Game version: tome-1.7.0
Addons: improved_combat_text_v2-1.6.0[X!], crit-shrug-1.6.0[X!], tougher_escorts-1.6.0[X!], easy_map_v2-1.6.0[X!], shorterdungeons-1.2.5[X!], ashes-urhrok-1.7.0[O], kryl_map-1.7.0[X], frost_invoker-1.7.0[X], drem_zigur-1.5.10[X!], clean_doll-1.6.0[X!], somebody-shut-that-dog-up-1.0.5[X!], bropack-1.6.7[X!], starting_equipment-1.6.0[X!], verbose-enemies-1.3.1[X!], tactical-minimap-1.6.0[X!], evolve_adven1-1.7.0[X], cults-1.7.0[O], ModGenLev-1.6.0[X!], nalorenrace-1.6.7[X!], possessors-1.7.0[O], mindstar_slayer-1.5.0[X!], ignore_rc_locks-1.7.0[X], ToughMelinda-1.5.0[X!], qt-improved-recall-1.6.7[X!], orcs-1.7.0[O], improved-restauto-1.6.5[X!], items-vault-1.7.0[O], neka_qol01a-1.0.0[X!], highguard-1.7.0[X], genuine-veteran-1.6.6[X!], whitemonk-1.7.0[X], pf_fixes-1.6.0[X!], faster_rre-1.0.6[X!], PlenumTooltipCustom-1.7.0[X], simplified-prodigy-reqs-1.6.1[X!], friendly_patrols-1.6.0[X!], nsrr_exotics-1.4.8[X!], merchant_map-1.7.0[X], swordsmaster-1.6.7[X!], dance-of-the-edge-1.6.7[X!], better_item_desc-1.6.6[X!], zomnibus-1.7.0[X], hz-escorts-1.3.1[X!]

Lua Error: /hooks/ignore_rc_locks/load.lua:48: attempt to index field 'T_HIGH_THAUMATURGIST' (a nil value)

  At [C]:-1 __index
  At /hooks/ignore_rc_locks/load.lua:48 
  At [string "return function(l, self, data) local ok=false..."]:1 triggerHook
  At /mod/load.lua:266 
  At [C]:-1 require
  At /engine/Module.lua:161 load
  At /engine/Module.lua:1084 instanciate
  At /engine/utils.lua:2952 showMainMenu
  At /engine/init.lua:207 
  At [C]:-1 dofile
  At /loader/init.lua:217 

this is the full error. maybe other class mods interfere with it? i'll try, but for now this is what comes out

edit: i tried testing my mods one by one, and turns out i have conflict with the simplified prodigy requirements one. so far it works now, although i still have no idea why it flagged your mod as faulty instead of the other one

That explains it.

[sound F/X: source diving] Ah, yes, that would explain it. Simplified Prodigy Requirements apparently hasn't been updated for 1.7, and it basically accidentally removes 1.7's new High Thaumaturgist and Fallen evolutions. I've pushed out an update for this addon that should successfully work around that.

i'll try it out, thank you

i'll try it out, thank you very much!