Boneling Talent Tree

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Adds in the Boneling tree for Corrupters and Reavers. Summon forth a swarm of self-replicating(and self-destructive) Boneling minions.
Level 10 - Willpower
Defiler - Corrupter/Reaver
Bone Carver

Carve two Bonelings from target foe's body, dealing Moderate Physical damage.

Bonelings are weak melee attackers. Whenever they land an attack on a foe, they spawn another Boneling, up to a maximum which scales with TL and Willpower.
Bonelings move slowly, are prone to kiting, and can only spread to tiles adjacent to themselves.

All Bonelings despawn together after a Minor to Moderate duration.


Overload target Boneling with extra Vim, causing it to explode for High Physical damage in a small radius. The primary explosion can hurt friendlies.

Additionally, upon learning this talent, any Bonelings that die via any means explode for Minor Physical damage in a radius of 1. The secondary explosion does not hurt friendlies.

Collar Bone

Must target foe that is surrounded by at least 2 Bonelings.

All adjacent Bonelings sacrifice themselves to attach to target foe, reducing their damage dealt for 5 turns by a Moderate value.
The act causes the foe to Bleed for major damage for 5 turns.

Both values increase based on the number of sacrificed Bonelings.

Rough Ribbed

You have learnt to intwine yourself with your Bonelings.
Whenever a new Boneling is spawnt, you reduce the cooldown of Bone Carver by 1. (Or regain 1 Vim if it isn't cooling down.)
Whenever a Bonelings expires in Melee range of you, you heal for Minor Life.
At Talent Level 5, any Bonelings in melee range of yourself can absorb an incoming debuff, destroying themself in the process.


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Adds the Anguished Class with 7 new talent trees and a new elf race; the Soulless. More info on the forums.

Also, the file size is really large because Zerru gave me icons that were 512x512. And I'm too lazy to scale them down.


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Adds additional fire and darkness trees for defiler classes, and the emblazoned class, who uses a mixture of them and Uhr'rok talents.

Witherer Class

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The Witherer is a Corruptor that focusses on slowly killing their enemies.

Wretched Talent Tree

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Adds the Wretched talent tree for Defilers, allowing them to deal acid damage.

Second talent is mildly bugged, third talent is mildly UP due to lack of code knowledge, fourth talent is more UP and likes using the second talent.

Shadowflame Tree Tweaks

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Tweaks the shadowflame tree slightly.

Lunar Cultist

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Adds a new Afflicted Subclass proficient in the Cursed Talent Trees Darkness, Force of Will, Gloom, Cursed Form and Dark Sustenance and the Corruption Talent Trees Vim, Doom Covenant, Black Magic and Curses. They also possess the Cunning Talent Trees Stealth and Survival. This Addon requires ASHES OF URH'ROK to be enabled in the Addons Menu. THIS ADDON DOESN'T GRANT YOU ANY FILE FROM ASHES OF URH'ROK! It's only a Subclass.


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Adds a new class-the Archreaver-that is a combination of Archmage and Reaver. The archreaver has 4 unique talent trees as well as a couple vanilla talent trees. More info at the forum thread.
Icons made by Zerru.

StarKeep's Bone Tree Rework

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Reworks the Bone Tree for Defilers.

Vanguard Class

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This add-on incorporates a new class into the game: Vanguard.

Vanguards focus on close quarters combat and have access to many of the same base talent trees that are available to Warriors.

As a Vanguard takes damage, his offense and defense are drastically increased, leading to a precarious, but highly-rewarding, balancing act as he tries to stay as close to death as possible without embracing it.

I would not say this is an intuitive or easily-played class, as it is easy to under- or over-estimate your capabilities. However, the rewards for learning to master this class are well worth the risk.

Most of the Vanguard's skills scale exponentially with the amount of health he is missing, and all talents which follow this scaling method have a note at the very bottom of the description which provides example benchmarks to provide a sense of the scaling. Please note that the values used for these examples (30/60/90) are just that: examples. They are not coded limits/minimums.

In terms of missing health, there are no goals to shoot for, such as 10%/20%/etc, as the scaling is exponentially continuous. This means that missing 73.4% of your health will result in higher bonuses than missing 72.9%, and so on.

If there is anything you would like clarified, questions and comments can be directed to, or you can sometimes find me in the ToME irc channel as JSands.

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