Pepper Pack

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Adds classes, races, objects and other stuff into the game.

Class: Performer / Bard

Jacks of all trades, masters of none, Bards are known for being proficient in a vast array of talents, such as melee and ranged combat, spellcasting and performing capabilities and blend all of these styles into a very versatile mix.

Race: Animal / Bunnymorph

Bunnymorphs are former humanoids morphed into bunnies by a spooky evil dark wizard. This transformation rendered them more fragile but gave them some special talents.

Objects and other additions include rapiers, whips, harps, flutes, lutes, singing swords, a new item type (instrument), a new resource pool (melody), a new damage type (sound), a new escort type, a sizable amount of new egos centered around melody, sound damage, new talents and a handful of new artifacts.

Thanks to rexorcorum for all the custom images and to for the custom icons.

Shadowblade Cantrips

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Gives Shadowblades the Spell / Cantrips tree, an offensive/utility light tree.

Spell / Cantrips (Mag, 1.0)

Dazzling Light:
Conjures up light into a powerful bolt doing light damage with a 25% chance to blind for 3 turns.
At level 4 it becomes a beam.
The damage will increase with your Spellpower.

Projected Image:
Projects an Illusion for 6/14 turns to distract your foes. This illusion will periodically force any foes to attack them. It can also explode, dealing light damage in a radius of 1/2, and will always do so if it suffers from fatal damage. The explosion damage will increase with your level and talent level.
It will get (12 + low talent scaling) Constitution, (17 + better talent scaling) Dexterity and 18 Cunning.
This illusion will inherit increased damage% and increased damage penetration% from you. With Blighted Summoning it will get a bonus to Magic equal to yours and Curse of Impotence at talent level 1/3.

You start vanishing from sight, moving 300%/700% faster and gaining 10% chance to evade melee attacks for 1/3 game turns.
When this effect ends you'll become invisible (some power) for 3/7 turns.
As you become invisible you fade out of phase with reality, all your damage is reduced by 50%%.
Any actions other than moving will end the movement speed boost and activate the invisibility prematurely.
The invisibility power will increase with your Spellpower.

Inflicts light damage, shocks and attempts to confuse (20%/40% power) all creatures in a radius 1/3 ball for 2/3 turns.
The damage will scale with your Spellpower.


-Buffed Projected Image, bugfixing

Test 2: some tweaks (mostly visual) to Dazzling Light

Test 1: initial release

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