Bear Race

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Mod that allows you to play as an adventurer who somehow ended up with humanlike intelligence, but the body of a bear.

Bears are an unusual adventurer species. They are unable to use most equipment (hat, lite, amulet, cape and tool only), but are very strong, fast and tough and have a rather powerful racial talent tree.
The mod is an early work in progress. A future development goal is to adjust dialogues and create new scenarios to reflect a bear's limited communication capabilities.

Racial talents
- Maul: You gain two powerful unarmed paw attacks. Despite being unarmed, you can use your paws to perform most attacks that would normally require melee weapons.
- Ironhide: Gain strong defences that scale with physical power, and the ability to treat your tough hide as light armour
- Ursine Ingenuity: Reduce all cooldowns and increase almost all stats granted by the few items you can actually wear
- Huge. Angry. Bear.: You become far larger, faster, tougher, and stronger.

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