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Adds the Dreamasaur race, a dinosaur dreaming of a strange fantasy world. Consumes dreams to gain new abilities.

This mod is mainly for personal use. No attempt has been made to achieve balance.

If an @ symbol appears behind the character tile, you can download this: https://i.imgur.com/qnf9dQt.png

Put it in your custom tiles directory (win10 default: C:\Users\YourUserName\T-Engine\4.0\tome\data\gfx\custom-tiles) and select it at character creation. It is literally the exact same file but for some reason it works from the custom directory and not from the actual addon folder I guess.

Beholder (Eye Fix)

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Adds Beholders as a playable race. Created by ajfluffy (design, code and conception) and rexorcorum (ideas and artwork), this addon is now being maintained by Nagyhal under the guidance of rexorcorum in ajfluffy's absence.

Original (steam version): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=204567988

Update by Kish to remove purple gaze alpha that obscures the whole screen. Also modified central eye powers, replacing Paralyzing Gaze with Temporal Gaze.

v1.1.8-9: Potentially fixed some LUA errors. I don't know enough about LUA to fix the one you get when changing party members, sorry; that part of the mod is not one I messed with at all at any rate.
v1.1.7: Random bosses should no longer spawn with the Mage Eye class, which should also avoid certain LUA errors when it happened.

Race: Blessed

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Blessed is a human subrace with no racial talents, but 14 life rating, +4 in every stat, and a -5% experience penalty

Race: Banshee

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Adds Banshees as a new type of undead that harrow enemies with their sorrowful voices.

Silence and confuse enemies.
Drift through walls.
Cut away healing.

Banshees begin in a small starting zone of their own.

Banshees are unlocked if you have unlocked any other undead.

Faerie Race Temp Fix

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Adds in a playable Faerie Race.

Nekomata race

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Adds the Nekomata race. Nekomata are human/cat hybrids who have superhuman agility and strange and miraculous powers.


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This mod adds Fanged Collar to player's starting inventory. Now you can start growing your own parasite from the very beginning.

[A necklace appear in inventory like a gray unidentified 'a necklace with fangs'.
If u want to know a magical properties - Right click on item and chose Identify. Item change to 'Fanged Collar'.
P.S. : Item usable without Identify (Parasite Race)]

To use this mod start a new game, with a newly activated race and die. After death - when given two options, choose "a) ...want to live".

And don't forget to equip Fanged Collar before dying.

Availible in following game modes: Infinity Dungeons, Arena, Maj'Eyal main campaign, Orcs campaign.
[This Artefact:
- Added a generic talent categiry tree - Race / Parasite
- Forever takes Head and Neck slot
- Eats Escorts and gives +1 to generic point]

-------------Required The Forbidden Cults DLC----------------
-------Required Orcs: Ember of Rage DLC----------

For Steam users: subscribe to this mod
From site: Download the '%mod_name%.teaa' file and copy them to Game Addon directory: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\TalesMajEyal\game\addons
Check (or set) Auto: Active status on this mod in 'Addons' tab on start screen

For Steam users: If you would like to remove this mod, you'll have to unsubscribe it's first from Steam and then delete the file named '%mod_name%.teaa' from C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\TalesMajEyal\game\addons
From site: Delete the file named '%mod_name%.teaa' from C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\TalesMajEyal\game\addons

or make it easy in game:
On start screen: Open 'Addons' tab and select "Manual:Disabled" in %mod_name%
That's all.

 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: РУС :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Этот мод добавляет предмет Fanged Collar в инвентарь вновь созданного героя. Теперь вы можете начать выращивать своего паразита с ранних уровней.

[Ожерелье появится в инвентаре, как серый неопознанный предмет 'a necklace with fangs'.
Если вы хоитте узнать магические свойства - Кликните правой кнопкой мыши по предмету и выберите Identify. Предмет изменится на 'Fanged Collar'.
P.S.: Предмет используемый и без идентификации (Раса Parasite)]

Для активации новой Расы необходимо надеть его и умереть. А после смерти ответить: "a)... Я хочу жить"

Не забудьте Экипировать его перед смертью!

Доступно во всех режимах: Infinity Dungeons, Arena, Maj'Eyal main comany, Orcs company.
- Добавляет ветвь talent categiry - Race / Parasite
- Навсегда лишает героя слотов Головы и Шеи
- Поедает Эскорты и даёт +1 очко generic point]

-------------Требуется The Forbidden Cult DLC! ----------------
-------Требуется Orcs: Ember of Rage DLC----------

Для пользователей Steam: Подпишитесь на мод
С сайта: Скачайте файл '%mod_name%.teaa' и скопируйте его в директорию Аддонов игры: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\TalesMajEyal\game\addons
Проверьте, что в игре в меню 'Addons' напротив мода стоит Auto: Active

Для пользователей Steam: Если хотите удалить мод - сперва отпишитесь от него в Steam, а затем удалите файл '%mod_name%.teaa' из директории C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\TalesMajEyal\game\addons
С сайта:Удалите файл '%mod_name%.teaa' из директории C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\TalesMajEyal\game\addons

или в игре:
На стартовом экране: Откройте меню 'Addons' и выберите "Manual:Disabled" напротив %mod_name%


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Adds the Vor'tep as a new Giant sub-race, a breed of altered trolls. Get it right here or on the Steam Workshop.

Vor'tep have a life rating of 13 and an experience penalty of 30% and start with +3STR, +3WIL, +3CON,+3MAG, -2DEX, and -2CUN.

Vor'tep posses the strength and will to wield any one-handed weapon in their offhand innately.

Vor'tep have the following racial talents:

Trollkin Fortitude
For 5 turns, each magical, physical, or mental detrimental effect applied to you by an enemy will have the duration preemptively reduced by X turns or 50% (rounded up), whichever is greater. If this reduces the duration to 0 or less the effect is completely negated. The power of the effect improves with Constitution.

Passively increases life regen by X and healing modifier by Y%.
Scales only on talent level.

Blood Rush
Sustaining this talent will cause talents to cooldown by one turn at the begining of each turn. This will occur regardless of stuns or other effects that would normally reduce or prevent cooldowns. This will not effect talents with a fixed cooldown.
This will cause you to take X% of your maximum life as irresistible damage on the first turn, increasing each subsequent turn. Each turn the damage dealt will be 15% greater than the turn before. If your life is below 20% of your maximum at the start of a turn, the sustain will automatically deactivate.
The damage of the effect is reduced by Willpower.

Internal Inscription
You are able to internalize a rune or infusion of your choice. Once chosen, the inscription will be triggered instantly when you are below 15% of your maximum life. This has a cooldown and is the only way to activate the inscription.
Cooldown decreases significantly with talent level and is based only on this talent (the original cooldown of the inscription is completely disregarded).

Talent icons from game-icons.net.

Mountain Troll Race

Short Name: 

This addon adds Mountain Trolls as a playable race to the game.

Class Start Priority - Undead Version

Short Name: 

A variant of Keevan's Class Start Priority addon, modfied with great incompetence by Parcae to allow Undead to access Ashes of Uhr'rok starting zones.

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