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shining Chinese

Mod职业 辉光一族 的中文翻译.

Class: Speedrunner

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Adds a speedrunner warrior subclass to the game.

Class: Hunted

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A stealthy Cursed class that uses unarmed attacks. Inspired by HousePet's Werebeast from the Verdant Class Pack.

First and foremost, thank you to everyone in the Tales of Maj'Eyal Discord for all the coding help!

--- Class Talents ---
Cursed / Werebeast (WIL)
Claws of the Beast - Sustain that causes your unarmed attacks to deal Darkness and Mind damage as well as have a chance to cause gloom effects. Costs Equilibrium, damage based on talent level and Mindpower. Cannot be used with anything in hands.
Rip and Tear - Deals melee weapon damage, Bleeds, and increases Hate. Disarms if used from Stealth. Costs Equilibrium, damage based on talent level. Claws of the Beast must be active.
Mournful Howl - Deals Darkness and Mind damage in a small radius and increase Hate. Causes a random gloom effect if used from Stealth. Costs Equilibrium, damage based on talent level and Mindpower. Claws of the Beast must be active.
Throatseeker - Deals high melee weapon damage and increases Hate. Silences if used from Stealth. Costs Equilibrium, damage based on talent level. Claws of the Beast must be active.

Cursed / Prowl (CUN)
Prowl - It's Stealth.
Pounce - It's Shadowstrike.
Nocturnal - It's the stealth regen thing but instead of Life and Stamina, it's Life and Equilibrium.
Into the Woods - Re-enter stealth no matter if enemies are near you or not. No cost, but high cooldown and breaks like regular stealth.

Cursed / Gore (CUN, Locked)
Bloodlet - Critical weapon attacks also apply Bleed. Bleed increases based on talent level.
Dig In - Deals melee weapon damage and intensifies Bleed effects on the enemy. Costs Hate and Equilibrium, damage based on talent level. Claws of the Beast must be active.
Frenzied Swipe - Lash out and swipe madly at everything around you, dealing damage and applying Bleed. Claws of the Beast must be active.
Shadow of the Pack - Sustain that causes triggers a weak melee attack against all Bleeding enemies in a short radius. Costs Equilibrium to sustain, and Hate once per turn that it triggers.

Cursed / Endless hunt
Cursed / Strife
Cursed / Predator
Cursed / Rampage (Locked)
Cursed / Fears (Locked)

--- Generic Talents ---
Cursed / Primal instincts (CUN)
Tooth and Nail - Unarmed mastery.
Beastly Form - Gain Strength based on Willpower and Dexterity based on Cunning.
Vicious - Do more Physical, Darkness, and Mind damage.
Fight or Flight - Trained Reactions. It's just Trained Reactions.

Technique / Combat training
Cursed / Cursed form
Wild-gift / Call of the wild

Rise of the Ooze

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Adds Oozewalkers, antimagic powered undead who are incapable of using infusions but gain powerful racial talents. They also begin in a new starting town (shared with Oozemancers).
Additionally, people beginning in this starting zone can complete the quest Storming the City through it to gain a different reward.
Note: This is the first release and the Storming the City alternate reward is a very strange item, so it may not function as intended for all sustains. Additionally, balance may not be spot on yet, balancing is hard and I am not good at it.

Full Details:
Racial Talents:
Infusion of Slime - Use one Infusion from your inventory, putting the talent on the cooldown of the inscription plus five.
Oozing Blood - Gain a regeneration effect for 5/6/7 turns, scaling with the greater of Willpower and Constitution.
Jelly Form - Gain many weak resistances. None of the resistances values are high enough to be reliable, but it gives a lot of them, so.
Dissolving Dash - Dash to a location, moving through enemies to a tile 5-10 tiles away and corroding everything you pass through, reducing their resist all for a short time.

Reward from Storming the City with the Oozing Cradle:
Phosphorus Heart, a Lite with the ability to steal magical sustains and cause enemy sustains to randomly fail within radius 5.

Class: The Lost

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Note: This is the first release and balance may be weird because I am not very good at balancing things. If you want a bit more polished class, wait a few days.
Adds a new class, the Lost, designed by Thornstromb and developed by me.
The Lost is a new Afflicted class based around a hybrid of Archery and Stealth. Skulking in the shadows, the Lost is filled with a piercing hatred for the living.
A nasty glass cannon that relies on tools and inscriptions for survival, but does atrocious amounts of damage while undetected. You have an alternate version of stealth that never breaks, and while you have no inbuilt source of stamina regen, as a Willpower-main class you'll have plenty of stamina for most fights.

Class Details
-- Base Stats

+ 4 Dex / +4 Will / +3 Cun

Starting Life - 110 (as Archer and Cursed)
Life Rating: +1 (Cursed is +2, Archer is +0)
Starting Gear: (Same as Archer)
Archery Prowess 1.3 (as Archer)

-- Class Skills
Archery Prowess 1.3 (As Archer)
Predator 1.3 (As Cursed) (NOTE: Outmaneuver is tweaked to affect both melee and ranged attacks via weapon damage trigger. This should have no functional effect on Cursed.)
Trapping 1.3 (As Rogue)
Fears 1.3 Locked (As Afflicted)
Sniper 1.3 Locked (As Archer)

New trees:
Hunter 1.3 -- Archery skills
-- Silent Shot
Active - 5 Hate 10 Stamina - CD 6
Deal increased weapon damage, can mark and boost stealth power.
-- Leech Shot
Active - 10 Hate 15 Stamina - CD 6
Deal increased Weapon Damage with life steal.
-- Shadow Shot
Active - 10 Hate 20 Stamina - CD 6
Deal standard weapon damage and additional Darkness Damage, potentially blind the target.
-- Erupting Shot
Active - Cost 20 Hate 30 Stamina - CD 20
Deal significant weapon damage and prevent stealth from working for several turns.

Twisted 1.3 -- Utility Skills
-- Hate’s Draw
Bow Weapon Mastery, converts Str scaling and requirements on ammo/bows to Will, gives Shoot a 10% chance to Mark.
-- Skulk
Stalk, but for ranged.
-- Eternal Harvest
Gain Unnatural Body style healing when removing marks from targets.
-- Loathing
Sustain - Reserve 20 Hate
Add Darkness Damage to ranged attacks and causes Random Gloom when you remove a Mark.

Shroud 1.3 -- Stealth Skills
-- Cloak in Shadow
Sustain - Reserve 20 Hate
Gain a modified version of the stealth talent that does not disable light radius or give infravision and does not break when actions are taken.
-- Shadow Stalker
Targets who cannot see you have a chance to receive a Random Gloom and a high chance to be Marked.
-- Deep Shroud
Sustain - Toggle
Whether sustained or not, gain bonus stealth power while standing on unlit tiles. When toggled on, gain Infravision and reduce your light radius to 0 on all tiles.
-- Path of Shadows
Active - 10 Hate - [25-12] CD - [3-7] Range
You may always move instantly through cursed miasma from Savage Hunter (in the Predator tree), and you can activate this skill to generate a cursed miasma tile and immediately teleport to it.

-- Generic Skills
Combat Training 1.3 (As Core)
Survival 1.0 (As Core)
Dark Sustenance 1.3 (As Doomed)
Cursed Form 1.0 (As Afflicted)
Cursed Aura 1.0 Special (As Afflicted)

Steel Monk Evolution for Brawler (Fork)

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(This is a fork that adds projectile deflection to Greatest Weapon Focus and shortens cooldown a bit. Credit for the original addon of course goes to RootOfAllThings. Link to original addon: )

Adds a new class evolution for Brawler, the Steel Monk.

As a Steel Monk, the Brawler can wield a weapon in their hands while still making unarmed attacks.

While wielding a weapon, they can gain Greatest Weapon Focus, causing them to follow up their unarmed attacks with weapon attacks and parrying the attacks of their enemies.

Taking this prodigy will refund any points in Weapon Mastery, then grant you Weapon Mastery based on your Unarmed Mastery.

Knight Evolution for Bulwark

Short Name: 
Adds a new class evolution for Bulwark, the Knight.
As a knight, you learn how to protect the Weaks and defeat the Evils.
You gain:
Spirit Horse Talent - Sustain. Gain shield and movement speed while active.
Spirit Horse Category
  - Lance Charge: Charge toward target location and gain speed buff. Damage increases with movement speed.
  - Knight's vow: Passively increases defensive stats and regenerate stamina on blocking.
  - Tactical retreat: Retreat and gain movement speed
  - Hammer and Anvil: Deal massive damage if target knocked back to wall. Damage increases with movement speed.
Knight Training Category
  - Grand strategy: Gain wild speed on active.
  - Tower of steel: Gain pin resist and physical damage increase if you wear heavy armor.
  - Well fitted: Gain defensive stats if you wear heavy armor.
  - Chivalry: More damage on counterstrike.

Tireless Veterans

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Gives classes that have Combat Veteran category a Tireless Combatant category. That's it.
I wanted to replace combat veteran but decided to keep options open (and do less work myself!).

Class: Hekatonkheire

Short Name: 

This adds a new class, the Hekatonkhiere, which is loosely based on the Headless Horror.

Hekatonkhieres are considered Demented, but use a new resource instead of insanity and do *not* require Forbidden Cults.

They are spell-using melee combatants who mix armed and unarmed attacks while accompanied by their eldritch Wandering Eyes.

Hekatonkhiere talents do not appear on enemies.

New Talents
Spell / Shambler: This tree defines your combat style: stomp up to your target and wind up to a single devastating blow.
Spell / Headless Horror: Extract your own eyes from your head and empower them into monstrous minions for both attack and defense.
Technique / Titanic Blows: Heavy attacks with your weapons, which gain space-warping powers later on.
Technique / Helping Hands: Use your other 98 hands to block, steal, distract, and heal.
Technique / Harming Hands: Use your other 98 hands to grab, crush, drag, and batter.

Advanced Talents
Spell / Mountainshaper: Locked but available at level 0, your eldritch presence spills out into the world and warps the ground.
Technique / Splintered Lord: Time your attacks to take advantage of your extra-dimensional nature - or just chop enemies in half
Spell / Eyesight: Improve and direct your Wandering Eyes to better protect you and afflict your enemies.

Old Talents:
Cunning / Survival
Technique / Conditioning

Werekracken's Beholder Fork

Short Name: 

This addon is a fork of the Beholder (Eye Fix) (, which was a fork of Beholder (Continuation) (, which was a fork of Beholder race/classes ( It's been over a year since Beholder (Eye Fix) was updated last and it's been broken for a while, so here is the third fork.

Adds Beholders as a playable race and the Mage Eye as a Beholder only class.

Nekarcos's Quality of Life 07: Visible Size Categories addon is recommended in conjunction with beholders because it's fun to see their size change as they grow.

Beholder race

Beholders resemble floating orbs of flesh with large mouths, a single central eye, and lots of smaller eyestalks on top with deadly magical powers. Instead of gaining category points as they level, they must absorb energy from arcane items to grow. They cannot wear most equipment, but have lots of tentacles and eyes.

-2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +0 Constitution, +3 Magic, +4 Willpower, +2 Cunning

+ 10% Lightning, Fire, and Cold resist

-20% movement speed

Race trees

- race/beholder: Basic abilities common to all Beholders.
- technique/tentacle-combat: Strike nearby foes with your tentacles.

Mage Eye class

Mage eyes focus on harnessing the powers of their eyestalks.

+ 6 Magic, +3 Willpower

Generic trees

- spell/aegis
- spell/divination
- spell/conveyance
- cunning/survival (locked)
- technique/tentacle-combat: Strike nearby foes with your tentacles

Class trees

- spell/phantasm (locked)
- spell/meta
- spell/fire-eye: Flame eye abilities
- spell/frost-eye: Frost eye abilities
- spell/lightning-eye: Lightning eye abilities
- spell/central-eye: Central eye anti-magic abilities
- spell/tri-beam (locked): Refocus your central eye's energies. You must reach the 3rd beholder growth stage to be able to learn this talent tree.
- spell/death-eye (locked): Death eye abilities. You must reach the 5th beholder growth stage to be able to learn this talent tree.

- v1.0.0 Took out some logic around redefining some AI rules for talent usage because it was breaking this from loading and breaking other add ons as well. Made Temporal Gaze thralls so that you can't switch and control them because that was causing errors too.
- v1.0.1 Fixed an issue that caused bump attacks to error in conjunction with other addons.
- v1.0.2 Fix Channel Mastery to correctly randomly use known masteries. Add sounds for Frost Laser and Lightning Laser.
- v1.0.3 Make Beholder playable in Embers of Rage.
- v1.0.4 Make all classes (except wilders) available to the Beholder race. Make beholders levitate by default instead of at stage 5 growth. Changed them from starting with 10 infravision to getting +2 infravision for each growth stage.
- v1.7.3 Bumping version number to fix the fact that tome version and addon version got switched up.
- v1.7.4 Change Temporal Gaze to not kill the target when it's over and to not follow you around. Reduce cooldown and duration of Temporal Gaze. Fix talent cooldown reduction while beholder addon is active (like with Windtouched Speed).
- v1.7.5 Make the Beholder cosmetic size changes into actual size changes as well. Add handling of Nekarcos's Quality of Life 07: Visible Size Categories addon. Fix instant graphic update on size changes.
- v1.7.6 Update all beholder character models with new art from Rexocorum! Increase the amount of points it takes to grow for stages 3/4/5 and update the Beholder race quest information in the quest log. Take out display size changing with growth because Nekarcos's Quality of Life 07: Visible Size Categories addon does a much better job of that. Add display of equipment for the Beholder and it's cloaked human model (but not at the character creation menu because of reasons.) Fix issue where growing while Cloaked made your character tile disappear. Take out chance for unique gems and rings on birth. Add quiver slot back in because some classes need it.
- v1.7.7 Fix starting rings. Improve quest information about growth. Fix alchemist golem tile.
- v1.7.8 Add a ring slot to replace the one lost by the quiver.
- v1.7.9 Re-fix beholder tile update on growth. When you change faction via your Cloak ability, the faction of your summons change with it. Take out T_ARMOUR_TRAINING = 2 from Beholder race definition, that should be class based.
- v1.7.10 Normalize talent levels (.0 or .3).
- v1.7.11 Fix Absorb Magic so you can only drain items whose material level is equal or higher than your growth stage (it wasn't being applied to unique and rare items).
- v1.7.12 Fix the Draining Gaze map effect so you can see the area of effect of your gaze.
- v1.7.13 Take the innate Use Tentacles off of non-Mage Eye Beholders and give them Tentacle Combat generic tree unlocked at 1.0 mastery (to help make up for not being able to wear most gear), and make Channel Mastery useful for classes other than Mage Eye. Fix error when trying to unlearn Tentacle Mastery. Add some base game spell talent trees to Mage Eye to keep up with the times (more options). Fix log lines for Manadrain Gaze effect damage. Add class icons from Rexocorum for Mage Eye.
- v1.7.14 Fix for compatibility with Zizzo's Passive Cooldowns.
- v1.7.15 Make Absorb Magic and Beholder's Cloak of Deception not unlearnable so that if auto-assign at birth is disabled new chars will still get them.
- v1.7.16 Fix faction when playing Recaiden's Demons campaign. Remove cooldown on Absorb Magic.

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