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Sholtar have no racial talents of their own; instead, the four slots can be used to learn talents from defeated enemies (of a high enough rank). In this manner, the Sholtar can improve nearly any class by adding abilities from other calsses, or even talents that are normally exclusive to NPCs.
Sholtar are not quite as hardy as other humans, and receive -2 to strength, dexterity and constitution, and have a life rating of 8. On the other hand, they are exceptionally quick-witted, with a bonus of +6 to cunning, an extra generic point every 3 levels, and an experience 'penalty' of -20%.


The Sholtar were once a great nation, with many vasts cities in the southeastern regions of Maj'Eyal. In spite of the harsh, dry terrain they inhabitied, or perhaps because of it, they were a people of great ingenuity and adaptability.

The Cataclysm which tore the world apart centuries ago swept nearly all of the Sholtar lands into the murky depths, and all but erased their people from the face of Eyal.

While very few survived, those who did fought for survival with all of the wit and grit that was their birthright. An already adaptable people grew to become even more adaptable through neccessity, and it has become their greatest strength.

Sholtar are able to learn abilities by carefully studying others, and, regardless of their class, they can always improve by incorporating the talents of others into thier skill set.


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Adds Dreamelves, a new elf subrace. In elf tradition, it's overpowered. Not as much as Shalore though. Probably.

Dreamelves possess the following attributes:
Stat modifiers:

+ 0/+1/+0/+1/+2/+1

Life rating: 9
Experience penalty: 25%
Lucid Dreamer

- Allure of the Dreamers: Instantly move an actor other than yourself. Pull a mage next to you, move a bulwark away from you, move an escort out of harm's way...
- Serenity of the Dreamers: Remove detrimental effects of your choice.
- Creativity of the Dreamers: Passive. Expands your resource pools.
- Flawless: Reduce the cooldowns of the next few talents you use.

As in vanilla, all talent icons are from http://game-icons.net/ .


This addon superloads the following functions relatively non-intrusively:

Weight: 135814


- Initial release

Dremling Horror Race

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There aren't enough subtypes of dwarf so here are some Horrible dwarves.

If you don't like the 'faceless underground monster' look, and are a donator, Redheaded Dremlings are indistinguishable from Redheaded Dwarves. ;)

Playable Rat Lich Race

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Adds a playable rat lich race based in part on the rat lich boss. Created since people on tome irc though it would be interesting to play as a rat lich :P.

Playable Wight Race

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Adds High Wights as a playable race: tough, psionic undead who arise naturally yet stand outside the natural order. Models by Rexorcorum.

Class Start Priority

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Edits class birth descriptions to ignore the lore-based race checks when assigning the starting zone. Any race that is not flagged with a no-start-override (i.e. all standard races aside from undead) will now be able to begin in class-based starting areas, such as those for Archmages and Chronomancers.

Notably, this should allow most addon races to access these starting areas.

Abomination Race

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Adds the undead abomination race.

Abominations are the hideous result of callous necromancers fusing several dead bodies or loose appendages into one single being. They can augment themselves by assimilating more body parts to their being, even in the heat of battle. Abominations may grow considerably in size after being created and while such extra size may benefit them, growing too large slows them down.

Their multitude of body parts makes them hardy and difficult to stun and their multitude of heads make their vision difficult to impair, however the vast amount of minds combined can make them more susceptible to confusion effects

They have access to special abomination talents, that improve as they grow in size and constitution.

The Burning Coals

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This addon is yet another OP human subrace, it features strong fire and light based racial talents, extra quests, dungeons, and items that give more character building points.

Credits: there are two lore images in the addon that I got from Deviant-Art, the author URL is this: http://nicholaskay.deviantart.com/

All other new art was based on existing Shockbolt's art, or made by myself using GIMP and Krita.

The addon is "complete", but I want to add more quests and some other stuff later.

changelog 1.1.0

The objective of this version is fix gameplay, there was several problems that weren't found during test with DevMode tools, and also due to blind good luck during testing.

  • Your character now start with +2 of HP regen, this make the game slightly easier, but the reason for this is to fix an annoyance regarding auto-explore, that doesn't work with negative regeneration.
  • Fixed excessive amount of stat bonus potions on later laters.
  • Stat bonus potions give stats more frequently, but are also more dangerous.
  • Fixed certain plot object disappearing and breaking progression.
  • Balance Changes on a boss reward potion item.
  • Fixed final boss giving excessive XP and bumping player up by several levels.
  • Balance fix on a certain boss+group battle that spawned groups too big that would instantly overwhelm melee characters.
  • Minor scenary changes
  • Maze is now slightly smaller
  • Changed graphics of "glowing chest" to show they are different from vanilla ones.
  • Caves are shorter now, to be less boring, they have a boss now (to compensate loss of XP needed later), that boss drops a useful item (to allow a certain area to be visited a bit earlier)
  • Changed music of some places.
  • Fixed some issues in init.lua that conflicted with the game paid DLC

changelog 1.1.1

Just a hotfix, to fix two bugs.

  • Fixed lua error on ending.
  • Fixed one staircase going to wrong place. Thanks nsrr for the report!

changelog 1.1.2

Hotfix again!

  • Another attempt of fixing the DLC conflict bug, this time following suggestion from AstralInferno.

Playable Mummy Race

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Adds Mummies as a new type of undead that cripple their enemies and overcome any obstacle.
They start out weak to fire, but quickly overcome that.

Embalming increases Strength and Willpower
Entangle wraps up an enemy, slowing them, with a low cooldown.
Inevitability wears away at the resistances of your enemies as your own resistances mount.
Uniquely, they have a small secondary racial tree that removes detrimental effects.

Mummies begin in their own starter zone, a low-level dungeon reminiscent of both the Blighted Scar and the Elven Ruins.

Currently, Mummies are unlocked if you have unlocked a certain other, similar race.
In a future version they will be given their own unlock condition.

1.1.0 New Starter Zone
--New zone exists and is functional, but somewhat unpolished. Be sure you kill the boss on the way out.

1.0.3 Fix for Resists and Defilers
-- Canopic - Breath no longer generates vim and requires level 12
-- fire resistance works on raw talent level (caps out at neutral 50%)
-- final racial talent renamed (too similar to brawler synergy generic)

Race for burning things

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I just want to try out ritch flamespit gatling guns why is this so much to ask.

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