Bear Race

Short Name: 

Mod that allows you to play as an adventurer who somehow ended up with humanlike intelligence, but the body of a bear.

Bears are an unusual adventurer species. They are unable to use most equipment (hat, lite and tool only), but are very strong, fast and tough and have a rather powerful racial talent tree.
The mod is an early work in progress. A future development goal is to adjust dialogues and create new scenarios to reflect a bear's limited communication capabilities.

Racial talents
- Maul: You gain two powerful unarmed paw attacks. Despite being unarmed, you can use your paws to perform most attacks that would normally require melee weapons.
- Ironhide: Gain strong defences that scale with physical power, and the ability to treat your tough hide as light armour
- Ursine Ingenuity: Reduce all cooldowns and increase almost all stats granted by the few items you can actually wear
- Huge. Angry. Bear.: You become far larger, faster, tougher, and stronger.

Raccoonian Race

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Adds Raccoonian as a playable race, a forest creature with keen senses.Raccoonians are usually timid and reclusive, albeit some individuals crave for a more adventurous lifestyle. They possess agile limbs, natural cunning, keen senses and strong bonds with their animal ancestry. They do not practice arcane magic and have no talent for it.

Stat modifiers:

  • Dexterity: +2
  • Magic: -4
  • Cunning: +5

Life per level: 11Experience modifier: +15%

Racial talents:

Raccoonian Malice: Passive. Boosts your racial aptitudes for malice and thievery, increasing cunning and dexterity.Raccoonian Senses: Sustained. Focus on the scents and noises around you, revealing all creatures in a radius which scales with your cunning. Your deep focus will also slow you down while active.Rockstar Raccoon Rampage: Active. Enter a destructive rampage state, boosting your movement speed for a short amount of time. Besides, once per turn you unleash your destructive behaviour, granting a free attack to a random adjacent enemy as phyisical damage.Raccoonian Rage: Passive. Your animal nature makes you react to pain and wounds with a wild frenzy, giving you action speed scaling with your missing live percentage.

Hexkin race

Short Name: 

Adds the Hexkin race.

!!!This addon is still a work in progress!!!

What's new:
The character intro is slightly easier to read.
Hexkin base stats have been nerfed slightly.
Adventurers will no longer be displayed as wearing underwear.
The talent 'paws and claws' is finished, and will be replacing the current fill in version.

Pepper Pack

Short Name: 

Adds classes, races, objects and other stuff into the game.

Class: Performer / Bard

Jacks of all trades, masters of none, Bards are known for being proficient in a vast array of talents, such as melee and ranged combat, spellcasting and performing capabilities and blend all of these styles into a very versatile mix.

Race: Animal / Bunnymorph

Bunnymorphs are former humanoids morphed into bunnies by a spooky evil dark wizard. This transformation rendered them more fragile but gave them some special talents.

Objects and other additions include rapiers, whips, harps, flutes, lutes, singing swords, a new item type (instrument), a new resource pool (melody), a new damage type (sound), a new escort type, a sizable amount of new egos centered around melody, sound damage, new talents and a handful of new artifacts.

Thanks to rexorcorum for all the custom images and to for the custom icons.

Ranger Class

Short Name: 

Adds the Ranger class to ToME.

More information at the forum thread.

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