Savage Evolution for Cursed

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Forgo arms to ravage your foes with fist and claw.
While unarmed, you gain all the weapon/shield bonuses of Surge, Cleave, and Repel.
Surge, Cleave, and Repel are no longer mutually exclusive while you are unarmed and will not put the other talents on cooldown when activated. If you equip a weapon while any of these are active, they will deactivate.
Attacks which would strike with a mainhand weapon or shield will use your unarmed stats for the weapon and/or shield attack.
Weapons Mastery will apply to unarmed combat and Willpower will be used in place of Dexterity as a damage modifier for gloves and gauntlets.
You learn the Grappling talent tree, unlocked at 1.3 mastery. Stamina cost for these talents is converted to Hate (at a ratio of 4:1).

Umbral Incantor Evolution for Shadowblade

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Adds a new evolution for Shadowblades, the Umbral Incantor.

As an Umbral Incantor, the Shadowblade will regenerate 1 mana per turn and gain several bonuses to their talents if they are equipped with a staff:

- Shadow Combat: the damage will also be triggered when you cast Channel Staff, and when triggered this way can be a spell critical
- Shadowstep: teleport back to starting location after the attack
- lluminate: will use Shadow Dance without cost or triggering cooldown
- Invisibility: will be cast instantly without cost when Stealth is deactivated (still triggers cooldown)
- Shadow Grasp: will pin for 3 turns instead of pulling
- Shadow Veil: rather than blink and attack, you will cast Shadow Grasp on targets selected (without cost and ignoring cooldown and failure chances)
- Lethality: staffs gain a Dexterity damage modifier equal to twice the crit bonus
- Expose Weakness: (if not on cooldown) will be used instantly when casting Shadowstep (before the return teleport), using stamina as usual and going on cooldown for twice the usual duration
- Blade Flurry: (while sustained) also gain spell cooldown reduction equal to the attack speed bonus and an equal chance on spell hit to cast Channel Staff
- Snap: also affect an equal number of spells ("spell/" category talents)

Walking Armory Evolution for Marauder

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Adds a new evolution for Marauders, the Walking Armory.

Throw caution (and your equipment) to the wind, and become a truly formidable menace on the battlefield.

You can equip mainhand weapons in your tool and lite slot. You can equip offhand weapons in your head, cloak, belt and feet slots.

When you land an attack with the weapon in your mainhand slot, you will follow up with an attack from weapons in your tool and lite slots dealing 100% damage.

When you land an attack with the weapon in your offhand slot, you will follow up with an attack from weapons in your head, cloak, belt and feet slots dealing 100% damage (offhand damage penalty applies).

Quickshot and Munitions Expert Evolutions for Archer

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Adds two class evolutions for Archer, the Quickshot and the Munitions Expert.

As a Quickshot, the Archer gains the ability to equip a second quiver/pouch in the tool slot and has a 50% chance on archery hit to trigger a shot using ammo from your tool slot.

As a Munitions Expert, the Archer gains the Munitions talent tree unlocked at 1.3 mastery. Provides three munitions sustains to enhance your shots with fire, poison, or piercing capabilities.

Weaver Class

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Adds Weaver class.

Weaver is a Wilder subclass, a resilient unarmed combatant with emphasis of moving around strategically through their set-up battlefield. Their skill sets revolve around arachnids. Laying webs, injecting enemies with poison, beating enemies with your limbs, creating cocoon for later consumption, and more! Their talents mainly uses equilibrium, have huge equilibrium demand yet heavy hitting, and moderate-long cooldown. Some even needs "special charge" to use. So if you decide to become one of the weaver, make sure to use your talents and resources wisely!

They get access to:
wild-gift: call of the wild (general)
wild-gift: harmony (general) (locked)
technique: combat training (general)
wild-gift: fungus (general)
wild-gift: weaver anatomy (general)
wild-gift: threads and webs (class)
wild-gift: dance of the Weaver (class)
wild-gift: cocoon utilization (Class) (locked)
wild-gift: chitin (class) (locked)
cunning: tactical (class)
cunning: dirty fighting (class) (locked)

Here are some brief overview of their unique talent categories.

wild-gift: weaver anatomy
Their arachnid nature starts to take shape, modifying their body and giving them the resilience, agility, wisdom, and abilities of a spider.They will even grow spider legs!

wild-gift: threads and webs
As spider would, they grow accustomed in the art of threads and webs. They can trap and disarm their preys, cut them with threads, and eventually encasing them in a cocoon.

wild-gift: dance of the Weaver
These are some of the technique of prey hunting. Begin with an ambush, revel in "the circle of life", hasten their prey to "sleep" with specialized moves, and disable the prey's most annoying sustains!

wild-gift: cocoon utilization
Cocoon is an important resource for the weaver. The liquefied prey inside a cocoon are very nutritious and versatile to use beside hunger filling. The cocoon can nourish the weaver, converted to chemical weapon, and even storing genetic material for backup and cloning.

wild-gift: chitin
The thick and strong chitin exoskeleton of the weaver. This gives the weaver their grit and protection against enemies with various means.

While surviving as a young weaver may be difficult, an adult weaver can instantly decimate smaller preys and render tougher preys unable to act and succumb to weaver's slyness and voracity.

Post Note: We are highly looking forward for you to become one of the weaver and take part on the hunt for preys!. Please leave reviews, comments, and certainly bug reports! Happy hunting, Weaver!
-shade n bros

Class: Elder Wyrmic

Short Name: 

A new wilder class.
A mix between wyrmic and a bit of oozemancer. Wield deadly forces of acid, nature, frost, physical damage to defeat your foes.
Hybrid between melee and ranged caster fully utilize equilibrium to devastating effects.

New Talent Trees: (with some similar, old skills from wyrmic/oozemancer)

Wild-Gift/Venom Aspect
Wild-Gift/Nature Aspect
Wild-Gift/Frost Aspect
Wild-Gift/Earth Aspect
Wild-Gift/Chromatic Aspect
Wild-Gift/Ancestral Aspect

Old Talent Trees:

Technique/Combat Training
Wild-Gift/Mindstar Mastery

Class meant to be played on all difficulties but madness, it is too weak for it.
All feedback is welcome - post a comment on steam's workshop addon page and I will see what I can do :)

Dual-Classes Reworked by AscendingPhoenix (Rae edit)

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 Small edit done by me that nerfs enemy talent level scaling across the board. I take no credit for this great rework of the original Multi-Class challenge, all credit goes
    to AscendingPhoenix, find the orignal mod here:

Allows the player to pick two classes, but the difficulty scales upward. The mod dramatically ramps up the difficulty level to compensate. (Original by StarKeep, forked mod by Raenarill).
You advance twice as fast, and gain six talent category points: at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60. You gain normal stat points until level 51.
BLITZ MODE: You gain two thirds more talent points. After level 66, you gain one class talent point per level and one generic every two out of three levels.
CLASSIC MODE: features base game talent points until level 100.

CLASS EVOLUTIONS: You can swap your first and second classes in the Game Options tab for evolutionary purposes.
WANDERERS AND ADVENTURERS: These are only supported as the FIRST class.
QUANTUM SLIDERS: Now supported as the second class.
EXPERIENCE ADJUSTMENT: You can now adjust how much experience you are gaining, from 50% all the way up to 500%.

TIP: Good equipment takes the usual time to show up, so you probably will see it at about lvl 50 with dual classing enabled.

In order to activate this addon, look at your Game Options for a new tab. Enjoy.

Doombringer/Demonologist Revert

Short Name: 

Buffs Surge of Power back to what it used to be. Additionally, prevents enemies from using Surge of Power.
Also puts Hardened Core back to where it used to be.

Celestial Evolution and Buff Pack

Short Name: 

Evolutions for Celestials, as well as buffs for their talents.


    Adds Blessed by the Light Evolution
        - Gain access to Energies, Radiance, and Sun talent groups
        - Celestial/Light, Suncloak talents become instant  (Even though they do not display that way.)

Avatar of a Distant Sun: (base game Sun Paladin Evolution)
    - Adds innate Light and Physical penetration.
    - Celestial/Light, Suncloak talents are instant.  (Even though they do not display that way.)

Sun Paladin:
    Righteous Strength now gives +1 size category at level 5.

    - Your attacks bypass bleed resists.
    - Brutalize now hits around the user, and inflicts stun and confusion.
    - Increase damage of Darkside and Dark Sun talents.
    - Devourer Stance is now instant.
    - Splatter Sigils also restores hate.

THANK YOU: This is a fork of Aeternis' original mod!

Stoneblade Evolution for Arcane Blade

Short Name: 

Adds a new class evolution for Arcane Blade, the Stoneblade.

Wielded two-handed weapons will use the increased procs damage accuracy bonus
Earthen Missles become bolts (rather than projectiles, causing them to strike instantly and benefit from the increased procs damage acc. bonus)
Mudslide will pull creatures in (instead of knock them back)
Activating Body of Stone will cast Earthquake for free (centered on yourself and ignoring friendly targets)
While Body of Stone is sustained your melee attacks gain range equal to the radius of your Earthquake spell

To unlock the evolution, defeat Harkor'Zun as an Arcane Blade. Learning the Prodigy requires that you know Body of Stone and have at least 25 Magic and Strength.

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