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Adds the Banished, an afflicted class that pours its hate into its arrows and shadowy powers.

Archery Addons Patch for ToME 1.6.4+

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This is a patch for addons with 'archery' talents that have not been updated since the 1.6.4 change to archerPreUse .

Assuming they were still functioning as of 1.6.3, this patch should allow them to function once again. I can confirm this works with both Zephyr and Viper class addons, but I have not tested it further.

Save files which have been affected by this change will cause the game to flash black and freeze, as will attempting to create a new character that would learn an affected talent at birth, or when learning an affected talent later on, or when an enemy spawns with an affected talent. There will be no error pop-up in game if this happens, but the error can still be found in te4_log.txt and should be repeated many times at the end of the file. If you see an error that refers to an addon and archerPreUse, this patch should solve the issue.

Last Hope archery training

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Last Hope basic training in weapon shop.
- Technique/Combat Training for 50 GP;
- Shoot (hidden talent) for 8 GP;
- Generic use of bows or slings (Bow & Sling Matery, generic talent tree) for 42 GP;
- Technique/Archery-Bow (class talent tree) for 200 GP;
- Technique/Archery-Sling (class talent tree) for 200 GP;
- Generic usage of steam-powered weapons (Technique/Steamtech) for 256GP;
- Normal (but still limited) usage of steamguns or steamsaws (Steamtech/Gunner-Training|Steamtech/Butchery) for 512GP;
- Steamtech/Bullets Mastery xor Steamtech/Battlefield Management for 1024GP;
- Access to tinker stuff in loot for 2GP.

p.s. I was very annoyed with inability of rogues for use of bows or slings.
p.p.s. ... and I like to craft things. Useful things.
p.p.p.s. fixed wrong branch upload :(

Generic Ranged Training

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Adds a generic ranged training tree to the game. Archers start with it unlocked, all other classes can purchase it from an archery trainer in Elvala. Basic Ranged Mastery applies to all ranged weapons, but is weaker than more specialized masteries to compensate.

Archery Fix

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Addon which fixes ranged weapon/ammo on hit, on crit, on kill effects.

Archery Tweaks

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Various archery tweaks:
- You now reload by moving or waiting.
- You will reload your other weapon set if your main one is absent or full.
- Reload is now a 10 stamina skill that loads arrows once and takes no time.

This is now included in my Weapons Pack. Don't use both addons at once.

Magebow Class

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