Savage Evolution for Cursed

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Forgo arms to ravage your foes with fist and claw.
While unarmed, you gain all the weapon/shield bonuses of Surge, Cleave, and Repel.
Surge, Cleave, and Repel are no longer mutually exclusive while you are unarmed and will not put the other talents on cooldown when activated. If you equip a weapon while any of these are active, they will deactivate.
Attacks which would strike with a mainhand weapon or shield will use your unarmed stats for the weapon and/or shield attack.
Weapons Mastery will apply to unarmed combat and Willpower will be used in place of Dexterity as a damage modifier for gloves and gauntlets.
You learn the Grappling talent tree, unlocked at 1.3 mastery. Stamina cost for these talents is converted to Hate (at a ratio of 4:1).

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