Lich Race

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Ever wish you could fill up that lich column on your winners table without editing any files? Well, now you can!
This addon adds liches as a playable race. Like other undead, they cannot use infusions, but can access their racial talents sooner than living races.

Liches possess the following attributes:
Stat modifiers:

+ 0/+0/+0/+3/+0/+2

Life rating: 10
Experience penalty: 0%
- Poison, cut, disease, stun, blindness, and fear immunity
- No need to breathe

- Lich: Passive. Increases saves and crit shrug off.
- Absorb Essence: Passive. Recover a fixed amount of life and resources when you deal damage.
- Ancient Knowledge: Passive. Improves all class talent category masteries.
- Infusion: Sustained. Converts a portion of your damage to a damage type of your choice.

As in vanilla, all talent icons are from .


This addon superloads the following functions non-destructively:

Weight: 135817


- Initial release

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