Talent Cat unlocksfor non-eyal campaigns

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Harmony for Wyrmic, Ooze, Summoner, Fungus for summoner, Hexes and Vile Life for reaver. Unlocked, but reduced mastery in non-Eyal campaigns

Dual-Classes Reworked by AscendingPhoenix

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Allows the player to pick two classes, but the difficulty scales upward. (Original by StarKeep, modded by Raenarill).
You advance twice as fast, and gain two thirds more talent points. You also gain six talent category points: at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60.
After level 66, you gain one class talent point per level and one generic every two out of three levels.

In order to activate this addon, look at your Game Options for a new tab.

Spell Merchants quickfix-fix

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Pushes two merchants little aside so that they wont spawn on top of extra dungeons when unlocked and fixes Lost Merchant dungeon spawn level

WorldEater Revival

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Original by: DevilinDupriest "A rare sub-breed of Ogre, the result of experiments to focus the...aggressive appetites shown in battle by some during the Allure Wars. Worldeaters were trained in combat, although not quite to the degree of elite warriors, but developed further quirks after experiencing the brutality of war. Each Worldeater tends to develop their own path: some have their bodies and of their enemies deformed to physical forces of the world; others, their visages are permanently marred by their powerful minds; lastly, there are those who bring the arcane into their bodies lost in the thrill of battle." 

1.1.4 Mistakes were made
    Because you can't start your adventure over water...
1.1.3 Descriptions, Lore, minimal stuff
    Changed birth Location to Kroshkkur.
1.1.2 Spellpower Rework
    Removed Talent Trees: Technique/Combat Techniques, Wild Gift/Sand Drake
    Added Talent Trees: Corruptions/Black Magic, Spell/Necrosis
    Too many Physical trees, making it (still) a bit confusing. Not enough Magic focused Generic Talent Trees.
1.1.1 Pugilism Emergency Fix, Physical power Rethinking
    Readded Talent Tree: Technique/Pugilism (Removed by mistake)
    Removed Talent Trees: Technique/Shield Defence, Technique/Shield Offence
    Added Talent Trees: Technique/Combat Veteran, Technique/Superiority
    Initial Talents added: Unnatural Body, Vitality (Must have "Auto-assign talent points at birth" 'Enabled' for it to work
    Changed Masteries to reflect a bit of the new concept. Those directly related to changing the morphology of the body should have higher mastery than technical ones. Feel free to comment. I might have to change Physical power a bit...
1.1.0 Initial Release: Mindpower Rebalance
    Removed Talent Trees: Cursed/Dark Sustenance, Wild Gift/Fungus
    Added Talent Trees: Cursed/Cursed Form, Cursed/Gestures, Cursed/Cursed Form
    Rewrote description of the class to reflect the remade class.


Short Name: 

Adds the Calligrapher, a short-ranged mage class that uses ceaseless aggression and high mobility to debilitate their enemies in a whirl of bloodied ink.
The goal is to make a class where instantly dashing into the middle of a pile of rares and laying about with AoEs is the correct way to play, rather then elaborate suicide.
They primarily deal darkness damage, with secondary fire and blight elements.
They use the brand-new Ink resource, notable for having a hard cap of 100 Ink. Ink is restored by killing high ranked enemies, or by damaging yourself with Blood Distillation.
Aside from the usual unlocked Combat Training and Survival, Calligrapher uses completely unique trees. It has 4 unlocked class trees, one locked class tree and one generic tree.

Planned changes:
-I have an idea for another locked class category
-I might add another generic category as well
-A few of the sustains might have particle effects added to them, like Divine Cipher
-It is distantly possible that I might add sound effects to the class. I'm generally not a fan of ToME's sound design though, so this is unlikely.

I like to think that I've been fairly thorough in playtesting, but there are probably still bugs and exploits lurking.
If you run across any bugs then please report them. Include the relevant lua error and whether you have any other addons active.
There shouldn't be any other addon conflicts, since I've made liberal use of shortnames and haven't superloaded anything destructively, but it's still possible that there are some.
I do still recommend having as few non-essential addons active as possible, but this addon shouldn't affect even non-Calligrapher playthroughs due to the class being disabled on random enemies.

Spell Merchants quickfix

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Pushes two merchants little aside so that they wont spawn on top of extra dungeons when unlocked

Doctornull's Classes Reloaded

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Contains some new hybrid classes: Ascetic, Blood Mage, Creep, Flenser, Striker, Gravitic Infantry, Storm Warden, Transcendent Fist, Vector, and a few others.

Details & discussion here:

Yakri: I'm making a couple changes suggested in the mod thread, and testing for errors/incompatibilities in current version of TOME.
I don't actually know any lua, so we'll see how much I can actually get done.

All credit goes to Null, and FailPail for creating the creepfix.

Added Techniques/Combat Veteran to transcendent Fist.

Discordant class (and friends) - enemy edition

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This is a fork of Rukaneo's Discordant and Friends, itself a fork of Vectorinox's Discordant and Friends. This fork removes the brakes on the original addon by allowing enemies to get all non-customer classes from this addon, and marks some of the most egregiously broken (on enemies) talents as enemy-unusable. Each class should now be a challenge to work around on enemies, rather than being literally unkillable (notably primitive and discordant).

----------- Original from Vectorinox

Add Discordant as playable psionic subclass. A psionic tank with death radius around them (think of Mindrot, but less sucky). Wins battle through attrition, melts trash mobs just by standing. Can also spam tele-frags if you feel like it.

Add Kudzu as playable wilder subclass. Invasive, annoying, and hard to get rid of. Master of crowd controls and area denials. Cover the world with fungus, lichens, moss, and kudzus.

Add Scorpion as playable rogue subclass. Stealthy brawler with poison fist. Pull in your enemy and dethrone them with chain of combos.

Add Critic as playable afflicted subclass. High-risk, high-reward, critical-centric class that use feedback pool as life. Overpower your enemy with overwhelming amount of Gestures, or die from receiving too much criticism.

Add Colossus as playable race. Artificial giant constructed by dwarves, has the same start location as dwarf. Durable race with some drawbacks. Also like gold.

This is a practice addon intended for personal use, but thank you if you decided to check it out anyway.

Bonus class: Primitive, master of bump-attack *joke class* -------------

This is my first ever addon I just simply updated Vectorinox's discordant patch for all the classes to 1.7.0 (espeically for all you critic users) as well giving an a slight buff to Scorpions hook
(lowered the cool down ) . I give full credits to Vectorinox for making this wonderful addon. So please enjoy. So I may not be able to fix the bugs that may occur in the future ]

Andrew Minton : Qlass Pack (used as base)
Vectorinox and his Discodant Class pack -


1.0.0:- Initial release
1.0.1:- Discord talent tree rework (AKA nerfs)
1.0.2:- Add colossus as playable giant race
1.0.3:- Add kudzu as playable wilder class
1.0.4:- Add scorpion as playable rogue class
1.0.5:- Buffed scorpion weak early game scaling
1.0.6:- Add critic as playable afflicted class
1.0.7:- Critique tree bugfix
1.0.8:- Counterargument bugfix
1.0.9:- Update and minor Scorpion Buff by Rukaneo
1.1.0: - Fixed the psionic storm bug for discordant

Simple Man

Short Name: 

Adds a new Adventurer class, the Simple Man.

Simple Men just needs: Cunning, Mental Critical Chance and Critical Multiplier.
Their main damage type is Physical.

Well... it's pretty simple. :)
You will see. ;)

Simple Man also have a class evolution, it can become: LUA Man

It has a special resource, the LUA and it can gain LUA by triggering LUA Errors.

Be careful, just learn this evolution just for your own risk! :)

Thanks for playing!

Gladiator Fork

Short Name: 

This fork updates Combat Vigor to use 1.7+ dispel, and reduces lash/thrust cooldown to 0 at lv5 so increased attack speed will not lead to downtime. It also adds whip/trident icons to their respective talents so you can tell at a glance which is which.
Adds the Gladiator, a warrior subclass. Gladiators are weapons experts and can wield one-handed weapons in either hand with ease, however, they are also proficient with two-handed weapons and shields.
They learn many techniques for use with Axes, Maces, Swords and even more exotic weapons. Gladiators are able to quickly swap weapons and stack numerous detrimental effects on their foes, then finish them off with techniques that grow more deadly the more devastated their enemies become.
Includes six new class trees and one new generic tree, allowing for a variety of builds. Will you wield maces and shields and wear your foes down while sheltered inside your armor or put defense aside, pick up a pair of waraxes and become The Axebutcher?

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