Barachi Joke

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Makes an unpleasant joke about frog people.

Barachi -- Playable Race

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Adds Barachim, a froglike race, as a playable race selectable in all campaigns. They have been adapted from their original appearance in Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup in order to better gel with ToME's gameplay and lore.

Barachim are stationary fighters with an innate aptitude for handling the fundamental elements of Fire, Cold, Acid, and Lightning. The more they use a specific element, the more attuned they become to it, increasing their power dramatically as an encounter goes on. They can further use their attunement to the elements to stoke the faint vestige of divine power they still possess, enhancing their ability to use talents; the most powerful barachim can summon a bountiful fountain of water to heal and purify their bodies and drench their enemies. However, they suffer a 30% movement speed penalty when on dry land, relying primarily on their Leapfrog talent to hop around the battlefield and reposition themselves.

Barachi are best suited as tanks or elemental casters, staking out a position on the battlefield and steadily building momentum as they manipulate the elements to their advantage, shrugging off their foes' attacks and retaliating with an accelerating barrage of specialised combat abilities that tip the scales increasingly in their favour.

Humility and hardship forge truly indomitable wills, adventurer. Through fire and flood, darkness and blood, we remain.

Race: Wight

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Adds Wights as a playable type of undead.

Blast enemies with elemental power.
Ignore attacks with your ghostly nature.
Unerringly seek out enemies, even behind walls

Wights begin in a tiny starting zone of their own.

Wights are unlocked by completing the ancient battleground event on the matching difficulty

There are other wight addons:
But they weren't quite what I was looking for.

Please report any problems or comments in the forum thread below.


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Adds the Dreamasaur race, a dinosaur dreaming of a strange fantasy world. Consumes dreams to gain new abilities.

This mod is mainly for personal use. No attempt has been made to achieve balance.

If an @ symbol appears behind the character tile, you can download this: https://i.imgur.com/qnf9dQt.png

Put it in your custom tiles directory (win10 default: C:\Users\YourUserName\T-Engine\4.0\tome\data\gfx\custom-tiles) and select it at character creation. It is literally the exact same file but for some reason it works from the custom directory and not from the actual addon folder I guess.

Beholder (Eye Fix)

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Adds Beholders as a playable race. Created by ajfluffy (design, code and conception) and rexorcorum (ideas and artwork), this addon is now being maintained by Nagyhal under the guidance of rexorcorum in ajfluffy's absence.

Original (steam version): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=204567988

Update by Kish to remove purple gaze alpha that obscures the whole screen. Also modified central eye powers, replacing Paralyzing Gaze with Temporal Gaze.

v1.1.8-9: Potentially fixed some LUA errors. I don't know enough about LUA to fix the one you get when changing party members, sorry; that part of the mod is not one I messed with at all at any rate.
v1.1.7: Random bosses should no longer spawn with the Mage Eye class, which should also avoid certain LUA errors when it happened.

Race: Blessed

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Blessed is a human subrace with no racial talents, but 14 life rating, +4 in every stat, and a -5% experience penalty

Race: Banshee

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Adds Banshees as a new type of undead that harrow enemies with their sorrowful voices.

Silence and confuse enemies.
Drift through walls.
Cut away healing.

Banshees begin in a small starting zone of their own.

Banshees are unlocked if you have unlocked any other undead.

Faerie Race Temp Fix

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Adds in a playable Faerie Race.

Nekomata race

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Adds the Nekomata race. Nekomata are human/cat hybrids who have superhuman agility and strange and miraculous powers.

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