Doomed/Darkness Tweaks

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The Ruined

Short Name: 

Adds the Ruined, an afflicted subclass.

Ruined are spell casters that have been twisted by the curse.
Now they have become harbingers of destruction, ravaging countrysides with lightning storms and obliterating the minds of their foes.

Possessed Class Add on

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Adds the Afflicted Class, Possessed.

Cursed Class Tweaks

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Tweaks various Cursed talents. Overall buff in power.

The Returned

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Adds a new playable race; those returned to life by Eyal as punishment for their sins or reward for their service. Inextricably linked to the cursed.

Blighted Class

Short Name: 

Adds the Blighted class, an afflicted character who excels at dealing mind and blight damage to a single target.

Damned Class

Short Name: 

Adds a new afflicted class.

Grapple Tweak

Short Name: 

Removes the size check on grappling.

Hate Tweak

Short Name: 

Changes the Hate resource to always rest to at least 25 once a battle has ended.

Lunar Cultist

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Adds a new Afflicted Subclass proficient in the Cursed Talent Trees Darkness, Force of Will, Gloom, Cursed Form and Dark Sustenance and the Corruption Talent Trees Vim, Doom Covenant, Black Magic and Curses. They also possess the Cunning Talent Trees Stealth and Survival. This Addon requires ASHES OF URH'ROK to be enabled in the Addons Menu. THIS ADDON DOESN'T GRANT YOU ANY FILE FROM ASHES OF URH'ROK! It's only a Subclass.

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