Multi-Class Challenge (Slight Edit by Rae) Arendeth's Fork (Edits by Hellcommander/Arendeth)

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Arcane Archer

Short Name: 

Adds the Arcane Archer, a warrior subclass.
The Arcane Archer is exactly as it says on the tin.

Trapmaker Class

Short Name: 

Adds the Trapmaker class.

Schizophrenic Class

Short Name: 

Adds the Schizophrenic class.

Wyrmic Tweaks

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Buffs breaths for shits and giggles, mostly taken from conversations in Discord.

Class: Bombardier

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A new Bombardier class which is a variant of the Alchemist. Bombardiers forgo using a golem in order to focus more on the effects of their bombs and their own combat viability.


- No golem.
- Bombs never hurt self or allies.
- Flame bombs can stun, Ice bombs can slow and freeze, Acid bombs can disarm, and Lightning bombs can daze.
- Alchemy infusion sustain cooldowns are reduced to 10 and the usage speed made instant to encourage switching.
- The second talent in each alchemy tree is now a passive bomb effect that buffs self and allies or, in the case of the Explosives tree, debuffs enemies. The Smoke Bomb talent from the flame-alchemy tree was removed for one of these passive bomb effects.

Generic talents

- technique/combat-training
- spell/stone-alchemy
- spell/staff-combat
- cunning/survival (locked)
- spell/aegis (locked)
- spell/conveyance (locked)

Class talents

- cunning/tactical
- cunning/trapping
- spell/enhancement
- spell/explosives -- Bombardier's version of Alchemist's Explosive Admixtures
- spell/flame-alchemy -- Bombardier's version of Alchemist's Fire Alchemy
- spell/ice-alchemy -- Bombardier's version of Alchemist's Frost Alchemy
- cunning/artifice (locked)
- spell/caustic-alchemy (locked) -- Bombardier's version of Alchemist's Acid Alchemy
- spell/lightning-alchemy (locked) -- Bombardier's version of Alchemist's Energy Alchemy

- v1.0.0 Initial release.
- v1.0.1 Fix Flash Freeze.

Class: Woodcutter Fix

Short Name: 

Fix hash

Class: Woodcutter

Short Name: 

Woodcutters are usually not adventurers, but some of them decide to take on this dangerous pursuit. Woodcutters are masters of axes and firewood, and some learn how to use traps in defence of their camps. 

On a practical note, this class seems a lot weaker than many of the classes already in the game. This is accurate flavour-wise, so I don't think I will bother to fix it. The whole class is mostly a meme anyways.

Class talent categories:

Technique / Woodcutter
Technique / Firewood
Techinque / Axes
Commoner / Commoner in combat
Cunning / Trapping (locked)
Spell / Haunted Woods (locked)

Generic talent categories:

Technique / Mobility
Technique / Conditioning
Technique / Herblore
Cunning / Survival (locked)

Summoner rework

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Summoner rework!
Removed useless summons. Now there are only 4 kinds of basic summons available.
Added 3 categories, one for a melee summoner, one for a ranged weapon summoner, one for a pure summoner.
Reworked advanced summoning and augmentation tree. And many more.



- You can now move Dragons with Attack Order
- Minor bug fix


- Minor bug fix


- Summoner and SummonerR merged.
- Minor stat changes of summons
- Removed Recycle and added Attack Order.
- Damage of Detonate now depends on summons' stats.
- Nerfed Gardener of Eyal's cooldown.
- Some damage dealing talents are now dealt by summons not by summoner (to get benefit from Mark Target)


- Changed few particles (for performance)
- Removed companion hound.
- Nerfed The World Tree a bit. The World Tree now does not summon other animals and plants.
- Added new talent on Summon - animal tree, Wild Senses.
- Mark target now summons all animals and plants that are not on cooldown (Like the world tree did before)
- Meat shield can be used with other barriers.

Sun Paladin + Evolution Buff Pack

Short Name: 

Buffs talents for Sun Paladins, as well as their evolutions.

Sun Paladin
  • Righteous Strength now gives +1 size category at level 5.
  • Your attacks bypass bleed resists.
  • Brutalize now hits around the user, and inflicts stun and confusion.
  • Increase damage of Darkside and Dark Sun talents.
  • Devourer Stance is now instant.
  • Splatter Sigils also restores hate.

Avatar of a Distant Sun
  • You now have full Light conversion, and innate Light respen.
  • Celestial/Light, Suncloak talents are instant.
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