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Adds the Crystalist class, a psionic class with mindpower-based attacks and defenses. Crystalists can quiver gems to change the damage types of their talents.

Crystalist will not appear on NPCs; use the Slightly More Adventurous addon if you wish to use Crystalist talents on Adventurers.

Also adds a few new artifacts, mainly gems, that only appear in Crystalist games (and for Adventurers that take Crystalist talents) in order to avoid changing the gameplay of other classes.

As in vanilla, all talent icons are from .


Weight: 163953


- Initial release

Mage Knight

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Adds the Mage Knight metaclass, and its six sub-classes.

Forum discussion thread:

Phoenix Knight: Powerful warriors who blast their foes with solar fire while calling healing light upon their allies. Their solar fire attacks will strike as either fire or light damage, whichever will hit their target the hardest, and their potent healing and cleansing abilities make them tough opponents to bring down.

Mind Knight: Psionic warriors who strengthen their mental abilities by tapping into their inner magic. Adept at telekinesis, telepathy, and teleportation, they are mobile scouts who can quickly get a lay of the land and sow chaos among their foes with physical and mental debilitations, or even outright compulsions.

Storm Knight: Swift skirmishers who rely on extreme mobility and powerful lightning magic to strike their foes down and avoid reprisals. Extremely fast and difficult to pin down, they can cast entire enemy units into disarray with their wealth of area attacks. All mage knights can cast while they fight, but experienced storm knights are also able to fight while they move.

Earth Knight: The heaviest of infantry, earth knights hammer their foes with physical and natural forces while shielding themselves with the power of the earth. Highly resilient in the face of any attack, earth knights provide a slow and steady offense supported by powerful gemstone shields and the endurance of a living mountain.

Sea Knight: Healers first, fighters second, battle mages a somewhat distant third, while sea knights lack the raw offensive power of other mage knights, they make up for it with amazing personal defense and recovery abilities. And though their attacks may be individually weak, like the sea itself, they are able to wear down even the strongest defenses eventually, eroding their opponents away with gradually strengthening spells, making them terrors in a battle of attrition.

Mana Knight: Experimenting pioneers who do amazing things with raw magical energy. They have the most conventional magical training of the mage knights, even if they sometimes put it to unconventional use. Their arcane attacks can overwhelm the powers of other spellcasters, and while they lack the scope of power of full-fledged archmages, they are masters of the fundamentals of the various arcane schools.


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Adds the Zephyr class, an archer that channels air magic through their attacks. Includes 4 new talent categories and does not appear on enemies.
Also reduces the mana costs of Chain Lightning and Thunderstorm strikes, and fixes sustainbug for Feather Wind, Blur Sight, and Tempest.

As in vanilla, all talent icons are from .

Sound credits: CC 0


Messes with Feather Wind and Blur Sight. Otherwise unlikely to cause any problems.

Weight: 161258


- Initial release


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Adds the Minstrel, a lightly armored duelist who uses the power of song to bolster strength and incapacitate foes. Implements 20 new abilities split across 5 ability trees and 2 additional artifacts (which form a set).

This is my first mod for ToME4, so if you encounter any bugs or balance issues, feel free to let me know!

The source code is available here:

Revamped Anorithil

Short Name: 

Revamps the Anorithil class.

The primary feature of the revamp is a change to Anorithil's resource mechanics. Instead of positive and negative energy, it has "alignment" that flips between darkness and light. Many talents are changed, replaced, added, and removed, with modernized talent icons and new sounds.

The design goal is a spellcaster class that is rewarded for staying in sustained fights, so they have several damage-over-time talents, lots of healing, and aren't in danger of running out of resources. Like in vanilla, they are well-equipped to take advantage of "talent on hit (spell)" equipment.

As in vanilla, all talent icons are from .

Sound credits: CC 0 CC 0 CC 0 CC-BY 3.0 CC-BY 3.0




- This version is not compatible with saves from older versions!
- Bug fix: EFF_SEARED renamed to EFF_SUNSEARED to prevent Embers of Rage conflict
- Bug fix: Traps and similar obscure entities inflicting light and dark damage will no longer cause errors
- Text fix
- Alignment is now indicated in the Classic UI
- Renamed some other talents to guard against future conflicts
- Clones can now use Solar Focus
- Experimental, hacky way of making spells of the wrong alignment show as disabled, while still allowing you to use the targeter

- Bug fix: Anorithil talents are now affected by silence
- Substantially nerfed Jumpgate but hopefully made it more convenient to use. There is no more second Jumpgate, and instead of having a maximum range, the accuracy of the teleport decreases with distance.
- Shadow Simulacrum is renamed to Twilight Simulacrum and now works on all ranks and has light and darkness affinity, but gets fixed life (by your spellpower and talent level), reduced damage, and a shorter duration
- Nerfed Blue Hour passives
- Slightly nerfed Solar Flares and Moonlight Ray damage
- Slightly buffed Shadow Blast damage and increased its range
- Increased Twilight Surge damage
- Reduced cooldowns of Star Song and Corona
- Slightly buffed Intercalation
- Hymn Nocturnalist now gives hymn cooldown reduction instead of silence immunity (was redundant with Circle of Sanctity)
- Circles' durations no longer crit
- Celestial / Light talents no longer grant the positive energy resource bar (since they don't actually use it)
- Alignment now has a tooltip

- Bug fix: Jumpgate now deactivates when changing levels
- Solar Focus is now broken if the beam can't be projected (fixes weird behaviour with translucent walls)

- Fixed Selenelion critical power bonus being 100x greater than intended (yay for inconsistency...)

- Fixed some code that I accidentally put in the wrong addon

- Initial release

Revamped Alchemist

Short Name: 

Revamps the Alchemist class.

The main focus of this revamp is to make Alchemist less centralized on Throw Bomb and a single damage type. Channel Staff and melee for alchemists are significantly improved.
Additionally, gem micromanagement is eliminated; alchemist gems no longer exist and alchemists' talents no longer use or consume ammo.

Main features:
- Alchemist gems are gone. Throw Bomb, Refit Golem, etc. no longer consume ammunition.
- Alchemy infusions are no longer mutually exclusive. Instead of changing the damage type of the entire alchemist bomb, they add a small amount of extra damage to alchemist bombs, Channel Staff, and melee attacks.
- Throw Bomb no longer has friendly fire. Alchemist Protection is replaced with a talent that allows you to pick a special effect for your bombs (such as knockback).
- More talents benefit from mastery
- A new Staff Techniques tree

Full change list:
- Acid Infusion, Fire Infusion, Frost Infusion, and Lightning Infusion:

  - These sustains are no longer mutually exclusive.
  - These sustains no longer change the damage type of Throw Bomb.
  - These sustains no longer provide elemental damage increases.
  - These sustains now *add* acid, cold, fire burn, and lightning damage to Throw Bomb, Channel Staff, and melee attacks.
  - These sustains now have cooldowns of 10 (from 30) and sustain mana costs of 50 (from 30).
  - No more blinding/freezing/dazing from these talents.

- Alchemist Protection:
  - Replaced with new talent, Pyrotechnics, which lets you select a special effect for your bombs

- Body of Fire:
  - No longer provides on_melee_hit
  - Resistance no longer depends on spellpower
  - No longer drains mana
  - Sustain mana cost reduced to 100 (from 250)
  - Fixed sustain bug
  - Made description more accurate

- Channel Staff:
  - Now indicates its actual damage in the description

- Create Alchemist Gems:
  - Removed

- Explosion Expert:
  - Now benefits from mastery
  - Now computes the number of squares correctly
  - Different formula for scaling damage bonus (it is now linear with the number of squares not hit)
  - Damage bonus is now shown when targeting Throw Bomb

- Gem Portal:
  - Replaced with new talent, Rapid Decomposition, which lets you shatter a wall - or your golem

- Ice Core:
  - Resistance no longer depends on spellpower
  - Now gives the amount of resistance it claims to, instead of only 60% of what it claims
  - Made description more accurate
  - Fixed sustain bug

- Living Lightning:
  - Range is always 6 (also fixes bolts of lighting being fired at nothing)
  - Fixed sustain bug

- Refit Golem:
  - No longer uses ammunition

- Reflective Skin:
  - Got as close to fixing the sustain bug as possible

- Shockwave Bomb:
  - Replaced with new talent, Elixir, which heals you and your golem when you throw a bomb

- Throw Bomb:
  - No longer has friendly fire
  - No longer uses ammunition
  - Range formula changed, now benefits from mastery
  - Damage formula changed

- Thunderclap:
  - Now confuses instead of knocking back and disarming.

- New Staff Techniques tree:
  - Pole Vault: Jump into or out of melee with an attack
  - Steady Hands (passive): Improved accuracy based on Spellpower, disarm immunity
  - High Guard (passive): Flat damage reduction for your staff's damage type(s)
  - Half-Staff (passive): Awful pun, improved attack speed with staves, extends range of Channel Staff and makes it a beam

- Alchemist now has a life rating of 0 instead of -1
- Alchemist now has +3 Wil, +1 Con instead of +3 Con, +1 Wil
- Alchemist now begins with Combat Training unlocked at 1.00 mastery
- Improved Alchemist description a bit

As in vanilla, talent icons are from .

Sound credits: CC-BY-NC 3.0 CC-BY 3.0 CC 0 CC-BY 3.0


This probably won't work with other addons that severely mess with Alchemist or
Staff Combat.

This addon superloads the following functions non-intrusively:


- Initial release


Short Name: 

Adds the Harbinger, a Wilder class with mostly passive talents and no resources.
Harbingers use melee weapons of all kinds and are good at damaging densely packed enemies. They have 8 new talent trees.
You can leave this addon enabled even while not playing a Harbinger and it will have no effect unless it conflicts with another addon. (The class doesn't appear on enemies, its talents are not available to Adventurer, and the only changes to items are that some standard artifacts now have mastery bonuses for Harbinger-exclusive trees, which obviously won't help non-Harbinger characters, and does not change their price in shops either.)

As in vanilla, all talent icons are from .

Sound credits: CC BY 3.0 CC BY 3.0 CC-BY 3.0 CC BY-NC 3.0 CC BY 3.0 CC 0 CC 0 CC BY 3.0 CC 0



It will be incompatible with other addons that define talents with the same ids. (I am not aware of any such addons.)

This addon assumes the following files do not already exist:

This addon superloads the following functions non-destructively:

This addon uses the ToME:load, DamageProjector:base, and Entity:loadList hooks.

Weight: 123768


- Channel Cold's description no longer claims that it works with archery attacks (it was never supposed to).
- Switched the places of Arc and Inspiration Strikes (Arc is now tier 2, Inspiration Strikes is now tier 4).
- Switched the places of Vortex and Like the Wind (Vortex is now tier 2, Like the Wind is now tier 3).
- Vortex now pulls closer monsters first. This makes it pull groups much more reliably.
- Vortex radius is now capped at 10.
- Vortex now does exactly 100% weapon damage at effective talent level 1.3.
- Foreshock now has a fixed radius of 3.

- Fix Foreshock and Storm Conduit descriptions

- Bug fix: The Supercell category is now properly marked as high-level
- Storm Conduit no longer bases its damage off of the heal; instead it uses mindpower and talent level. (Earthen Beads and healing amulets were achieving absurdly high damage)
- Storm Conduit -> Cremate -> Storm Conduit is now quieter
- Cremate itself is now quieter
- Partially un-nerf Fortress of Ruin critical multiplier reduction, slightly nerf Fortress of Ruin defense bonus
- Foreshock is now a mindpower-based area attack instead of a weapon attack
- Harbingers now begin with two mindstars in their inventory (they still start with a battleaxe equipped)
- Minor adjustments to damage/duration/cooldown values

- Bug fix: Storm Conduit no longer activates recursively from life leech
- Arc+Windblade no longer results in [monster count]^2 melee attacks

- Bug fix: Chill now applies the correct level of slowing
- Bug fix: Channel Cold now creates a range 10 beam as it's supposed to
- Bug fix: Fault no longer lets you swap with out-of-range actors (but vanilla Dimensional Step still does...)
- Vortex now only attacks one enemy at the end (but still pulls in all enemies), has a slightly different damage multiplier
- Reduced Blaze radius from 2 to 1, and reduced its damage
- Removed physical power bonus from Storm Conduit
- Nerfed Rain healing modifier and mana/equilibrium regen values, and made Rain life generation mindpower-dependent
- Nerfed Stability immunity values
- Nerfed Fortress of Ruin critical multiplier reduction
- Nerfed Diamond Dust slightly
- Replaced Blazing Barrage with Suppressing Fire, which makes your Blaze talent suppress enemies' healing. (Blazing Barrage still exists for old savegames)
- Cremate now heals you when you kill something (limited to once per turn) instead of killing everything
- Replaced Resistance Disruption with Mountain Mover, which increases physical power (boring but works a lot better)
- Clarified Flashover's description

- Initial release

Multi-Class Challenge + Randboss Rando Bundle

Short Name: 

Originally separate addons by Starkeep, I take no credit for his work and spliced these two addons only to see if I can do it, and so I can tweak some numbers without my save getting invalidated. Again, all credit for the main addon body all goes to StarKeep. I merely spliced the addon together for my amusement and convenience.

Allows the player to pick multiple classes, as well as giving the option to spawn rares and randbosses, and control loot quality and spawn rate. Added a setting for the experience penalty from MultiClass Challenge.

In order to activate this addon, go to your Game Options for a new tab.


Short Name: 

Adds the Stoneshaper, a wild caster. Stoneshapers manipulate terrain, creating or destroying it at need, and have been known to forge formidable weapons from stone.

Adventurer Quality of life buff

Short Name: 

This mod is a simple quality of life change for the adventurer class that gives more points over all as well as starting the class off with 3 points in armour mastery and 1 point in weapon accuracy. It also changed all the categories to 1.5

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